MONDAY (blue), 1/16/2017=9=Auset=Love: Treatise on Loving Divinely

MONDAY (blue), 1/16/2017=9=Auset=Love. Love has the potential to become divine love if the ‘Lovers’ are Righteous or Righteously inclined. Auset is also the Law of Maat that governs that of change; and also that of chaos. Even Righteous or Righteously inclined Humans who do not have the wherewithal to change (to accommodate each other), may see their blissful love dissolve into chaos. Of course this possibility can be mitigated by the degree of mastery they attain over the Law of Auset.
It is not coincidental that Auset follows SEBEK on the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life). If that which Sebek bring together is not Righteous or Righteously inclined, it will not be anointed with the Divine Love of Auset. “You See,” Divine Love is like the glue that holds the Universal All into the ONENESS that it happens to be. [There is an abundance of information that can be found about Auset and the Paut Neteru, online and in books & things.


Surely We turn ourselves, being upright to He who originated All, Persons, Places & Things
We are not polytheist But we have been deeply unjust to ourselves
In that we have not mastered the Laws of Maat
Not having mastered the Melanin Law of the Universe
We make mistakes, we go into error & we indulge in excesses
Therefore; we seek refuge in Thee against all of our faults
For none can grant refuge against faults but Thou
In the State of Amen the State in which we were
Created within as divine Beings
On this day and forever
We will be mindful in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds
As the divine Beings we were created to be
They will be spoken, enacted & intended
As the divine Beings we are striving to be
As we take care of Our Duties & Our Responsibilities to our children,
to our grandchildren, to our mates, to our future mates as
well as to those who meditate at the hour of eight
Bless those who are with us, bless the ones with sincere desires to be and
Bless others who may be coming into our experiences, on this day and forever……..ASE!
[The above was taken from the book, “Mastering the Laws of Creation: Introduction to Melanin Science]

SUNDAY (yellow/gold), 1/15/2017=8=Sebek: A TREATISE ON THE DELINEATED ‘LAWS OF MAAT’

SUNDAY (yellow/gold), 1/15/2017=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to combine elements, compounds, Persons, Places or Things to make what Humans consider to the wholes. Meanwhile, Human Beings Understand to certain degrees that there is only one Whole and that is the Unity of the Universal All. The Universal Melanin Law that predominates the Words, Acts & Deeds of Universal All is the source of the delineated “Laws of Maat.”
There is a “Small mountain of evidence,” as one of my Ancestor Teacher/Mentor, Friends and neighbor in my Harlem, NYC years explained to me, (Prof. John H. Clarke) that is available to be studied, dissected for better understanding of the above: that is Sebek, Laws of Maat, The Universal All, Delineated laws, The Law & etc. Search FaceBook,, & etc.
If you want some direct discussion, make a small statement or answer to a few questions to assist in the Understanding, hopefully your degree of Understanding gives you the Wisdom to contact “Somebody Who is Doing Something” in that regard; and have brought into manifestations Persons, Places and Things to show and prove the sound estimations they will give to you.

FRIDAY (green), 1/13/2017=6=Heru: The Avenging Prince

FRIDAY (green), 1/13/2017=6=Heru=Self-Determination, Resolute, Focused. Heru is the Avenging Prince in ancient Kemit mythology. To avenge the murder of his father, the King, he has to practice the “Laws of Maat,” overcoming all challenges to attain Mastery of All. He succeeds and ascends, to the throne and rules benevolently like unto his Dad. Us Human Beings operating on a certain degree/frequency of Understanding Knowledge about the enslavement and other forms of oppression acquire the Wisdom to strive to avenge the brutalization of Black people.


THURSDAY (purple), 1/12/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions; Self-Protection. HeruKhuti is estimated to be the 5th Neter of the Tree of Life. The Neters are the attributes of the Tree. Further, the Ancestors of Ancient Kemit gave the Neters, according to the translations and interpretations of Neterian Scholars, names called The Laws of Maat.
Primarily for the benefit of Humans and Human Beings who have recently befriended me or became acquainted with my daily Spiritual exercise in the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power,” I will give a brief review of a portion of one of my daily routines in preparation for the days of the week. For more degreed or advanced Human Beings, you already Understand that each day has a number; the numbers represent a particular Law of Maat. Today’s number 5 was named HeruKhuti and is the Attribute that represents our ability to control our emotions.
Meanwhile control over our emotions is the strongest means we possess to protect ourselves. If looked at as one if the Laws of Maat, HeruKhuti is the Law that allow us to govern our Emotions. Still further, each day gives us a Planet in our Solar System; and the Planets possess a particular color. This explains the opening paragraph in my posting today.
Anyone desirous of asking a question, have a discussion or make a brief statement, please share your feeling In this mediam; or call me at 434-378-2140, 10am to 2pm. If busy, please call back. More information about my work is readily available at; or Google to read the sharing about the estimation of,practice of and reasonsfor The Laws of Maat by others. Thank you.

Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior

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Osiris Akkebala
3 hrs •
Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior
Chief Elder Osiris
Not since Garvey, have we Black people had A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan influence in the world that Black Men like Nkrumah can be influenced in a positive way toward Afrika and the Black self.
In 2017, there need to be a call to Black people by serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans, to come to a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan conference, so to establish a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan agenda that will be the focus on Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, and such an agenda is to be made known to the East And West Power Nations, so that there can be no mistake of there being a difference in Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans and Black America Nationalist.
We Black Afrika Nationalist must be willing to make sure that the world know that even within the Black Race, there are various factions that do not subscribe to Black Afrika Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism and Vice Versus .
Now, being a Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan, it does not mean that Black Afrika Nationalism is in opposition to America White and Black America Nationalism, it just mean that there are Black Afrikans in America who understand our spiritual connection to Afrika, and being Black Afrikans in America not by choice, we have a patriotic duty to Afrika, just as the White America Nationalist feel like they have to America.
There is nothing belligerent about Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans desiring to focus our attention on reclaiming Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to cease with the tribal division of Black Afrikan people in favor of unity of oneness among Black people, being Black is the only natural sign of our true Divine identity.
White America must come to be aware of the difference in the Black Nationalist in America not by choice and the Black America Nationalist who also is in America not by choice, and that it is the Black Afrika Nationalist who is responsible to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, to collect their Reparation, and to take our Enslaved Ancestors Back Home to Afrika, with the children of those Enslaved Afrikans, having a Right to become the next established State in Afrika, that is the direction that the trajectory of the Black Afrika Nationalist behavior must be in motion toward, today.
Such is the reason why there must be a coming together of Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans, so that the agreeing of mind can be established, and can not be compromised, and Reparation belonging to our Enslaved Ancestors, represent our Freedom from America, and to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Is A Noble Cause To Fight For..
Therefore, anybody with respect for those Afrikans who were Enslaved by America and her surrogates, should know and be able to understand that the Black Afrikans In America not by choice, is in demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, proud of our Afrika Nationalism, and we do so without hesitation.
America must pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, which they have already earned, and the serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan must not cease from demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation until justice is done to them, thus, to their Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan children, we who are in America not by choice.
Such A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Gathering, is way over due, Black Woman and Man !!!
2017 must be the action year of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism without a doubt about what we must do to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation Freedom, away from America, with Afrika to be our destination !!!
The Doctrine Of Garvey Black Nationalism Pan Afrikanism Is The Only Sermon Black Afrikans Need To Hear And Submit Too, That Is If Black Afrikans Are Serious About Becoming Free Again, Black Afrikans Are Not Free Today, Black People!!!
Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved@2017


As we “Boil’ the Final Judgment down in the 2016 Solar Cycle Journey. I am offering a little UNSOLICITED advice to our Single Sisters & Brothers in Black America. I know many of you live nicely, the careful kind of living way, where you are mindful of your health and hygienic practices, you have educated yourselves and are more likely than not to be gainfully employed, with a nice home and a good car.

Sisters, many of you have experienced encounters with Brothers who have not yet gone though a Rites of Passage into Black Manhood: Such Brothers had or have little chance to offer you a Royal Courtship. Too many of you instead have been given a “Royal F….king!
“…If you have not experienced a Royal Treatment by a practicing striving to be complete Blackman (he too knows he is not complete so is studying the right Spirituality and Philosophy, which you too maybe practicing, but by and large the chances are remote for most of you to already be ready to establish a Queendom within a Kingdom: but we maintain our hope that you are receptive to scientific teachings about the goings on in The Creation.). If you haven’t experienced such a man or woman, you have such encounters to look forward to. I am reminded of a line in a poem of renown poet, Founder of “Third World Press,” Haki Madhutbuti: He said in one of his earlier volumes, “If she is ‘together’ he too will be.’” This may be a paraphrase…”

However, the chance are excellent that when you meet a Rites of Passage practicing Blackman, he will not fit “The Dream man” image in your mind: Good looking, dashing, committed to healthy practices like are, your Dream man will be single, unattached, have a fat bank savings account, with a wellspring of Understanding about the abundant Spiritual Knowledge that is part of the basic fabric that have pervaded Black America since the Message of The Messenger was wonderfully delivered to Black America.

