TUESDAY (red), 2/2/2016=4=Maat. Maat maybe the most complete vision of Justice for All

TUESDAY (red), 2/2/2016=4=Maat. Maat maybe the most complete vision of a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominates our ability to conceive of Justice for all. It is a vision from our ancestors in ancient Kemit whom left a legacy of systems, persons and things to model our words, acts and deeds in Life Experiences. The entire Legacy centers on practices to overcome challenges and issues, that, as we succeed in life we also are mastering the Laws of Maat: Never forget, the only known way to attain mastery is to overcome challenges & issues.
The sacred teaching is embodied within Things we must do; Places we must travel to; and Persons we must harmonize through during an annual trip called The Solar Cycle Journey. This is the annual going of our planet around the Sun. The challenges and issues we encounter along the path we are compelled to practice the Laws of Maat.
As we suggested for LESSON #1, since we are compelled to consciously or subconsciously practice the laws, it behooves us to memorize them: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset and GEB. I have written extensively about my own estimation of the laws. And with technology such as it is, research is easy to engage.
LESSON #2 is that we find the dominant aspect of each of the Laws of Maat in one English word.
In the present Solar Cycle Journey we are making preparation for the next trip. This is the Winter Solstice; a time for conservation, reflections and plans. In fact as we live in KKVV, we offer those who would like to Consciously keep closer company with us to also help us to plan for the Journey. Our First Planning Meeting will be during the weekend of February 13, 2016. The meeting will be both actual and virtual. And will also include a Re-visit to the Nat Turner Trail.
Please RSVP if you would like to be present for the Planning Meeting or any part thereof. The other main agenda item is going over things we’ll need to plant abundant foods and herbs to Grow & Store: call 434-378-2140. Or email or inbox me at publish@khabooks.com


SUNDAY (yellow), 1/31/2016=5=HeruKhuti. HeruKhuti is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that gives us the ability to protect ourselves. HeruKhuti predominate control over our emotions. Meanwhile, emotional control is absolutely the strongest attribute Human Beings have to protect Self and Kind/Family.

Generation of Promise: Movie Maker Nate Parker & Dr. Ifatunde
succeeding Via Correct Thought and Practice

There is little wonder that the most successful members of “The Generation of Promise” (CIRCA. 1968-1978) found touchstones or “Threads” in a few Persons, Places and Things that converge and congeal their highest aspirations for self and Kind. Arguably, the most successful, relevant Black Leaders of the generation have found tremendous success by effectively addressing the hardest traditional Challenges & Issues in the National Black Community.

TGOP members engaged the research and study to find historical accounts of individuals and contemporary Elders who’d built tangible records of work addressing the same challenges and issues. Thus, the Common Thread or “Touchstone,” for TGOP’s who decide to forsake fair seemingly easy careers to evolve a “Do For Self” mindset.

A “touchstone,” in this instance is the Books & Things of Publishers UBUS Communications Systems, located in The Nat Turner Library Building, on a 123 acre tract of the Birth Land of Nat Turner. UBUS operates in The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Southampton County, Virginia.

In our article, “Prospects for Freedom in 2016: An Assessment Through the Prism of Today’s Unafraid Black Leaders.” Admittedly the “Prism” is assessments and analysis, for the most part, of individuals who are friends. I also have the honor and pleasure to be connected to Persons; Places and Things they feel enhances their own work or positions. Fortunately for Black people the TGOP is of the generation that was driven to succeed doing things that is about more than to make money and become famous.

In fact, most of the ones that “sooner or later” find a way to KKVV, took stock of the condition of African people, analyzed the “Stock” (Challenges & Issues that have been the common thread during all centuries of the loathsome oppressive sojourn). They are all knowable about the range of Black History. They studied the total history and not just courses they were offered in colleges and other institutions.

This means they are just as knowledgeable about the Methodology of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as Marcus Garvey as they are knowledgeable about W. E. B. Dubois and Booker T. Washington. A Philip Randolph and Paul Robeson.

They also studied contemporary Black History; adopting the ways of the Ancestors of the “Greatest Generation of Black People” as well as that of surviving Elders in 2016. They have already fashioned programs and speeches that are effective, strong and unafraid. This is true whether they use the methodology of Minister Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King; Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. or Rev. Jaramogi Cleague.

