TUESDAY (red), 2/28/2017=4=Maat. Maat Maybe Humanity’s most complete vision Divine Order

TUESDAY (red), 2/28/2017=4=Maat. Maat is thought by many to be Humanity’s most complete vision of the Divine Order of The Creation. The Human Beings who conceived of the state of Maat have awesome visible as well as invisible evidence to support such our lofty estimation of their prowess. They are the Original Men and women who raised the pyramids, not only in Ancient Kemit, but pyramids and grand temples are embedded all over the Earth.
[edited]TUESDAY (red), 3/1/2016=4=Maat: CRITIQUING THE ANCESTORS OF ANCIENT KEMIT. Maat is a Human conceived vision of the Divine Order of The Creation. In practice it is the legacy to us by our Ancient Kemit Ancestors; the same Originals who raised the Pyramids and built the Sphinx.
Since the vision of Maat comes from such minds, it is evidence that justify our lofty estimations; as well as our focused study on their civilizations: We encourage all to strive to Understand abundant, available Knowledge about Ancient Kemit Spirituality & Philosophy. Our Knowledge about the pyramids and temples that continue to stand after, CIRCA, 10,000 years, tell us the edifices was a dominant feature of their success; the Legacy the Ancestors left to us. But the physical structures not THE dominant feature.
Their Spiritual accomplishments was the dominant feature of our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit. The Pyramids, Sphinx and other imposing Physical structures was not possible without profound Spiritual Expressions. Us students of Spiritual and physical principles – metaphysics, all, understand such great advances in Human achievements are not possible without a high degree of spirituality.
As such, the greatest challenge to them was to balance their Physicality to the Spirituality. The embodiment of teachings within the legacy about the Solar Cycle Journey tells us that they were not unlike present day Original men and women: they had lofty degrees of Spiritual Knowledge but the Understanding of the knowledge did not give them the requisite degree of Wisdom to apply equivalent degrees of the essence within the knowledge.
In other words, like us Captive Africans in the USA, we are able to meditate, chant and pray to levels of enlightenment, self-realization, or as they call it in Eastern practices, Nirvana, yet we have not applied them in enough balance to match evidence of our tremendous, stupendous accomplishments on the physical plane: “Black people still aint Free!” (to be continued, maybe today)

SUNDAY (yellow/gold, 2/26/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom; Applying Ancestor Lessons To Our Visions

