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The Historic 7th Commemoration Celebration of NAT TURNER & THE B. L. A. IS HISTORY

The Prince of Pan Africanism, Dr. Umar Ifatunde, headlined a large gathering in KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia) August 19-21, to “Commemorate and Celebrate” the Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831. He spoke outdoors on the last day to a healthy mixture of Elders, Black youth, men women and children.
The gathering witnessed the occurrence of the phenomenal Great Eclipse of 2017. The shared experience of the Eclipse, on the lawn of the Nat Turner Library, ingrained the historic occasion in the memory of all who were present. Khalifah stated during the large circled ceremony during the eclipse:
“This is a historic moment with a significant meaning, but no one knows the exact meaning. I suspect it is what we make of the tremendous energy that is prevalent here and on the Nat Turner War Trail this weekend. We personally have not decided on any particular thing, but I do note that the Great Eclipse in August 1831 was the sign that moved the Great Nat Turner to action in an attempt to free every Black Man woman and children in the United States of America.”
Also ingrained in our collective memories are dynamic speeches by two of African peoples most dynamic Freedom Leader advocates: Elder Kojo Yankah, directly from Ghana & still, relatively speaking, Black Youth, Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson. Dr. Johnson originated in Pennsylvania, Pa. There appeasr to be a consensus that he brings the right message for this Period of Time in History. Adoring crowds are turning out in numbers that reflect this assertion. We have said previously, “The only ones who know about Dr. Umar & have an opportunity but do not take it to go see and hear him,
“More likely than not are of the same mindset as humans who had an opportunity to see and hear Special, Great Ancestor Black men and women like, The Great Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Noble Drew Ali, Minister Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”
Dr. Kojo Yankah, renoun scholar, Statesman, former Minister of State for the nation of Ghana enjoys an appeal, in kind above for Dr. Umar, to the worldwide African Independence Movement in the. In a two hours command speech without notes, Dr. Yankah treated a near capacity crowd in The Nat Turner Library to first hand accounts of historic facts and information: previously read or heard about.
Dr. Kojo also treated us to some background and personal accounts of his acquaintanceship with the Great Visionary for a United States of Africa, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. He deftly merged the common cause of One People, African people, who survived or are surviving domination by a cruel, brutal people; a people attempting to govern worldwide via an experimental, already proved false, muderous doctrine called White Supremacy.
The speeches were buttressed by an accomplished, fiery Young Black woman Leader from Baltimore, MD. She is Attorney Amy Jenkins. In a riveting few minutes, Ms Jenkins made an announcement about major Black Unity Conference in April of 2019. There will be a “Kickoff” gathering this October 5. She is Executive Director of the coming Event overall sponsored by BLACK LAWYERS FOR JUSTICE, founded by Attorney Zulu malik Shabazz.
The Open mic segment ended with a powerful testimonial about the raising of her universal Black consciousness by Sister Oladele; she and her mate Christopher Jackson and little boy, followed through on plans to camp out.
The above is but a “Snapshot” of the latest events of gathering Black people at the evolving “Place of destination and HEALING for Black people…” in appropriate modalities of Rites of Passage into Blackman and Womanhood. This one followed The First Fundraiser with Professor Griff, organized by publisher/author A. J. Jones, July 2, next was A 10 days retreat by one of Black America’s premier Healers, Dr. Jewel Pookum; as always, the Nat Turner War Trail tours are the regular, constant activity at KKVV
Next event in this Solar Cycle Journey of Healing will be the 2nd Ancestral Remembrance Day, November 11, 2017. Anyone who would like to attend KKVV events; or to come here and make an event yourself, should call asap 434-378-2140; 10am to 3pm.

SHARE PHOTO WITH NY Times & UBU: Solar Eclipse’s Journey Across America

[NOTE: the following is republished from the front page of the “Best newspaper in White America.” ]
In the days and hours leading up to Monday’s total solar eclipse, millions of people will venture to a spot on the path of totality hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare celestial event. Across the country, eclipse-watchers will point their cameras at the sky. But we want to experience what things look like on the ground.

We’re asking people on — or very close to — the path of the solar eclipse to show us photos of where they are and how they are celebrating.