In other words the TGOP studied all Black history. Then built successful careers that are impacting positively to make change. They not only managed to avoid the pitfall of thinking making money is all their is to be successful. The TGOP have an acute awareness about the brutal, murdering perniciousness white dominated institutions impress Black success to mean (more to Caucasian dominance than the empowerment of Black people).

They found as did many in the 1960’s: So-called “System” defined Black people left GOLD as well as the Best Interest of The Black Community behind. Some of us figured it out: Haki Madhubuti (Third World Press), Baba Zulu (Ujamaa Schule), the late Hodari Ali (Pyramid Bookstores), late Publisher Yahya Abdul Karim & etc.

Nat Parker and Umar Ifatunde TGOP members also avoided the trappings of the a “The System”mindset. They have risen and succeeded while embracing the hardest empowerment challenges and issues head on.

In the case of Dr. Ifatunde, he was comfortable in the Education System of the United States of America. He had several college degrees and was in line for a full professorship at a school of his own choosing. The $500,000 to a $million in annual earnings was a given. But at the time he was educating for entry into “The System,” he was also a card carrying member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Now the sky is the limit for potential earnings while overtly teaching ways to defeat White Supremacy Oppression.

Movie Maker Nat Parker studied at Norfolk State University. He had to get comprehensive Black history on his own. He became a superb actor. He then put all of this glory as an actor on the line to make a Nat Turner Movie. It is called “Birth of a Nation.” He put “Million” dollar paydays acting in white directed movies at risk. Of course it could not have been done without a belief that movies about Black Revolutionary heros and sheroes were moneymakers.

Long before Dr. ifatunde and Nate Parker incorporated their interest in the work of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831, the following TGOP members were already connected. Some actually played significant roles in making UBUS Communication Systems the “Largest Black Publisher in the History of Black people, Home or Abroad.”

As per the article when it was first published, we shall not offer a description of what the following TGOP members are doing, and have been doing to develop successful careers in contradiction to the most vital challenges and issues throughout 500 years of Arab and Caucasian, False Notions of White Supremacy Oppression in the United States of America. Most have a strong presence on the World Wide Web.

“…Nate Parker, Umar Ifatunde, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Opio Lumumba Sokoni, Principal Baruti Kafele, Christy Robinson, Chike Akua, Lisa Peyton Caire, Kaleem Caire, Karaam Ellis, Aba Mensima, Trevor Jaha, Moi Yoi Collier, Kamal Ptah, LaJoi Wilson-Moor, Darnell Smith, Khalifah Muhammad, Novelist Omar Tyree, Max Biggavells, Greg Hills Delphonics, Amani Dawson, Terrence McKinley Moor, John L. Spruce, Latif Tarik, Julian Shabazz, Khallid Turner and the many who are not named. Their dispositions, thoughts and successful practices cause me to declare again: Prospects For Freedom In The Year 2016 Are Pretty Good…


”SUNDAY (yellow), 1/31/2016=5=HeruKhuti. HeruKhuti is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that gives us the ability to protect ourselves. HeruKhuti predominate control over our emotions. Meanwhile, emotional control is absolutely the strongest attribute Human Beings have to protect Self and Kind/Family.

SATURDAY (black), 1/30/2016=4=Maat. LESSON # TO MASTERY THE LAW

SATURDAY (black), 1/30/2016=4=Maat. Maat is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that Humanity perceives of the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be within. It is the Neter on the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life) that the degrees of righteousness are measured in our practice of the others: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset and GEB.
[LESSON #1 for Persons, Places or Things that desire to attain to mastery can begin by memorizing the 11 Laws of Maat].
Less we forget, successful, satisfying and enjoyable lives is the goal; and the means to achieve the goal is mastery of laws. The Neters are also constructs of Human Being perception that established the division of The Universal Law into component parts known as Neters. The state of Maat says there is One Creator, He used One unblemished Science that we named Melanin Science. The component parts called Neters add up to the One Law that governs Melanin Science…
In closing this note, I remind us all that the body of scientific Spiritual & Physical lessons embodied in our annual travel around the sun symbolizes and actualizes what cumulate the consummate practice to attain mastery in all of it awesome dimensions. The next Solar Cycle Journey begins in the Spring Equinox.
We are now within the last cycle of the present Solar cycle called The Winter Solstice. It is within this cycle that we conserve energy and plan for the next Solar Cycle Journey. It is within this context that we respectfully invite you to attend and participate in The First Planning Meeting for what we shall plant both Physical and Spiritual during the Spring Equinox. The meeting will be on the weekend of February 12, 2016 in The Nat Turner Library Complex within KKVV. Go to www.blacktntnews.com & www.black-e-books.com for more information.