SUNDAY (yellow/gold, 2/26/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom:Combine the 2nd neter with the 8th to maximize use of Tehudi. Sebek, the 8th delineated “Law of Maat” governs our ability to use Wisdom to unite only righteous or righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things to make what in life is considered a whole. So when you are of a mind to Melanin Mate (Persons), build a village (places) or unite a virtual Power Base at the Power Hour of 8am (Thoughts are Things) use the combination of Tehudi and Sebek.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 6/23/2016=2=Tehudi=Wisdom. The Wisdom to take the knowledge we have to the next, logical place in our minds; that is to use it to maximize the Blessings of our Life Experiences. At the top of the Blessings is to have Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences. This is to understand our knowledge about challenges and issues that happens in our destiny as Humans.
Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit left us a clear legacy of how they lived, or would have lived their lives had they command of the technological advances Humans have blazed, in science; the precious legacies that they vouchsafed for us, their progeny.
We can touch, see and feel the fact that they had a great command and vision of how to live successful, wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences. The evidence we can see, touch and feel are the edifices that remain standing: From Omec Heads on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean to the Pyramids and other profundities in present day Egypt.
While it is certainly the physical structures that agitate the minds of all Humans to know our Ancestors achieved remarkable feats, us whom have made it our business to go deeper into their Spirituality and Philosophy. We understand, very well, it was their Balance of equally profound spiritual practices that made it all work to the umpteenth degree.
They were not perfect and nor are we in this day and age. But they obviously had the vision and desire to live in a state of Being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible. Their vision state of Being is called Maat.
Awakened Black people in the United States of America also have the vision, and desire to live, in a state of Being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible. Ours is a State that we call Complete Freedom, Justice & Equality.
While our Ancestor lost their own Freedom, it is now found in us: Black people in North America as far as I can see. We are doing things that insure Black people do not lose our Freedom forever. Our Learned Ancestors left clear instructions for us to abide in about how to.
Moreover, our Ancestors vouchsafed their legacies to us in plain sight. It is within the simple facts about a trip that Humans repeat every year of our lives. That is we journey on the Earth as it goes around the Sun year after year after year. Furthermore, to survive the 4 (four seasons & etc.), during the Solar Cycle Journey, there are definite practices that we are compelled to engage or we will perish; depending on the severity of the requirements, WE MAY PERISH IMMEDIATELY.
However, the practices we are compelled to engage makes us master of the laws of our constitution, to one degree or another. Practices does indeed “make perfect!” When we consciously observe the Persons, Places & Things we are compelled to engage, we “make perfect” more readily.
In other words we are compelled, according to our Learned, Credible Ancestors, to practice the Universal Melanin Law of our constitution. When we do our stay in our Earth Suits (Humans) becomes a more Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying and Enjoyable Life Experience.
Our recently departed Ancestors successfully studies and understood the legacies of our Ancient Ancestors. The Ancestors also understood the Loathsome Journey known as “Hell Trips,” or Middle Passage across the Atlantic Oceans in the hold of slavery laden ships.
But the most important thing the Ancestors understood was The Liberation Struggle of African people. The understanding of the Ancient legacies by Amos N. Wilson, Dr. Frances C. Welsing, Prof. John H. Clarke & etc. gave them the Wisdom to conclude that Black people will be Free when we control every bit of our own destiny. The Messenger made the same lesson so plain “even a fool can understand it.” Mr. Muhammad said “Do For Self or suffer the consequences.”
Following is one organism that is striving to abide in the legacies of our Learned Ancestors:
* * * *
KKVV means Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. It is a vision of one of the nine in North America by Master Keidu Awadu. Khalifah Means Representative of The Creator; Kujichagulia means Self-Determination: KKVV is a place where you are bound to find individuals who are practicing Self-Determination. That is, doing for self.
The land is a 123 acre tract of the birth land of Nat Turner. In the past and present, some of the important things we have practiced from the advice of our Ancestors are: The fields are used to grow food and herbs, the woods are used to practice Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. And of course we produce and sell literature that is written by for or about Black people.
All Black people with certain degrees of understanding of the legacies of our Ancestors are stepping up our games to meet increasingly critical challenges of the times. Clearly Dr. Umar Ifatunde is a man with a great vision to build a independent Black Institution. Even as he raise funds to build according to his own vision, he has already loaned his power and celebrity to solidify the 50 years old, Independent Institution known as Ujamaa Schule, founded by Master Baba Zulu, Washington, D. C.; and the 45 years old UBUS Communications Systems, Publishers in Southampton County, VA. Dr. Umar support has been quiet supporters of both.
Dr. Umar is returning to the Land of Nat Turner, Sunday July 10, 2016. KKVV is dedicating the entire weekend, July7-9 as a Welcome Home to Umar Ifatunde. We want to welcome him in the way that will please him the most: support his vision to build a independent education institution. We are asking his millions of admirers and supporters to be in KKVV in advance of his Coming: Be here to WELCOME DR. UMAR HOME. Bring monetary gifts in whatever amounts and be present to make a huge show of unconditional appreciation for what he has done, what he is doing and what he intends to do. Please do not send us any money that you would like to donate: let it be part of the KKVV Welcome to a warrior that is going through what all of us who build independently of White Supremacy go through…Call 434-378-2140 for more information


SATURDAY (Black), 2/25/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance. As above so below mean all Words, Acts & Deeds are in balance, in harmony to each Law of Maat. In other words, the Human Being who achieves such will have attained to the degree of mastery that renders he or she into the state of Self-Realization: Then the work of one with such a status begins…
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 5/14/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance, Mizan. An Aside to My FB Sisters

