SATURDAY (black), 5/21/2016=8=Sebek: The Universal Melanin Law of Unity

SATURDAY (black), 5/21/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our abilities to unite Person, Places & Things for more of everything. Said everything includes Power. The expression “United We Stand Divided We Fall” is almost right and exact. Jux-a-posed to say, “Righteously We Stand Divided We Fall” would make the expression more correct. Conscious Sebekians strive to unite only Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things.
As a conscious representation of Sebek myself I was made aware that I was subject to the negativity in ignorant practice of Sebek many years ago. Meanwhile, up to that time I’d never heard the Maatian name for the Law called Sebek. Of course I was conscious of my Alabama glibness and political acumen many years prior. The gift is the closest natural aspect of the personality that I Am. I have worked consciously to master the gift for a long time. The power has been effectively used to build several huge “Independent Black Institutions.” I have also been asked more than a few time “why do you need so much?” My answer is always the same, “White Supremacy Oppression is a huge challenge to Black people: only a huge EVERYTHING will positively counter and destroy it.”
One of my own Baba’s, Lumumba Odinga may have been the one who told me: “Brother Khalifia, some men are builders and some men are visionaries. Every once in awhile a man appears who is both. You have a gigantic mind. Think big Brother Khalifah. Think Big.” He punctuated what he was telling me by letting me know he knew how to pronounce my name. several of the “Independent Black Institutions,” partly, results of Baba Lumumba teaching, will be in practices in about two weeks.
On June 4, 2016 we will present the 22nd Black Book Awards For Excellence in Black Literature (institutionalized) at the Nat Turner Library Building (institutionalized), in KKVV (institutionalized). Two highlights for the weekend will be a tour of The Nat Turner Trail (riding tour) (institutionalized) 2. The Black Book Awards Banquet (institutionalized). We said nothing about the Kamau Organic Food Garden, but part of the food at the Awards Banquet will be taken from the Garden. You will also have the unique opportunity to “walk the land.”
Call us for more information: 434-378-2140 email

TO AFRICANS HOME & ABROAD: Celebrate/Validate Black Literature, June 4, 2016

You are Respectfully Invited to attend and participate in Black Book Award for Excellence in Black Literature: The awards Banquet will be during the 22nd Black Literary Weekend, June 3-5, 2016 at The Nat Turner Library Building, 26070 Barhams Hills Rd. Drewryville, VA 23844.
The Event is to validate and celebrate newly, independently published Black literature. And commendable books that have not been cited before. It is also to afford an opportunity to Authors to publicize and sell Books & Things: there is no charge to attend or to display your books to sell during the weekend. Please RSVP by May 26, 2016.
Other activities during the weekend are an Open Mic Poetry Slam, Friday Evening; presentations by all writers who register and attend; and a Nat Turner Trail Tour Saturday There are necessary fees for
Nat Turner Trail Tour Saturday (a riding bus tour) – $35.00
The Awards Banquet Saturday Evening – $30.00 and
This Black Book Achievement Awards was first presented in 1991. It was to help to substantiate and document Black history by celebrating those who are documenting it. Unfortunately Black people haven’t had the wherewithal to do for our own as other races do for theirs. But with progress and technology at our command 2016 will be the 22 year we have given awards for: “Best Book of the Year,” Best New Writer of the Year,” “Carter G. Woodson Award,” “Nat Turner Freedom Award,” “John Henrik Clarke Award,” “Amos N. Wilson,” “Best Poet Of the Year, M/F & etc.
Like every other Human Being, I am sure you would prefer to receive recognition from a larger perhaps more prestigious Organization. However, if you published independently the only award you will likely receive is one from an Independent Institution that is dedicated to the elevation and liberation of Black people. There is a small chance C-SPAN will cover our event. They covered one before so we are in their system.
If you’d like to read more about the history of Black Book Award Presentations: go to RSVP: 434-378-2140
Send fees to:
P. O. Box 1
Drewryville, VA 23844
FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS EVENT GO TO: Or call 434-378-2140. Email 10am to 6pm daily.