FRIDAY (green), 1/29/2016=3=Sekher. Breaking Down Melanin Science into Components of Spirituality

FRIDAY (green), 1/29/2016=3=Sekher. Sekher is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our governing of power; all power. Combined with the other laws of maat, you can concentrate the focus of your energy to pinpoint where you want it to impact Persons, Places and Things in the Life Experience.
One thing that I constantly try to remember to alert would be conscious users /practitioners of the laws is that there isn’t anything spooky about Spirituality. The only thing that counts is being conscious of the fact that there are, in fact, laws that govern everything, every thought in any place where we happen to be at any particular time. Spirituality is the breaking down of MELANIN SCIENCE (unblemished science) into component parts that our ancestors called “Laws of Maat.”
The unknown or “spooky” factor is that many Humans are not conscious of the fact that there is a law that predominate every one of our Words, Acts and Deeds. Estimating what that law is that governs each day of the week is what the numbers in the date in today’s opening paragraph represent. Knowing this to a certain degree; and understanding it to the certain degree; gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice/use the essence that is within what we say we know.
Yes, hearing me say it with clarity and examples of application may be preferred. And that is one reason congregational meetings are called by folk who are situated in life to share their blessings and accomplishments. Also, that is the reason we certainly do expect The First Planning Meeting at KKVV to have a successful outcome.
If you can, make it your business to come and see what we are sharing. Right now growing and storing foods and herbs in abundance during the next Solar Cycle Journey is only potential. How much of the Potential we realize, yes, will be the level of readers Understand the need to grow and store abundant foods & thing. The need, in this example, is your degree of the knowledge that the opportunity is here, on this Nat Turner Birth Land to hedge against forecasting famines in the United States of America.
I dare say, the famine forecast has already occurred in Black America. All Caucasians need do to actualize the famine is to stop selling food, clothing and shelter to Black American people. They will not stop right now because they need the cash they generate from our consumerism. Also, key to fulfilling their own needs is tampering with what they still grow in the good earth. This is what GMO is about: additives to increase the profitability in selling food & things. So a by-product of Growing and Storing in Abundance will allow us to avoid much of the GMO that has seeped into the food systems in the United States of America.
THE PLANNING MEETING IS THE WEEKEND OF FEBRUARY 12, IN THE PRESENT SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY. The period to plan for the next Solar Cycle Journey, including the period when we plant food seedlings as well as Spiritually Seedlings is now. Contact us vial phone 434-378-2140 or email publish@khabooks.com 10 and to 3 pm daily. We are making it as easy to participate in the KKVV Food Project as we possibly can. If you plan to be here or not next month, or at any time, make a donation. This helps us to prepare for your arrival.
We are going to make a financial report at the meeting. Help to make that report such that we will have enough money already in the bank to grow one or two abundant food or herb crops. Make your preference known as per Brother Reparations Ari Metteron did with his donation. Yes Baba Ari, we intend to have some String Beans to harvest this fall.

THURSDAY (purple), 1/28/2016=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to be wise in making choices