FRIDAY (GREEN), 5/13/2016=9=Auset. Love.
AN ASIDE TO MY FB SISTERS. I am unsure if you understand the necessity that us longing, needy (not greedy) brothers do not “Bum” rush you. We know of too many instances where the Universal Melanin Law of HeruKhuti (emotional control) was not invoked when a beautiful FB Sister entered, or we entered into her Life Experience. We fairly “gushed” our feelings when all Sisters wanted was a Face Book Friend.
Of course my own experience has been that , said sister also reserved her right to change the nature of the “Melanin Meeting” to that of coupling after she gets to know us better. But the “Bum” rushing dampened her enthusiasm and that, more times than not, was the end of that!
The experience also caused us to become more reserved and subdued; maybe too much. Clearly some protocols are needed. Sisters I am afraid until they are established Brothers are wisely advised that Sister must make the first move.However, a safe, secure place to mingle is advised. I know where there is such a place.
Once again I shall call 100% FB males and females (Blacks only, please) into conference so we can meet, greet and entertain each other in a secure setting. Perhaps we’ll go over some possible protocols. Friday evening, March 3, 2017 at 7pm, in the Nat Turner Library Building is the time and place: The Friday before the 2017 First Planning Meeting at KKVV. You needn’t come Friday to attend and participate in the Planning all day Saturday; take the Nat Turner Trail Tour Sunday.
But I hope you will attend as this event is shaping up as one enjoyable, meaningful, Royal tinged, Experience: You owe this treat to The Creation to give Thanks and Gratitude for making you, the Mother of Civilization such a wise, warm, beautiful, desirable creature.
Call 434-378-2140 for more information. Also email publish@khabooks.com.

FRIDAY (green) 2/24/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love; TREATISE ON LOVING AND BEING LOVED

FRIDAY (green) 2/24/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. In ancient Kemit Spirituality, Mythology & Philosophy, Auset dispenses the Love, the “Glue” that binds the Universal All together. That which we use the Maat Law of Sebek to bring together to make whole Persons, Places & Things will not be anointed with the divine adhesive called Love to keep the them together UNLESS they are righteous or righteously inclined – regardless of the initial attraction things will fall apart: sooner or later.
[edited] FRIDAY (green), 1/8/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to love; and to Love Divinely when the Lovers are Righteous, or Righteously inclined All Universal Melanin Laws have predominating characteristics, attributes, indices that Humans are constituted of to achieve particular tasks. We have already offered the assertion that there is only the One Law and the segmentation into component parts is a human made ideal for his or her own purposes. The Human Being is a Human who is striving to get into and remain in the Divine Order of The Creation.
The requisite for entry into Divine Order is to be 100% Righteous. And the only methodology that will get Human Beings into a state of 100% righteousness is mastery of Universal Melanin Law. Humans Beings in Ancient Kemit found it easier to master the Law if it was segmented into component parts (the Laws of Maat). Practicing to overcome challenges and issues is the only known way to achieve mastery: Practice does make perfect!
For example, the practice of Master Sebek in bringing Persons, Places and Things (PPAT) together, making what is considered a whole, will consider only uniting/mating with Righteous or Righteously inclined PPAT’s.
United PPAT’s that are not Righteous or Righteously inclined will not be anointed with the Divine Love of Auset and have no chance to be/enter into the Divine Order of the Creation. For when all is said and done, it is Divine love that is the glue that holds the Universal All together.