SATURDAY (black), 5/14/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance, Mizan. An Aside to My FB Sisters

FRIDAY (GREEN), 5/13/2016=9=Auset. Love.
AN ASIDE TO MY FB SISTERS. I am unsure if you understand the necessity that us longing, needy (not greedy) brothers do not “Bum” rush you. We know of too many instances where the Universal Melanin Law of HeruKhuti (emotional control) was not invoked when a beautiful FB Sister entered, or we entered into her Life Experience. We fairly “gushed” our feelings when all Sisters wanted were a Face Book Friend.
Of course my own experience has been that she also reserved her right to change the nature of the “Melanin Meeting” to that of coupling after she gets to know us better. But the “Bum” rushing dampened her enthusiasm and that, more times than not, was the end of that!
The experience also caused us to become more reserved and subdued; maybe too much. Clearly some protocols are needed. Sisters I am afraid until they are established Brothers are wisely advised that Sister must make the first move. however, a safe, secure place to mingle is advised. I know where there such a place.
Once again I shall call 100% FB males and females (Blacks only, please) into conference so we can meet, greet and entertain each other in a secure setting. Perhaps we’ll go over some possible protocols. Friday evening, June 3, 2016 at 7pm, in the Nat Turner Library Building is the time and place: The Friday before the Author’s “Mini-workshops” and Awards Banquet Saturday night. You needn’t come Friday to attend the 22nd Black Book Awards, take the Nat Turner Trail Tour and attend the “Academy Awards styled Banquet Saturday evening.
But I hope you will attend as this event is shaping up as one enjoyable, meaningful, Royal tinged, Experience: You owe this treat to The Creation to give Thanks and Gratitude for making you, the Mother of Civilization such a wise, warm, beautiful, desirable creature.
Call 434-378-2140 for more information. Also email and go to Read about past presentations and a partial list of past recipients of Black Book Awards.

THURSDAY (purple), 5/12/2016=8=Sebek=Unity; Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law

THURSDAY (purple), 5/12/2016=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that we practice to bring elements into what is considered a whole Person, Place or Thing. For example, we practice Sebek when we put letters together to make a word; we put words together to make sentences; we put sentences together to make paragraphs; we put paragraphs together to make pages then we combine the pages to make books. Books are Things.
And so are Thoughts. We use Things to achieve certain objectives within our Life Experiences. We used a multitude of varied things called books to establish a Place called The Nat Turner Library.* We can unite a multitude of varied Things called Thoughts to establish a Virtual Power Base.
In the Place called The Nat Turner Library Things of its constitution [books) can be practiced/used to understand how to meditate to practice/use the Things called Thought to build the Virtual Power Base.
The Power from the Base can be used/practiced to build United Persons, Places and Things to achieve objectives and goals in life: Free Black People. We can archive what we are able to perceive. But you must be disciplined enough to put necessary time into practice. “Practice makes Perfect!” in the case of practicing/using the Things called Thoughts, we may never achieve perfection in our Life Experiences. However, practice assures a certainty that you will achieve degrees of Mastery.
Since the use of Power comes from Understanding the Knowledge of practicing/using the Person, Place or Thing, it is like the light and other energies emitted from our wonderful star called The Sun. Light and Energy can be used/practiced for Good or Evil. And whether it is practiced to achieve perceived Good or Evil is based on our degree of Understanding. Our degree of Understanding give us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice/use the essence that is within what we say we know.
In wrapping up this Sebekian Treatise on the Melanin Science of Life:
# 1. We Practice the unification of Things called Thought at 8am
#2. We Practice the Melanin Science of Life by being conscious of the Annual Solar Cycle journey that our Planet Earth makes around the Sun. There are some practices that we are required to do to survive and thrive the Journey. If we didn’t have a minimum degree of mastery we would not have survived the Winter Season. Here again, practices make perfect and gives conscious practitioners a satisfying, wholesome, rewarding, enjoyable Life Experience.
*The Nat Turner Library Building Complex is Site for the 22nd presentation of The Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature & The Living History Tour called The Nat Turner Trail. It is the First Weekend in June, with three main Events Saturday, June 4. MAN EVENT #1. All who register to attend either of the Main Events will be allotted time to conduct a “Mini-Workshop” to tell about their Life Experiences MAIN EVEN #2. The Nat Turner Trail Tour. & #3. The Awards Banquet Saturday evening at a gala event fit for Black Kings & Queens.
If you do not receive a personal invitation in the mail, consider knowledge about this Public Event your invitation to attend. You can google The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village or The Nat Turner Library for directions. Or call 434-378-2140.