…in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds (W.A.D.’s). Ideally we make determinations to execute our WAD’s in our own best interest. Of course, there are times when you practice Self-Determination in the Best Interest of other Persons, Places or Things.
For example. Perhaps, the greatest pleasure of a loving mate is to bestow upon the beloved that which we love for ourselves.
The greatest contrary reason NOT to practice Self-Determination in our own best interest is when it is suppressed; it is suppressed because if not you cannot be oppressed. The enslaver, oppressor and other names for criminals against Humanity uses fear to both suppress and oppress other Persons, Places or Things (P.P.T.’s).
The victim of en-slavers instilled within their psyche the fear of what will happen to them if they do not use their powerto act in the Best Interest of the oppressor. Moreover, the fear is not always because of what may happen to you.
Maybe the favorite cruelty of White Supremacist Oppressors was/is the threat to sell or brutalized a member of our families, if we didn’t acquiesce and do the bidding of the enslaver. In other words African individuals and the National Black Community collectively were forced to practice our Self-Determination in the Best Interest of white people, (for the most part).
The instillation of fear by White Supremacist was carried on so heartless, so viciously, cruelly & purposefully over so many generations Black people contracted a malady called Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder. One symptom of PTSD is that the untreated Brother or Sister, even when fear is not a factor, acts in the Best Interest of the Oppressor rather than the Best Interest of Self and Kind.
Eminent Scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson nailed the malady in a quote in his book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro. He said: “…If the educated Negro”’ could go off and be white he might be happy, but only a mulatto now and then can do this. The large majority of this class, then, must go through life denouncing Black people because they are trying to run away from the Blacks and decrying the Blacks because they are not white…”
‘“…When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his “’proper place”’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary…”
We first reprinted the classic by the Founder of Black History Month in September, 1992. We put the above quotes on the back cover at that time. Unfortunately there is a pernicious error in one of the quotes. It is so pernicious and disgusting that we will replace it with no questions asked. Bring the crazy typo book with you when you come to KKVV. Otherwise you’ll have to pay shipping costs twice.

THURSDAY (purple), 1/21/2016=Maat: The practices of the KKVV ManUp Rites of Passage into Black Manhood

…Maat is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to conceive of justice for all. Our Ancient Kemit ancestors conceived of Maat as a replicate of the divine order of a The Creation.The law of Maat is to used to measure the degrees of mastery.
Degrees are estimated as per the amount of righteousness that you use in the practice of the laws to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experiences. Remember, the only known way to attain mastery is in the processes/practices we use to overcome challenges and issues.

The practices of the KKVV ManUp Rites of Passage into Black Manhood are both physical and mental exercises that present challenges that Our Participants must overcome to bring forth the New Man that emerges as the dross of negativity is removed. During the 8th and last ManUp Camp (2014) we ritualistically collected the negativity within us, placed it in one pile and burned it in a fire. They were buried near the John Henric Clarke Oak, near the Lumumba Odinga tree in a corner of the Nat Turner Library Campus. We may show future visitors the spot.

The above is an example of the physical exercise ManUp Camp Participants engage over a tree day weekend. An example of the mental exercises they also engage, is a group setting in which the negativity within us is mentally brought to consciousness and shared with the group. Sometimes it does get very emotional as Participants are taken deeply into their sub-conscious to explore the plethora of Persons, Places and Things that may have visited varying degrees of painful challenges and issues during their Life Experiences.
We remind us again, the only known way to overcome challenges and Issues is to practice the laws of Maat. And when we use/practice anything we earn degrees of mastery at the same time.

TUESDAY (red), 1/19/2016=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that gives us Wisdom

…to know we have the ability to master all of the Laws of Maat. With mastery, we then reflect the divinity of the Being that we were created to be. When worked in conjunction with its complimentary law, as per forming a master number, both Tehudi (2) (Wisdom and Sebek (#8=Unity) both are enhanced.
As per the other neters on the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life), I have written much and often in elementary terms to expound on the attributes of Tehudi. So I shall not engage that level this morning. Instead, I shall gather what time possible on this day and concentrate it into completing the editing of my auto-biography and the other manuscript that only needs two more edits. The latter is titled “Introduction to Melanin Science: Mastery of the Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws.”
Meanwhile, we are still planning in our preparation for the next Solar Cycle Journey. My mild appeal to support implementation of a huge program to utilize the 123 acre farm and woods of Nat Turner birth land is beginning to remind me about the story of the Little Red Hen.
The Little Red Hen is a childhood story that I hope everyone reading this, heard and understood to a CERTAIN degree. If you did you are already using the wisdom from the understanding to help do what Black people obviously needs done in this opportunistic era. Some are already calling it The Obama Era.
If you understood the story about the Little Red Hen to the certain degree, you are already making plans to grow and store food; you are already caring for your own children; and/are already doing or have plans to take responsibility for the growth and development of other Black Youth. Black Youth whom did not have the nurturing and structuring necessary to take advantage of the prevalent opportunities; the opportunities that you used to nurture, structure and advise your own children to engage in productive, relevant life styles.
If you do not have THAT certain degree of understanding, hopefully you DO have the degree to the extent that you “Support Somebody Who is Doing Something!” If you don’t know anyone who is “Doing Something” relevant as per the above, Support to empower the “Generation of Promise” individuals who run the KKVV Man Up Camp Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. The Camp, for the most part, was dependent on funding by schools in NYC, PHILLY, BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, DC to cover the expense to empower Black Youth in the training weekend. Well, the funding for the schools stopped and the year 2015 was the first in some 8 years when we did not have Rites of Passage Camp.
For those who do not know the story about the Little Red Hen, she tried her best to get all of the animals in the barnyard to help her to grow some food. She knew that a period of time was coming when there would not be enough food to feed her people. You see, her people were dependent on their enemy to supply their food to survive. The people they were dependent on already had a store house of food stuff to live on. And if they ran out of food, THE LITTLE RED HEN knew her family would be killed to provide for them.
The Little Red Hen could not get any help so she did what she could herself. It was enough for she and family, but when the others showed up there was little she could do for them. That is the story of the Little Red Hen with a twist.