However, Melanin Mates, the degree of your righteousness will determine how much, the degree of Love Auset does bestow upon your mating. Therefore: there is the possibility your mastery of the Law together, as a couple, will earn the Divine Love of Auset. Such mating is a wholesome, satisfying, enjoyable experience. And less we forget, one of the great blessing of our Life Experience is to Enjoy Yourself!
THURSDAY (purple), 1/7/2016=17=8=Sebek. We discussed Sebek earlier in the year. In the article titled: THE SEBEKIAN AGE: A TIME OF DISSOLUTION AND CONSTITUTION. We could also have called it a Re-Constitution because when you dissect or take things apart you do so to see how it is put together. You then use the Understanding of the Knowledge about how it is put together. Your degree of Understanding gives the equivalent degree of Wisdom to reconstitute the Person, Place or Thing….
We concluded Part One of “Prospects for Freedom in the Year 2016: Examined Through the Prism of The Generation of Promise.” It was only an overview. But we did name some names so anyone desirous of looking more closely at how the Generation synthesized the work/ways of the Movers and Shakers of the 1960’s will take a closer look. I have looked more closely, but cannot sanely share all on Face Book.
However, I will share one thing that I noticed. The Generation of Promise chose not to take on the physical fight. For the most part, the ones I have met that impressed me the most didn’t build careers as did a segment of the 1960’s. Many of us were determined to start “The Revolution.” I will likely take a closer and share my estimation about this phenomenon at some future time.

THURSDAY (purple), 2/23/2017=8=Sebek=Unification of all Righteous or Righteously Inclined Persons, Places & Things

[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 5/12/2016=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that we practice to bring elements into what is considered a whole Person, Place or Thing. For example, we practice Sebek when we put letters together to make a word; we put words together to make sentences; we put sentences together to make paragraphs; we put paragraphs together to make pages then we combine the pages to make books. Books are Things.
And so are Thoughts. We use Things to achieve certain objectives within our Life Experiences. We use a multitude of varied things called books to establish a Place called The Nat Turner Library.* We unite a multitude; a of variety Things called Thoughts to build a Virtual Power Base when we meditate at the Hour of 8 AM. We were building the 8am Virtual Power base, with thoughts sent to the hour, before the Internet became a Commercial worldwide entity.
EXAMPLE, In the Place called The Nat Turner Library the Things of its constitution [books) can be practiced/used to understand how to meditate to participate in the practice/use of the Things called Thoughts that are unified to build the Virtual Power Base.
The Power from the Base can be used/practiced to build United Persons, Places and Things to achieve objectives and goals in life: FREE BLACK PEOPLE. We can archive what we are able to perceive. But you must be disciplined enough to put necessary time into practice. “Practice makes Perfect!” in the case of practicing/using the Things called Thoughts, we may never achieve perfection in our Life Experiences. However, practice assures a certainty that you will achieve degrees of Mastery.
Since the use of Power comes from Understanding the Knowledge of practicing/using Persons, Places or Things, it is like the light and other energies emitted from our wonderful star: The Sun. Light and Energy can be used/practiced for Good or Evil. And whether it is practiced to achieve perceived Good or Evil is based on our degree of Understanding of the User. Our degree of Understanding gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice/use the essence that is within what we say we know.
In wrapping up this Sebekian Treatise on the Melanin Science of Life:
# 1. We Practice the unification of Things called Thought at 8am
#2. We Practice the Melanin Science of Life by being conscious of the Annual Solar Cycle journey that our Planet Earth makes around the Sun. There are some practices that we are required to do to survive and thrive during the Journey. If we didn’t have a minimum degree of mastery we would not have survived the Winter Season. Here again, practice make perfect; it gives conscious practitioners a satisfying, wholesome, rewarding, enjoyable Life Experience.
*The Nat Turner Library Building Complex is the Site for the 22nd (23rd) presentation of The Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature. And The Living History Tour called The Nat Turner Trail. Black Book Award are presented during the First Weekend in June, with three main Events Saturday, June 4. MAN EVENT #1. All who register to attend either of the Main Events will be allotted time to conduct a “Mini-Workshop” to tell about their Life Experiences MAIN EVEN #2. The Nat Turner Trail Tour. & #3. The Awards Banquet Saturday evening at a gala event fit for Black Kings & Queens.
If you do not receive a personal invitation in the mail, consider knowledge about this Public Event your invitation to attend. You can “google” The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village or The Nat Turner Library for directions. Or call 434-378-2140.