If you’re one of them, share a snapshot of you and your eclipse-watching crew — or a photo of the sky as you see it. Upload your Instagram photo here or tag your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #NYTeclipsewatch. We’ll be updating this page throughout the day. Keep the photos coming! Last updated at 5:00 AM ET.
We also want you to share your pictures of the eclipse with UBUS; give us the photo about your activities. Post to my FB page, or send directly to


Known well because of a best selling book, published and widely distributed in the 1990’s, “Blacks in the Bible,” Dr. William is also a very accomplished research, and actual scientist. His specialty is Renewable Energy and the regulations that are already incorporated into regulations – making it relatively easy to become a provider or a user of a booming technology (if you have the inmormation and the will to use it). Whether Solar, Wind, Thermal Dr. Emanuel is qualified to give straight easy to follow answers.
He is a late, but welcome addition to the 7th Annual Nat Turner Commemoration and Celebration, August 19-21, 2017.
After a tour of the Nat Turner War Trail, Nat Turner Guest will return to KKVV to feast on delicious, cultural music, network, sport and play: the addition of a dynamic presentation by Dr. Emanuel is inserted.
Contrary to our usual practice, we will ask all on the land to attend to be introduced or further educated about renewable energy. Admission is free. The good doctor will also have his books and some select mixture of herbs for sale. Call 434-378-2140.


FRIDAY (green), 8/18/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love…
Fresh from a superb victorious promotion of the 76th Marcus Garvey Parade in Harlem, the Administrator of ANPM (Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement), the sponsor of the event, Empress Yaa Asantewaa, will take a “Victory lap” and bring the ANPM message to the Nat Turner Weekend Commemoration and Celebration, on the opening day of the 7th Annual Nat Turner, August 19, 2017.
For the best of reasons, Minister Akbar Muhammad had to delay on making his first visit to The Land of Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia. He rescheduled, pending publication of his book, “The history of the Nation of Islam,” tentative date of a book event on Nat Turner land, with Minister Akbar Muhammad is November 11, 2017. Stay tuned.
Some may feel one of the signs of the Solar Eclipse is the emerging of Black women to leadership roles in Black America. Some like Yaa Asantewaa of ANPM; and Sister Amy Jenkins in Baltimore. Sister Amy will represent a formation organizing for a large gathering of Black people this fall. She will give Nat Turner Guests first hand information about THE NATIONAL BLACKMEN’S CONFERENCE IN D.C., October 6-8.
Of course Sister/Empress Yaa Asantewaa is the from ANPM carries the names of one of Afrika’s all time great sheroes. That is, the Queen Mother who was the leader of the Ashanti War against the British in 1900. Rather than appoint a man, the King appointed his sister. Sister Santewaa led the war that whites named “War of the golden Stool.” But we know correct history tells us it was just one other Black Liberation Army war effort to defend against, or Free African people from the false notion of white supremacist Oppression.
Seats are still available to come, see and participate in the weekend commemoration andceelepration of Nat Turner & the BLA revolt in 1831. It is said that a solar clipse in 1831 was the sign to begin the revolt. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.


WEDNESDAY (brown), 8/16/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative, Imaginative. The Composite of HetHeru is Sekher, the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs power. To enhance the use of power be Creative and Creative.
The “Original Confessions of NAT TURNER,” and selected books, will be sold during and after the 76th MARCUS GARVEY PARADE, AUGUST 17, 2017 in Harlem, N. Y.
The Marcus Garvey Parade is, perhaps, Black America’s longest running Black Nationalist parade in history. Of course the first UNIA parades were organized and led by the Great Mr. Garvey, beginning in the 1920’s. After he was criminally accused and deported, there was a gap in most all of the UNIA programs. But in 1940 a young, energetic, loyal, fervent Garveyite named Carlos A. Cooks stepped up and stepped into the bold, unafraid leadership dynamism of the Great man.
Mr. Cooks revived Garveyism with the founding of “The Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement (ANPM).” He ignited a generation of Black Nationalist under three main dynamisms of Garveyism: 1) He reconstituted the Afrikan Legion 2) He reignited the Buy Black Campaign – Don’t buy where you can’t work and 3) 4. He continued The Annual Marcus Garvey Parade through Harlem.
After the suspicious death of Mr. Cooks, there has been a secession of Administrators of ANPM. The successors included the organizer of The125th Street Vendors Association, Mr. Morris Powell. This was a natural outgrowth of the Buy Black Campaign of Carlos Cooks. Thutmosis, as he was also called, transitioned while living in exiled in South Africa in the year 2016.
The current ANPM Administrator is a youthful veteran of the organization. She has served in a variety of positions, under a variety of other leaders. Her Name is Yaa Ashantewaa. She has been the Leader, or Co-Leader since 2009. When her Co-Leader husband transitioned, she became the Administrator. Sister Yaa has identified Economics as her main focus. She made some key alliances to support essential to continue ANPM programs in the year 2017 and beyond.
She is busy these days promoting and preparing for the 76th Annual Marcus Garvey Day Parade. The traditional rally after the parade will feature a display of UBUS Communication Systems Books. One of the best sellers is The Confessions of Nat Turner.
The Parade will assemble on Thursday, August 17 at 5:00 pm at Marcus Garvey Park @ west 124th Street & 5th Ave., Harlem NY; proceed to Adam Powell Jr. Blvd, up to 126th to the Our Mecca In Harlem School at 2122 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. at 126th Street, Harlem, New York.
A Selection of books will be available for purchase at the End of the Parade; at a Town Hall Meeting at Our Mecca in Harlem School. The Meeting will be from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. For more information about the Marcus Garvey Parade; the Town Hall Meeting or to purchase a copies of The Confessions of Nat Turner or other UBUS Books, call 347 876 0122 or 434-378-2140.

MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In KKVV R.S.V.P asap!

MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In Kkvv:
Meaning For The Total Eclipse Will Be Assessed
The total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, August 21, 2017 is very much on the minds of conscious travelers on the annual Solar Cycle Journey; or in the least, it should be. Of course there is always significant meaning in KKVV. This one will not be different: it is the 186th year since the Revolt of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. There is also a profound symbolic significance to the blocking of the Sun. In fact everything that we know about the Sun empowers us.
On May 12, 1828 , Nat Turner received a significant vision; it was a confirmation that let him know he was on the right path. After the vision, Nat Turner needed only to act according to the Wisdom from the knowledge he understood to prepare for The Great Event in his future. That was the Revolt of the Black Liberation Army of 1831. As we shall see in the following quotes from his own words, the final sign to confide in Associates Henry, Hark, Sam & Nelson would come on February 12, 1831.
“…On the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens. The Spirit instantly appeared to me. The Serpent was loosened and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men; and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent; for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first…”
After this confirmation vision, all Nat Turner needed to do was to continue doing what he said he knew. He was to follow guidance to find out what he did not know at that time. He Obeyed, and for his obedience he received the sign he was looking for, February 12, 1831.
The Sign was a Total Eclipse of the Sun – just like the one we will be on the watch for 2 weeks from today, August 21, 2017: The 7th Nat Nat Turner Weekend Commemoration Celebration. Call 434-378-2140.
“…by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work. Until the first sign appeared, I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign, (the eclipse of the sun last February) I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons…
If you would like to be with us, including any number of “Spoken Word” Artist, Drummers, Drummers, Minister Akbar Muhammad; Dr. Kojo Yahkah & Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson, during one of the weekend days, parts of the days; or all of the days, call 434-378-2140.


Saturday August 19, 2017
THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY, DREWRYVILLE, VIRGINIA – One of the longest serving Executives of The Nation of Islam is gracing the place of the birth land of Nat turner. His name is Akbar Muhammad; he will be the Guest Speaker on the First day of the 7th gathering to Commemorate and celebrate the work of the Man who has been called “Black America’s greatest Freedom Fighter.”
Minister Akbar’s long, successful life of service to Black people does not parallel that of the physical fighting of Nat Turner; maybe because the work of Nat Turner & the Black Liberation Army made it unnecessary. So The Messenger did not instruct physically fighting [Except in self defense]. What the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, absolutely did instruct, was the necessity that Black people balance out Spirituality to that of our Physicality. An instruction to achieve balance is embodied within The Message: “Message to The Blackman in America.”
What Minister Akbar’s Life does parallel to the work of Nat Turner is his documented historic, committed, dedicated determination to follow instructions and build an alternative to the experiment in the false notion of White Supremacy based systems called the United States of America. Akbar “Accepted his own” under Minister Malcolm X, as Brother Larry. He came into, and has built a stellar, reliable, historic career as Assistant to Minister Louis Farrakhan into the 21st century.
There has not been a more pervasive, persistent, spiritual, philosophy and direct teachings than that of “The Message” – delivered to Black America in particular, but the entire world in general, than the one by The Honorable Elijah. Minister Akbar Muhammad has been and is the proverbial straw that solidifies Nation of Islam teachings. This history making Legend is going to introduce his own book, “History of The Nation of Islam.” He has not enriched himself in “Enriching” Millions of lives, now we have a chance to bestow “Just rewards for a job well done.”
Say what you may, feel what you will; The Message of Elijah under girds every aspect of Black resistance to oppression in America. It also under girds the beneficial work of Black people at large; the ones whose lives are not lived in resistance, but rather are lived to successfully “Just get along.” Moreover, as it is whenever a liberation message is delivered correctly, EVERYONE on the planet benefits from the message, I. E. “How to East to Live.”
There are many, many ways to understand the power “The Message” continues to have on the National Black Community. Of course, without an effective Leader, the Nation of Islam would be a fading philosophy and teaching. It is generally understood that the Leader of the Nation is Minister Louis Farrakhan. An important reason for Minister Farrakhan’s effectiveness is he wisely put Minister Akbar Muhammad in positions to show and prove himself time and time again.
Minister Akbar blew few opportunities to succeed. Come out to see, touch, feel and hear how he making history and why. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.