MONDAY (blue), 1/18/2016=1=GEB/Ausar. GED is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to balance the Laws

… The Objective is to balance all of the laws to each other. This can only be done through mastery of each. With mastery of the Law (what it is when combined; one Law), with mastery of all you will then execute each word, act or deed as the divine being that we were created to be.

All left then to do is go to work and engage in the kind of things that divine beings do. If you are confused about what that is, study to determine the nature of The Divine Being.

(I hope everybody reading this is wearing the color blue this monday)


SUNDAY (yellow), 1/17/2016=9=Auset=Love. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to love. Righteously striving Persons, Places and Things enjoy certain degrees of Divine Love. Unless the love is 100% Divine, the mating, or matching will not be everlasting within the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be within.

If it is less than 100% Divine, it will last to the extent of the degrees of divinity that it happens to be. Righteous and Righteously inclined Melanin Mates tend to work things out and stay together for longer periods of time. Love tends to deal with a lot of shortcomings in us all.

PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS AT K.K.V.V: During The Next Solar Cycle Journey

SATURDAY (black), 1/16/2016=8=SEBEK. Sebek is the Universal Melanin law that predominate our ability to bring Persons, Places & Things into unity. We bring them into unity to tap into the power that when the individuals are combined the whole is stronger than any of the parts, as we were first told in geometry 1 in high school. What we were not told, or possibly we didn’t understand is that bringing Persons, Places and Things together for a common purpose enhances and magnifies the power.
Sebek must be ever diligent to strive to unite only Righteous or Righteous striving Persons, Places and Things. The degree of Righteousness qualify them for the equivalent degree of the Love of Auset. And it is the Love of Auset that holds the Universal All together.
We are planning, now, to experience our most successful Solar Cycle Journey ever. That is saying a lot because much work has already been done to get us to where we are in the Winter Solstice of the present Solar Cycle Journey. The trip is that of our Earth traveling around the Sun at approximately 1,037 miles per hour. We are moving through distinct periods: two Equinoxes and two Solstices.
The cumulative knowledge from our experiences during multiple journeys have taught us what to expect and prepare for during the Journey. The cumulative knowledge includes our own experiences, advice/direct teachings by our guardians and the legacies of our ancestors.
During the equinoxes the weather is generally warm and mild. During the Solstices we experience extremes: therefore we prepare for the Solar Cycle Journey accordingly. For example we know we must survive the extremes so we make sure to wear winter clothing in the winter time so we don’t freeze to death. We happen to be in the Winter of the present solar cycle journey today.
The Winter Solstice is the period for conserving energy, nourishing our minds and bodies in preparation for what is happening and what is sure to come. Some Persons, Places and Things will come whether you are prepared or not. However, those who are prepared, or conscious about what is going on will benefit the greatest. The “bliss in ignorance” is not on my point: so I will pass on the opportunity to speak directly to that class of humans. I will say, it is an election year so the politicians are feeding that class very well.
At KKVV, we will share a Preliminary Schedule for the benefit of Black people who will be with us during the Solar Cycle Journey. We want to feed your consciousness, if you are already awoke to the need to “Do For Self.” And to awaken your consciousness if you have not actively prepared to take advantage of certain opportunities. If you respond as we hope you will, you’ll be part of some wonderful things that occur in KKVV each year. In fact if you respond as we hope you will, together we will reach some lofty goals this year.
The primary goal is to plant enough food and herbs to accelerate long held plans to grow and store our needs in abundance.
We know not whether the long forecasted chaos during the dissolution of the false doctrinal governance of Western Civilization (an experiment in White Supremacy) will happen in the near term. We do know two things for certain: 1) The mild overture to put the USA on a Redemptive Domestic as well as Foreign Policy by POTUS, Barack Obama, fell to shallow racist. For the most part, they have an inability to see and accept possible ways to avoid the forecast 2) whatever happens, near term, far term or in the here and now term, opportunities are now within our reality to “Do For Self.”