TUESDAY (red), 2/21/2017=6=Heru; The Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit Mythology, Spirituality & Philosophy

[edited] SUNDAY (yellow), 10/23/2016=6=Heru. Will Power, Self-Determination. In Ancient Kemit mythology, spirituality and philosophy Heru is the avenging prince that goes through various practices to prepare to battle and defeat the evil kind of man that murdered his benevolent father, the king. He then takes the throne and rules righteously as per his father.
The practices of Heru to prepare then do the Right thing at the right time in the right frame/disposition of mind,” allows him to master the Law of Creation. As his ancestors, our ancestors, had delineated The One Law into component parts they called Laws of Maat (as interpreted and translated from the Hieroglyphics by latter day Neterian scholars: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset, GEB, with the Eleventh Being The Creator).
To prepare to meet the challenges, Heru was compelled to practice the laws to eventually become master of them all. Enacting both academic and physical exercises is fundamentally what candidates in the KKVV Rites of Passage into Black Manhood go through to become a Master Blackman. All who have not gone through Rites of Passage Systems into Black Manhood becomes the man that the United States of America wants them to be by default!
In the Autumn Equinox part of the 2016 Solar Cycle Journey we are registering Black Men for candidacy for the KKVV 4-day Weekend Rites of Passage. We will not set a date until we reach a certain number of confirmed candidates. Confirmation of each candidate will be required.
The Confirmation includes but is not limited to a interview to determine his date of birth, vocation, financial status and marital/fatherhood status. We know that the most vulnerable who have a sincere desire to go through our Rites of Passage will find the greatest difficulty meeting the financial piece. Knowing this, no one that meets the other requirements will be declined for entry into our Rites of Passage into Black Manhood Systems.
If for whatever reason you are not going to be a Candidate, please help to create a source of funding for us to use for ones who need financial help. For, Candidates that qualify otherwise will not be declined, nor told they were assisted financially. However all will be required to contribute to the KKVV Rites of Passage Into Black Manhood Fund. We do have the means to make it possible for sincere applicants to earn some money: so act accordingly and call 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm daily. You may also use Paypal address khalifah@khabooks.com


“What do you expect when you agree to put your child in Special Education?” He advised all parents to never give managers of the dastard system license to have their way with your children. He said “Don’t sign anything.”
“Instead ask about additional reasons for your child’s so-called learning disability; or ADHD.” They want to convince you, that they want to treat your child with drugs and Special Education. Dr. Umar said: “If they don’t give you additional reasons then you give them other reasons.” But don’t give them license to enter your child in the “School to Pipeline Prison System.”
Dr. Umar cited chapter and verse that the law will be on your side if you stand up for your child, in the face of their devious desire to wreak the life of your children, beginning as early as kindergarten.”
The Educational Child Psychologist stated boldly and openly, “School …the process is designed to marginalize every Blackman and woman in America.”
Their School to Prison Pipeline, RULE # 1. To Deliberately Mis-Educate Black boys.”
He confirmed for us all that the “Mis-Education is on purpose; it is not a side effect of poverty as many think.” Mis-Educating Black people is deliberate. Dr. Carter G. Woodson pointed this out almost 100 years ago. But he didn’t point out that it begins in early education, rather than in the “Degreed segment of the Black community. “
Dr. Woodson zeroed in on the educated class who, after getting their degrees do not find their way back, to give back to The Community. Not so with Dr. Umar and a few of successful individuals in his generation: namely Nate Parker & David West.
Whereas Dr. Woodson took issue with the mis-education of the so-called American Negro, Dr. Umar is on the case of Black children. Umar said: “The Most embarrassing thing” he experiences in his profession as a Child Psychologist, are “5, and 6 year old children who can’t spell their names, know their mothers name, know their birth month and year…”
“These are basic things that your child should come to school with. Between the ages of 2 to 6, your child can learn everything needed to prepare him for life…in the 4th grade, be very slow in signing your name for any apparent disability.
“But Electronic Baby Sitting” will not give the child what is needed to prepare. The child’s academic deficiency up to the age of 6,” Dr. Umar said emphatically: “IS “YOUR FAULT.”
The above is but a sampling of the comprehensive lecture the Blackman of our time is sharing with the National Black Community. One cannot possibly capture his entire lectures. However, if the media was on its job, we’d stand a better chance to know, when and where he publicly champions the Causes of Black people. Soon, we hope, the Black media will report about, maybe, the most important and dynamic experience happening in Black America at this time in history.
The appearances can go by many positive descriptions. But last night we felt the Eventful presence of an Experience called Dr. Umar Ifatunde. If you have a chance, please do not miss a chance to hear, see, touch and feel for yourself.