AFRICA DAY RICHMOND, VA: May 22, 2016 2:00 to 5:00 P.M.

The Trans African Gateway tour celebrating Africa Day is Sunday, May 22nd from 2:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and includes Richmond’s Main Street Station, the African Burial Grounds, the 1-95 corridor and the Pocahontas Island Black History Museum in Petersburg.

The United Nations marked the International Decade for the People of African Descent in 2011. The African and Diaspora community continues to expand Richmond’s historic narrative and contribute to the African renaissance underway.

The spiritual influence of the Trans African Gateway at the African Burial Ground inspires this narrative through greater genealogical, cultural and business exchange. With Virginia hosting the second largest African population behind New York, it is fertile ground for the cultivation of increased commerce, trade, education and social platforms between Africa and Virginia.

The Trans Africa Gateway distinguishes the African element of Virginia heritage and affords a connective model for positive change given the I-95 highway corridor that bears both historic and modern significance. This distinctive tour of Richmond and Petersburg is an opportunity to discover, understand and be immersed in black culture from the African perspective and to achieve a better way of life for communities.

Join Us!

FRIDAY (green), 5/6/2016=2=Tehudi: Advance Lesson Actual Fact #1

FRIDAY (green), 5/6/2016=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to make wise, intelligent decisions that are in our own Best Interest. However, mystically speaking, Tehudi gives us the intelligence to Understand our Knowledge of The Creation; it is from the Understanding that we derive the Wisdom to practice the Essence that is within what we Know. This is not “Rocket Science” nor is it The Wherewithal necessary to Free Black People from the experimental, false, brutal doctrine of White Supremacy Oppression.
We Know the false experimental doctrine pervades every institution that is used to govern us all in the United States of America.
But the mass majority of Black people still survive the brutality and other perils to live successful, wholesome, satisfying, enjoyable lives. Of course we do so only to varying degrees; the degrees are determined by our Understanding of what we know about living in the White Supremacy based society called America. The ones of us living within, as FB Friend, Sister Kali Jenkins might say, levels of “low frequencies” succumb at early ages before obtaining more Understanding: hence Wisdom.
Meanwhile none of us would have survived had we not Learned Ancestors who lived among us in every era: *“Early Captivity, Middle Captivity & Latter Day Captivity.” Earlier Learned Ancestors spent an inordinate amount of energy teaching about how to survive with our Black Manhood & Black Womanhood intact. And we survived; many with GUSTO! The “Gusto” is symbolized and actualized in a myriad Persons, Places and Things. The Most glaring and jarring is POTUS (president of The United States) Barack Obama.
“Low frequency” succumbers are steeped in near slavery conditions throughout America; others are brutalized and murdered at early ages. Still others engage in petty crimes, or are Black Activist who “forget, go into error or make mistakes.” They wind up in updated, chattel slavery ran plantations called prisons. If the forgetfulness is extremely egregious they may lose their lives: hence Sandra Bland.
One example of extremely forgetfulness is When we forget the base lesson taught by Ancestor Dr. Fances C. Welsing. The basic lesson is that “if you don’t understand the false notion of white supremacy to a certain degree everything else you understand will only confuse you.”

SATURDAY (BLACK), 5/7/2016=3=Sekher=Power. Seker is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our use of power. Combined with HetHeru (#7) we Wisely (#2) use creativity & imagination in its practice to overcome challenges & issues.
The quiet thing about practicing the Laws of Maat is that there is really only one Universal Melanin Law and it incorporates all of the others. This is what we realize, feel and accept as we advance to a certain degree of practice via the Melanin Science of Life. Our Lesson this morning is to re-read the above with this consciously in mind.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 5/4/2016=9=Auset= Gouverns Out Ability to Love