We are offering to share 123 acres of the fertile land of Nat Turner to The National Black Community. Heretofore, the land has been put to really good use. If you have been a part of the experience you already know this is good, useable land.
Of course it is Spiritually fertile because Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831 worked and launched a gallant effort to Free Black People in 1831. We still aint free, but because of the work of Nat Turner & the BLA, we ARE almost there: we are Free enough today to use an opportune in time to actually get there. But for certain we will not make it unless we finally “Do For Self” – Grow and store food and herbs. And above all else, SECURE THE LAND!
Don’t delay contacting us because this offer MAY sound “too good to be true.” Presently I own 103 acres of it 100%. This may change soon, depending on your response. So it is “not too good to be true!” Come and see for yourself!
You must arrest any notion similar to where we were when The Messenger first told us that “The Creator made a special visit to North America to help Black people and not our Oppressors; or when he told us that Original people are divine beings. Our self esteem was so poor that we just did not believe a Divine Being would have any interest in us or our affairs (including white supremacy oppression).
Fortunately, a critical mass of Black people are conscious. It is from the critical mass that we expect will finally come, or support us to the extent that whomsoever comes will not have to use outdated equipment to use the land; or build herb gardens, or clear woods to get to good, clean, Spring Drinking Water from deep within the ground – a long, long way from contaminants.
• IDENTIFY, CLASSIFY AND CONJOIN HUMAN RESOURCES (this has been ongoing since December). We are still interviewing interested Black People.
• FIRST PLANNING MEETING – Weekend of February 12-14 On The Land as well as virtual (Nat Turner Radio on Blogtalk). A NAT TURNER TRAIL Tour is scheduled for that Saturday afternoon: First Come First served.
• SECOND PLANNING MEETING – Weekend of March 4-6 On The Land as well as virtual (Nat Turner Radio on Blogtalk). NAT TURNER TRAIL Tour Saturday afternoon.
• FIRST, EARLY, PLANTING MEETING – Weekend of March 18-21. A NAT TURNER TRAIL Tour will be conducted Saturday afternoon. You must be present for the planting meeting. Or you may participate by making a monetary donation or tools to empower us who are present to do the necessary work. All monetary donations are like investments into what will be harvested from the planting.
• SECOND, LATE, PLANTING MEETING – Weekend of April 28 – May 1. A NAT TURNER TRAIL TOUR will be conducted Saturday Afternoon.
For one and all who are interested in growing some food, or engaging anything happening in KKVV (The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia), contact us at 434-378-2140. Or email me at Khalifah@khabooks.com

FRIDAY (green), 1/15/2016=7=HetHeru=Creavity, Imagination: HetHeru/Sekher Conjunction Estimate

…HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to be imaginative and creative in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds (WAD’s). When HetHeru is used in conjunction with the neter that add up to a master number, LOOK OUT! That neter is number 3 on the Paut Neteru; Sekher. The Melanin Law that predominates our use/practice of power.

“…I have already written so much in elementary language about the Paut Neteru that I am not inclined to write what I have already written many times: so we shall conclude by reminding us all that the aim is to master every degree of every law. Since degrees are estimated by our Righteousness in the practice of the law, only when the entire Paut Neteru is used in balanced/harmony will we have reached the goal of fulfillment. Some would say, “reached the state of Self-Realization…”
[READ MORE AT www.black-e-books.com ] of if you care to wait, a book called “Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE” will be released when final editing is done. Make a donation to help to oil my processes. Read more about processes ongoing at KKVV (The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia). Weekend Helpers, curious Book Lovers, Human Mystics and Melanin Mate Seekers, & Nat Turner Trail Tourist are welcome. By appointment, please [434-378-2140]. Google Quest will tell you where to come. Khalifah will advise you when to Come. [the photo was taken by Rev. Clinton Wike]