The degree of Understanding of the “Wellspring” of Knowledge will have already afforded him the Wisdom to also be looking for his counterpart, His Dream Mate. Finding the counterpart, or complimentary mate for a Rites of Passage into Black Manhood adherent is remote indeed! Since it is unlikely the Sister will have encountered such a Blackman; ones who are under the guidance of teaching about how to treat a Black woman, your Dream woman may have little chance to recognize your Royal characteristics; or to give into a desire to socialize with such a man…

We Brothers must not be taken aback because a good woman is not receptive to all that you feel you are. If she has any degree of Understanding the Precious, undergirding Knowledge in Black America today, it will not be difficult to demonstrate to her that you are for real. Instead stay within your studies so that your Black Manhood teachings will become more prominent and evident.
With all of the above UNSOLICITED thoughts said, let me hasten to conclude this piece with some of the advice this former Widower, single parent gave to his 3 Daughters from the ages of 9,13 & 15 years old. Much of it was derived via trial and error. So to my daughters, you too may not be able to recognize all that i am saying. But since my daughters Mother was a practicing Queen Mother, much of my relating to the Blackwoman was acquired from almost 20 years of matrimony to Sister Reda Faard Khalifah. We were both firm, “Self Styled” Independently practicing Black Muslims (Adherents to the scientific teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad).

1. If he hasn’t at least entered a Temple of The Nation of Islam one time in his life, leave him alone. He needn’t had processed to register, but the collective Nation of Islam formations in the Black community happen to be the strongest unified expression of disciplined Black people in North America. The main reason why any Black person, man or woman have not checked NOI out will likely be glaring: maybe even jarring.
2. If he is over the age of 22 and is not gainfully employed developing himself for success in life, regardless of handicaps, leave him alone.
3. Remember, you will fall or evolve into Love with the ones you hang out with.
4. If you do give him a chance, employed or not, if he hurt you one time on purpose, that’s it! There is zero tolerance for abuse.
5. Never buy a garment for a man that you are not married to.
6. If you live alone and he does not, regardless to how well off he is or how badly he needs a place to stay, do not let him stay with you.
7. If he doesn’t know the difference between belief systems and Spirituality, beware.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 12/28/2016=4=Maat; Our Legacy replica of The Divine Order

WEDNESDAY (brown), 12/28/2016=4=Maat. Maat is felt by many to be Humanity’s greatest vision to replicate the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is predicated on a state where justice prevails for every Person, Place or Thing.
Of course our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit command most all Respect and Admiration for vouchsafing such a profound legacy. We pay attention and revere them because the Physical evidence of their accomplishments is so profound. However, Human Beings understand very well that the close balancing of their Spiritual Being gave them a certain degree of mastery of The Law. The practicing of The Law allowed them to raise the pyramids and other edifices all over the world, but especially in Kemit. Theirs is a precious Legacy to us all.
The most enduring and necessary Legacy of all is embodied in the Solar Cycle Journey. During this annual trip, to endure to the end, we must exercise both our Spiritual Being and our Physical Being: neither can be used except by practice of applicable Law. Practice does, indeed, “Make perfect.” When the Law is practiced we can come close, as per Maat, to replicate the Divine Order.
Like all legacies during our Life Experiences, teaching from Ancient Kemit presents opportunities to evolve our awakening with a “Leg up.” (excuse the interesting expression). This is yet another instance where it is graphically seen how the devil’s false notion of White Supremacy doctrine brutalized Good, Freedom Bound Black people – deepening our challenges and issues by vainly trying to destroy, falsify, and Steal our Legacy & etc.
Many feel the devil has already failed; they lost trying to achieve an impossible objective. In short, the devil’s objective is to brutalize everything necessary to replace Created Originals with Persons, Places and Things that he MAKES from that which is Created. But it was just a matter of “No limit of time.” Our Legacy that was once lost is now found. The Final Judgment in the Present Solar Cycle is a Great Opportunity to understand how to live a Wholesome, Successful, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experience.

All of “The Laws of Maat” together in perfect harmony

SUNDAY (yellow), 12/25/2016=1=GEBAUSAR=Balance; All of “The Laws of Maat” together in perfect harmony to each other. This is the goal for all Human Beings. Mastering GEBAUSAR gives us the ability to check and balance anything related to the Laws of Maat.
In example, after the 3 Heru named Laws: HeruKhuti, Heru and HetHeru, we look to Sebek to put only Persons, Places & Things together that are Righteous or Righteously inclined. Auset then anoint them with the Love that holds them together (it appear Love is like divine glue that is available for Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things). The “Check” to insure that what Sebek put together that was anointed by Auset will be incorporated into the Divine Order of The Creation, they must meet the Balancing requirements of GebAusar.
* ***
SATURDAY (black), 12/24/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love. Divine Love is the absolute requirement to be within the Divine Order of The Creation. Auset is the delineated Component of The Law that the Ancestors demarcated to make it easier for Human Beings to identify and “Practice the law.” Practicing allow us to attain degrees of mastery. Only complete mastery will meet the requirement to be incorporated into Divine Order .