WEDNESDAY (brown), 5/4/2016=9=Auset. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to love. As per other laws, attributes, deities, morishes & etc., mastery is by degrees. The Ultimate degree of mastery is divine; when it is divine we are then reflective of the divine being that we are created to be.
Meanwhile the highest level of practice that establishes us on The Way to mastery is in a marriage between a man and woman. In essence when the ultimate emotion (discard what the “Second hand emotion” assertion by the soul singer Tina Turner); the ultimate emotion is the love state that is created by a man and woman who really “Dig” each other; they dig each other to the degree that they want to occupy as much time as possible in the presence of each other. This is when they agree to marry, establish a home and have Watoto (children) whose DNA comingle and make way for the birth a new life.
We will not go into much deeper details about love and loving this morning. Except to point out why the feelings of mates towards each other and their surroundings feel so good and magical. The Idyllic wonderful feeling of growing in love is incomparable. This is because it is the closest we get to, to living in a state of divinity. In the beginning the potential is there to engage in practices that will result in mastery that leads to a permanent state of divinity.
The practices include securing and protecting each other; establishing socialization societies that allows maximum security and protection for the realization intrinsic Freedom Justice & Equality, where members of the society serve by sharing Persons, Places and Things with each other. Of course the ultimate here is to establish Places where our children are protected to carry on and live within the legacies of our accomplishments and the Learned Elders.
When we Know the last paragraph above and Understand it to a certain degree we will have the Wisdom to abide in the teachings of our Learned Elders. Our Learned Elders gave us the wherewithal necessary to survive the “Hell trips” of the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression. And Black people have survived with GUSTO! This is symbolized if nothing else by POTUS [President of the United States Barack Obama].
The “Latter Day Elders,” gave specific instructions about what we are to be doing after our survival is assured. And what character of fool would declare Black survival is NOT certain? In a phase The Learned Elders commanded us to “Do For Self!”
With technology such as it is, in a prevailing period of unparalleled Opportunity, us who Understood the instructions to certain degrees are busy. This includes mating and loving to practice ways and means to live AND Love Wholesome, Purposeful, Meaningful, Enjoyable lives.
If you are still confused or feel overwhelmed in the White Supremacy societies where we live, “Ask Somebody Who Is Doing Something.” KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia) is open for business and scrutiny. Our next pending major event is the 22nd Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature: June 3-5, 2016. You all are invited to visit this children friendly place. Call 434-378-2140. Or email

TUESDAY (red), 5/3/2016=8=Sebek; Uniting/Mating to Enjoy Life More Wholesomely

TUESDAY (red), 5/3/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to unite Persons, Places & Things. Like all abilities, predominated by any particular Universal Law, the ability allows us to practice the Law to generate power to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience.
Since practice makes perfect it is the only known way to mastery: as you overcome challenges you are also mastering the Law at the same time. And less we forget, the aim, the objective and purpose of life is to live as the divine being that we were created to be. Mastery of the Law is the method we use to evolve to live in the divine reality.
We evolve into mastery by our Righteous degrees of practice in the execution (expressions) of our Words, Acts & Deeds. The immediate concern of Sebek is to bring into the unity and practice to overcome challenges and issues only with Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things. When we successfully achieve this, to certain degrees, life is a wonderful, rewarding, enjoyable experience.
As we also learn (to Know) enjoyment is the reward of life that we prefer to practice or be doing in life. However, herein also is the greatest peril to our existence: hence the abuse of drugs and things that some performers indulge. Their performances gives us a lot of enjoyment, but at a terrible price to self.
When our parents, Learned Elders and others advised us to “don’t overdo it” they offered advice that helped us to avoid the peril of abusing the use of the Persons, Places of Things. As my Sister and Guardian, Isa Lee Knight, used to say to me: “ENJOY YOURSELF BUT LOOK OUT!”
Yep! Enjoyment is internal: So Look out for what you bring in to enjoy yourself!


WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/27/2016=22=4=MAAT; Equal Justice for all. Maat is the Universal Melanin Law that gives us the ability to conceive of a utopian society on earth where there is justice for all. We have sound reasons to think that this may well be a unique ability of The Original Man and Woman of African descent. Except for one aspect of the malady called PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder), a critical mass of Black people would be taking advantage of opportunities today to “Do For Self.”
The PTSD malady is Self Hatred. Self hatred handicaps our ability to abide in the correct teachings of our Learned Ancestors. The foundation of Learned Ancestors was the declaration that we MUST build, maintain and enjoy Independent Black Institutions. Moreover, The Ancestors whom were both Visionaries as well as Builders represented and lived the philosophy: The Messenger, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Mr. Marcus Garvey’s signature work was actualization of the teachings Founded, Independent Black Institutions.
Contemporary Blackmen who abide in and have our “wits” about us are practicing the same methodologies to Vision and Build Independent Black Institutions today.Opportunities to build or support such building/teaching have not been this plentiful in many generations: Two such formations have important events on their calendars this weekend:
My birthday dinner will be Friday, April 29, 2016 in the Nat Turner Library Building. Ujamaa Schule will be, as usual, at Howard University the following day, Saturday, May 1, 2016. Ujamma will have a significant UNUSUAL aspect to it. This will be the first time in 3 decades Dr. Frances C. Welsing will not be the Guest Speaker. In her stead will be The Prince of Pan Africanism, Dr. Umar Johnson.
As per previous events at KKVV, the main attraction is the Royal Dynamic Presence of Nat Turner; and of course, “UBUS BOOKS & THINGS.” However, Extraordinary Poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar Banks will read selections from his works; And From Richmond, Virginia Priestess Monica M. Espaza is bringing a contingency to The Birth Land of Nat Turner to plant some Royal Rosemary Herbs & Things in the Kamau Organic Garden Food Boxes.
We strongly suggest that if you are able in any way to attend the above Institutional events, DO SO! Both are in twilight years of total dedication and service to make mighty contributions to “The Total Uplift, the Total Freedom of Black people. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/24/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR. Balance/Divine

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/24/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR. Divine Balance. As we have stated previously, the aim in the Mastery of our Life Experiences is not to live in a state of Balance. But it is to act from the Super State of Balance. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to marshal our strength in a state of equilibrium known as Balance. This is important in the “Acquisition as well as the Proper Uses of Power.”
It is important in the “Acquisition” and it is important in the “Proper Use of Power.”[I hope the reader understand why we have understated the practice in the process of Mastery by simply saying they are important. I remind one and all that my chosen method of sharing is via the power of suggestion].
It is important in the Acquisition because we need power to overcome challenges and issues. Balance being the consummation of power, the degree Melanin Law is practiced from a state of Balance determines to what degree we overcome the challenge and issue. As stated in my book, “the aim is to get to the state of Balance but not to live in the state of balance. The aim is not to stay there because you acquire power because it is necessary to execute your words, acts and deeds.
Balance is important in “The Proper Use of Power” because our intention is to use it in our own best interest. That is to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience. We do get into some of the nuances attendant to our “Best Interest” in the book. Such as when power is used to take care of our duties and responsibilities to our mates, children and grandchildren. This is in our “Best Interest” also as it is one of the relatively easy ways to earn degrees of mastery over every law in the book (smile). Yep! Duty to needs of our mates, children and grandchildren earn automatic degrees of mastery.
Deadbeat men and women lose more than they will ever know. Some subsequently get some inkling when second opportunities come around that they have wised up enough to seize and embrace. But the first instances of not caring for mates and children can never be recovered.
White Supremacy Oppression tried to strip the Blackman and Woman of this basic duty to each other and to our children. Here again the level of failure of the intention of the Caucasian is directly linked to Black Determination to defeat, or counter his desire. Fortunately The Learned Ancestors left such clear, explicity teachings; and doubly fortunately we have had Brothers and Sisters in every generation who practice their teachings to measure degrees.
Clear examples of our practicing the teachings of our Ancestors playing out in degrees of Practice to introduce Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. A clear example that I share with the many on The Nat Turner Trail Tour is that even as he was working to launch the Revolt in 1831 he still took care of his duties and responsibilities to His Wife Cherry and the children.
WRAP UP. The aim is not to stay in Balance because once you get the power it is Properly used it. When it is used it cannot remain balanced. So as Humans, our aim is to use it then come back into Balance. That is prepare to use the Ultimate Power again if your didn’t overcome the challenge or issue completely.