FRIDAY (green), 8/4/2017=4=Maat=Equal Justice for all; THOUGHTS ON DEGREES OF MASTERY

FRIDAY (green), 8/4/2017=4=Maat=Equal Justice for all; a Human vision of the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be within. Maat is the standard that allows for measurement of degrees of righteousness we use to practice the delineated “Laws of Maat.” When we say this, that or other is a 33rd Degree Muslim, or whatever, this is what is, or should be referred to: The level of righteousness The Law is practiced to overcome challenges and Issues we encounter in our destiny.
FRIDAY (green), 7/14/2017=4=Maat. Maat is the delineated “Law of Maat” that govern our ability to be Righteous or Righteously inclined in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds. Maat is the law that we measure the degrees of mastery we attain – especially in our use of Power.
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 6/25/2016=22=Maat. THOUGHTS ON DEGREES OF MASTERY: A Human A vision to practice replication of the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is a standard to measure our degree of mastery of a name for the delineated “Laws of Maat” that we use in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds.
We should strive to use/practice the delineated “Laws of Maat” to overcome challenges and issues in life with Justice for All. The amount of righteousness practiced to achieve desired results determines the number of degrees in our attainment of mastery.
The “Laws of Maat” are delineated from The Melanin Law of The Creation. Our Learned Ancestors of Ancient Kemit delineated the laws to make it easier to practice and master The Law.
The lowest degree of mastery is stupidity, or “Very low frequency” (as my Maven Sister FB Friend Mystic Rose might say). The highest end is to conceive of the Divine Order in every Person, Place or Thing and say “Be” to bring order to any desired situation or condition. This is the possibility and aim during Conscious observations and practices during the Solar Cycle Journey.
The estimation of how well we do in each Solar Cycle is measured at The Final Judgment; a time near or at the end of Kwanzaa, the annual harvest in December. This is what the proverbial feather in Ancient Kemit is about. That is, your character/heart must balance the weight of a feather on the scale of justice: A Final Judgment for the particular Solar Cycle Journey will be rendered. The Rendering will be in the awarding of certain degrees of Righteousness.
The degree of Righteousness may be indicated with adaptation of a new name or title; the title indicates the level of Mastery we have attained to from birth to that particular time in the Present Solar Cycle Journey. If 360 degrees of Mastery have not been attained, the title will indicate the challenges we are tasked to overcome through practice of The “Laws of Maat” in the next Solar Cycle.
The remainder within the particular Solar Cycle, after Final Judgment is rendered is a period called the Amen; it is used to prepare for our practice during the next Solar Cycle Journey. Those of us who are “Conscious Travelers on the Present Solar Journey” are busy practicing with Persons, Places & Things we prepared to relate to during the Present Solar Cycle Journey. We are now in the first Vernal Equinox, the planting season. [in fact we completed the Vernal Equinox so are now in the Summer Solstice].
Some of us are mating, or trying to; or engaging in less sexy kinds of planting. The most important of the less sexy kind of planting is planting into beds of good earth that we prepared during the Amen period.
Equally important during the planting season was our Spiritual planting. Spiritual planting was into the Virtual Beds we prepared in our minds; this is Spiritual Planting.
It is not accidental that several practitioners have introduced and offered their particular disciplines to KKVV in general and to me in particular during this time. And we are very thankful for the Spiritual gifts. We are evaluating them for possible inculcation with our regular traditional planting: that is, what we were already preparing, both Physically and Spiritually at time.
We want to remind everyone, KKVV is evolving to be “The Place of Destination for Black people during crises,” or for any good reason that you can conceive that will enhance your own elevation in life. It will actually be whatever you determine it is that your needs for such a place is.
We are in a perpetual state of interviewing Persons, Places and Things to determine how interviewees will be incorporated within the 123 acres of the Birth Land of Nat Turner. Call 434-378-2140, or email us at or visit, attend one or more of scheduled events at KKVV; or an event that your presence will make when you arrive individually, as family or for whatever good, sincere Reason…PEACE/HOTEP/AS SALAAM ALAIKUM!