December 24 2016 Auset Saturday A Treatise on Requirements to be Loved and to Be Loved

SATURDAY (black), 12/24/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love. Divine Love is the absolute requirement to be within the Divine Order of The Creation. Auset is the delineated Component of The Law that the Ancestors demarcated to make it easier for Human Beings to identify and “Practice the law.” Practicing allow us to attain degrees of mastery. Only complete mastery will meet the requirement to be incorporated into Divine Order .
The Ancestors named the “Delineated” components “The Laws of Maat.” The Ancestors also gave us a Virtual Tree of Life [The Paut Neteru] whose limbs consist of the Attributes that were constituted in Humans by our Creator. Each Law of Maat has a predominate quality; the predomination of Auset gives Human Beings our ability to evolve into degrees of love (Humans still say “Fall in Love”).
As we have pointed out many, many times, when we practice the requirements to love and be loved, the potential is prevalent to evolve into Divine Love. When we do not practice basic “Requirements,” The Laws of Love, we are subject to the consequences; like when we break or infringe any Law. The practice include but is not limited to Loyalty, Morality, Respect & Honesty. In other words, the best chance to evolve feelings of love into Divine Love is that all concerned must be righteous or righteously inclined.
The requirements are also that we bend and adapt to the sure qualities that we find in each other. If you cannot adapt to the other Person, Place or Thing you will be subject to infringe some of the other “Attributes” of Auset. They include the ability to Change.
Loving Persons, Places and Things that do not change to accommodate others cannot come into and stay into harmony. It will be just a matter of time before yet another attribute of Auset comes into play. That is Chaos! Of course certain degreed Human Beings “Move on” before former becomes chaotic love. More about Auset is quite prevalent, seemingly, everywhere in Black America. This includes my main website.
As usual, I am available to discuss, be questioned or to listen to brief statements about what I write and intend: Call 434-378-2140, 10am to 3pm.

FRIDAY (green), 12/23/2016=8=Sebek A Treatise on Attaining Mastery

FRIDAY (green), 12/23/2016=8=Sebek=Unity; putting Persons, Places and Things together to make what humans consider to be wholes. However Human Beings understand there is only One Whole in actuality; and that is Unification of the Universality of All Persons, Places & Things in the Universe. It was a great day for me when I became conscious of this fact. It was a greater day when I realized that the predominate number for me is 8=Sebek.
Sebek is an attribute of every Human, as are all the Neters that are the Branches, so to speak, constituting the Tree of Life. We are born from the Unseen into the Seen with certain proclivities, a predisposition to be dominate in reflecting certain of the Neters. [Read carefully now, Human attributes are Neters, Neters are the delineations from The Law; Neterian Scholars have translated the delineations by our Ancestors in Kemit as “Laws of Maat”].
There are many, many ways to determine your individual predisposition: Astrology, Numerology, etc. Within African culture we find yet another of the many things that were brutally taken away by practitioners of a false doctrine called White Supremacy.
These are the variations of Naming Ceremonies in African civilization. The number of days from birth vary, but there may be a consensus that nine days after birth the Village Elder will peer into the baby’s face. What he or she is looking for is the reflection of the baby’s dominate predisposition. The baby will be given that name. How did you get your name?
Did you Know I said all the above to try some how to magnify the importance of the dominate CYCLE in our Life Experiences. Of the many Cycles that encircle us during the span from birth into The Unseen into the Seen, then our return to the Unseen called death, The Solar Cycle Journey capsulate all that we intend to do, do or would have done if we had the wherewithal.
Self-Realization is the best way to arrive at your dominate predisposition as a Human Being. We call us Human Beings at this point because becoming Self-Realized is an impossibility if you are not a Spiritually Conscious Person, Place or Thing. Another way to say this is, “Spiritual people know it is best to accept and do right reject and avoidwrong.” This is the over arching thing that we strive to do.
Us who are conscious of The Solar Cycle Journey are preparing to experience a ritual designed by our Ancestors to determine to what degree our efforts to accept right and reject wrong was successful during the Present Solar Cycle Journey.
The righteousness in your Words, Acts and Deeds will determine the degree of mastery you attained to during this Cycle. And whatever degree yours happen to be will be a number that will add up and reduce to one of the Neters on the Tree of Life. Since each Neter has a number, the number will have a name English folk call a attribute. That name will be yours if you realize it and accepted it.
Any questions? Call 434-378-2140 to question, discuss or make a brief statement. Please call between 10 am and 3pm. 434-378-2140