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, February 15, 2017
Dr. Umar Ifatunde brought his Black Empowerment message to Richmond, VA last night. It is not too early to call appearances by Dr. Umar “MUST” see events in Black America. There has been only, a relatively, few Must see lecturers in Black History in America; events where the Headlining personality has a complete vision to empower Black people – within the White supremacy base experiment called the United States of America.
While Dr. Umar is not there yet, he is definitely in the constellation of other others, like Dr. Amos N. Wilson. Dr. Wilson had the right Vision and the necessary Black nationalist, Pan African Message to matched it; but never in his less, that 20 years of visibility, did my Friend Amos Wilson draw large crowds, any day of the week, to bask in a consummate message of a vision to empower the long suffering , National Black Community in the United States of America.
“There will be no way unless we make a way,” said Dr. Umar last night. He then went on to review the reasons for the blight, devastation and agony that still haunt Black people, even amid tremendous opportunities in this period of time in history. He then liberally spread inspirational, healing words – acting out some to the humored, adoring, inquisitive, appreciative, Respectful and celebratory large Tuesday evening gathering.
Seemingly, Dr. Umar touched on every pressure point; and the many ripping ready happy points in Black America. These ranged from his opening expose’ about overt as well as covert assaults on Black children within the false doctrine known as White Supremacy Oppression: the base of U. S. A. Education Institutions, He said:
“When the principal or teachers call a conference to evaluate your child to administer Ridlin and other ADHA medications. LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: What do you think?” He pointed out that it is against the law to give drugs to a student without permission of the parents.
“Sloppy and Lazy Disability.” He identified this as the most prevalent deficiency in parents and their children Black America.
“Our Ancestors were not slaves, they were enslaved…” because they resisted the designs of the slave owning people.
“You are slaves in this day because you volunteer to do what slaves do: You trust the systems because it is the system.”
“Don’t sign any paper until you take it home and read it…” Decisions about your child must be made together: There should be no decisions about your child unless you agree.”
“Don’t let them know you are a single parent…never go to school by yourself. They need to know there are others who care about your child besides you.”
“According to the Laws of Virginia, the Principal cannot suspend your child. They can only recommend suspension to The Board.”
After a thorough treating of Education deficiencies in Black America, Dr. Umar went on to point out the main malady and slavery mentality of so called Black professionals, open or not, Boule’ demented folk – Former U. S. President Barack Obama was the sterling example as he said:
“The only thing they ever wanted from America was acceptance from White people.” The Boule’ and wanna bees, openly pledge self subordination to white people forever.
Dr. Umar then treated the other social needs of Black people – Black Church, Black mosque/Masjid, Interracial dating and marriages, Homosexuality, lack of success of the “Hotep and Conscious Communities, Knowledge of Self does not eradicate Hatred of Self!” He declared.
Umar wrapped up a memorable evening by reviewing places he will be at, and what he will be doing over the next six month: Annual College Tour of students to Black Colleges: they will visit places designed to instill necessary pride inspiration and confidence within them. The college tour students will be with him on his budding traditional return to The Nat Turner Trail Tour in Southampton County in Virginia. This year, June 28 to July 10.
The consummation of the summer will be commemoration 186th anniversary of The Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army that he organized and led. There will be a Total Solar Eclipse on the actual date of August 21, 2017. Of all places Umar could be in the world, he chose to be at the Nat Turner Library Building Complex on August 21. If you have not yet been a part the Umar Ifatunda Experience make it to this one.
Obviously, the Total Eclipse is a remarkable sign of some major significance. At the least, this is the level of for which we are planning. Whether or not the Place in Black America that purports to be “The Place of Destination For Black people during crisis,” to vacation, take the Nat Turner Trail Tour, Self-Educate in The Nat Turner Library, or come to the Children Friendly expansive Campus of The Nat Turner Library Complex.
We have begun to prepare for our Annual Nat Turner Day Celebration, featuring the one of the most Unique, Dedicated, Committed Black Human of our time: Dr. Umar Ifatunde. All who are interested in attending should email us at publish@khabooks.com or call 434-378-2140 10 am to 3 pm. We will tell you what to do.