SUNDAY (yellow), 7/30/2017=2=Tehudi; A Treatise on Mastery on Becoming Divine

SUNDAY (yellow), 7/30/2017=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to make wise decisions in the execution of our Words, Acts and our Deeds. It is because of the Master of Tehudi that the Original Man conceived of the Master Plan that made a way possible for Human Beings to become the divine being that we were created to be.
THE MASTER PLAN was to put us all into individualized, interconnected destiny’s. Within our destiny we encounter challenges and issues that cannot be overcome unless we practice/use degrees of the Universal Law that govern the science of our Creation. Since practice makes perfect and practice being the only known way to mastery of Persons, Places and Things; when we practice The Universal Law to overcome challenges and issues in our destiny, we are also mastering the Law.
Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit conceived of ways and means to assists in the practice of Universal Law. They broke down, of delineated the Universal Law into component parts that they named Laws of Maat. The Laws of Maat correspond to the Principles that characterize the constitution of The Human species; the Human species that becomes aware of their Spiritual Being, their divinity, and consciously practice The Law are called by Khalifah Human Beings.
We call us practitioners of The Law, or the delineations of it, Human Beings to differentiate our degrees of Mastery of The Law from others Humans. The degrees of Mastery is not based on how much wealth humans possess or how much they/we Know: degrees are attained by the equivalent Understanding of that we claim to KNOW. The Understanding gives us the corresponding WISDOM to use the essence that is inculcated within THE KNOWLEDGE: Understanding Knowledge Equal Wisdom.
The Science in the Question for the awakening Human being is what they should practice to attain Mastery and become the divine being we were created to be. This is a profound question. Human Beings who contemplate and sincerely meditate on the question look for ways and means that can be universally practiced by us all.
Many claim certain rituals, chants & etc. will get us there. However, while ritualistic practices (religions); and chanting (OOOOMS) will get one to a certain degree of mastery, they cannot be suited universally for everyone: so there must be a methodology available that is suitable for everyone.
HIGH DEGREED SCIENTIST who has dedicated serious study to the Question has reached a consensus that is thought to be the answer. In simple English words as well as in other languages, the “Consensus” is that the practice of Goodness and the rejection of lesser Goodness (based on intentions), the rejection of Evil is THE WAY TO PRACTICE TO GET YOU THERE. The practice is played out via the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds.

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for one delineated “Law of Maat”

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the powerful ability to bring Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. We conscious Sebekians must be ever mindful to consult with our composite delineated conjunctive law to be as careful as possible to: 1) Only bring Persons, Places and Things into unification that is righteous or righteously inclined 2) We must be super careful to be mindful of #37 of the 42 Principles of Maat – “I have not placed myself on a pedestal.”
WEDNESDAY (purple), 7/26/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. The delineated “Law of Maat” enhances our execution and use of power. The implication is that it will increase our ability to be more creative and imaginative in the application of power.
Be mindful and try it today. And remember, we are into our 43rd year of building a Virtual Power Base: so if you have ever been notified about the projection, frontally or like the Sankofa bird, to The Power Hour of 8am, keep the thoughts coming. It is working and you can see what it has brought into manifestation when you visit KKVV, the evolving “Place of Destination” for Black people at 26070 Barham Hills Road – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. 434-378-2140.
NAT TURNER WEEKEND DAY COMMEMORATION & CELEBRATION reservations ARE TRICKLING IN…we expect the “Trickle” to turn into a gush when we get Techi (August): so you are firmly advised to Reserve seats for Nat Turner War Trail tours as well as a seat during one of or all of the 3-Days event.
TO RESERVE A SPACE: go to paypal address payment to your “Family” at KKVV. You can also mail payments to: P. O. Box 1 – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. CHOICES for reservations ARE: Full payment for access on either day is $70.00. Camping out on Nat Turners Birth Land will be $25.00, this includes a KKVV Breakfast in Sister Reda’s Country Kitchen. For a wholesome Country breakfast, of course.
CHOICE #2: Pay an amount of $175.00 by August 1 for full access for each of the three days while seats last. The camping out on the land is not included. Access into KKVV is FREE (this is contrary to an earlier note). You’d just have to pay for everything, or sell KKVV products to earn your stay and contribute to the fundraising campaign. Call 434-378-2140 for more information: KNOW, KKVV is a friendly Children Place.