TUESDAY (red) 2/14/2014=Sebek Uniting/Mating to Enjoy Life More Abundantly

[edited] TUESDAY (red), 5/3/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominates our ability to unite Persons, Places & Things. Like all abilities, predominated by any particular “Law of Maat”, the ability allows us to practice the Law to generate power to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience.
Since practice makes perfect, it is the only known way to master anything in life: So, as you overcome challenges & Issues you are also mastering the pertinent law or laws at the same time. And less we forget, the aim, the objective and purpose of life is to live as the divine being that we were created to be. Mastery of the delineated “Laws of Maat” has the ultimate result of mastery of The Melanin Universal Law (that they are delineated out of). This is the method that I and other Solar Cycle Journey travelers use to live in the divine reality of The Creation.
We evolve into mastery by our Righteous degrees of practice in the execution (expressions) of our Words, Acts & Deeds. The immediate concern of Sebek is to bring into unity only with Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things. When we successfully achieve this, to certain degrees, life is a successful wonderful, rewarding, enjoyable experience.
As we also learn (to Know) enjoyment is the preferred reward of life to practice or be doing in life. However, herein also is the greatest peril to our existence: hence the abuse of drugs and things that some performers indulge. Their performances gives us a lot of enjoyment, but at a terrible price to their own self.
When our parents, Learned Elders and Ancestors advis us to “don’t overdo it” they offered advice that helped us to avoid the abuse in Uniting/Mating with Persons, Places of Things. As my own Sister/Guardian, Isa Lee Knight, used to say to me: “ENJOY YOURSELF BUT LOOK OUT!”
Yep! Enjoyment is also internal: So Look out for what you bring in; it balances the experience of enjoying yourself!

MONDAY (blue), 2/13/2017=7=HetHeru; Treatise on the Correct Use of Power

MONDAY (blue), 2/13/2017=7=HetHeru=Imaginative Creative execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds. Combined with Sekher, HetHeru enhances our Creative, Imaginative use of Power to overcome the challenges and issues we encounter in our destiny. Today, be consciously Imaginative and Creative in your use of Power. That is in expressions in your Words, Acts or Deeds.
[edited] ONDAY (blue), 6/29/2015=7=HetHeru. HetHeru a name of the Universal Melanin Law of Imagination. It predominates our ability to be imaginative, and creative. HetHeru compliments Sekher, the Law of Power that we use to overcome challenges and issues in our destinies. When we meet a challenge that is apparently greater than our power to overcome, we can imagine creative ways to get the job done.
To be creative we must use our imagination. Another word for use is practice; or execute. Since practice makes perfect and is the only known way to master anything in our Life Experiences. Mastery give us power to overcome challenges and issues at will.
But less we forget, our imagination and creativity does not generate the awesome power. The power is already within the Melanin Law of our constitution. However, Thinking does, indeed, empower the human part of our being.