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SUNDAY (yellow), 8/27/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love: Love is the universal love that binds the Universal All into the Oneness that it was Created to be.
Good Afternoon Everyone…
Thank You Son For The Introduction. My Name Is Khalifah And I Am Given The Distinct Pleasurable Honor To Welcome My Friend Dr. Kojo Yankah, His Family And The Ghananian Visitors To The United States Of America.
I Know Some Of You Have Probably Overstayed The Length Of Time That You Intended To Stay. But That Is Alright With Me; For “Without Contradiction,” As Kwame Ture Would Say, I Also Welcome And Open My Heart Felt Thanks To The Most Advanced Community Of People On The Planet: We Are Known By Many Names, Many Classifications And Characterizations, The Most Common Of Which Is So-Called Black American, Or African American. Thank You For Being Here To Help Me To Welcome Dr. Kojo His Family And Friends
It Is Us Black Americans Who Beat Back The Trees Where Now You See Skyscrapers & Etc. We Are Your Brothers And Your Sisters. And We Welcome And We Love Your Being Here To Honor One, Born In Africa Whose Life Has Always Shown, And Reflected The Truth About Your Ancestors Who Survived The Raids Into Our Villages In The Beginning Of Our Holocaust.
Dr. Kojo May Not Have Known At The Beginning Of His Career, But His Books And His Life Bear Witness That He Soon Found Out. His Is An Upbeat Message, a Pan Africanist Message. It Rings Out The Thought Of One African people; United States Of Africa!
Dr. Kojo Yankah And I Hit It Off Immediately When We Met Because There Was Not A Need For Me To Recount To Him The Sorrow Of We Who Survived The Maafa And Settled In North America, Albeit As Captive Africans. His Work Bear Witness To The Fact Kojo Knows We Are But One Noble Freedom Bound African People.

In Closing, Please Bear With Me, As I Welcome You Here Today, And To America For All Time, For As Long As You Find It Necessary To Be Here, I Want To Convey To You A Sense Of Exactly What We Survived; And Also Us Who Did Not survive, But Still Contributed So Well That We Have Also Thrived More Times Than Not. The Awesome, Relatively Accomplishments Of So-Called Black Americans Is What Backs My Assertion That We Are The Most Accomplished Community Of People On Earth. We Have The Evidence To Back This Statement.
Too many Black People, In America, Do Not Appreciate The Hell That We Survived; And The Level Of Accomplishments We Have Individually Achieved. It Is Also Clear About How This Was done. Surely This Is Because It Is Not Our Beloved African People Who Are The Primarily Beneficiaries Of Our Successes.
It Was Our Resistance That Has Beaten As Much Democracy Into This False, White Supremacy Based Nation As It Contains. And It Has A Lot! There Is More Democracy In The Usa Than Any Place I Have Seen Or Studied. Our Resistance Made It So; And We Aint Finished With It Yet.
Our Resistance Has Not Yet Gotten The Complete Freedom Some Absolutely Great Ancestors Conveyed To Us that Complete Freedom Looks And Feels Like. 2nd Class Citizenship Aint It: So We Have Work To Do.
Don’t Get Me Wrong, We Love Our Lives In America Because It Is The Place, I Personally Have Found That Offers the Best Opportunity To Contribute The Most To Pan Africanism. But No, We Are Not Finished Yet Because The Value Of Losses Are Still In Our Minds. I Want To Share A Little About The Weight Of The Losses And Also The Light We See At The End Of The Tunnel Of false, White Supremacy based Oppression.
My Favorite Way To Do This Is To Tell About Three Hell Trips That Those Of Us Who Survived Overcame To Get Here:
The First Hell Trip Was When We Were Captured In Our Villages On The Continent Of Africa. We Endured A Hell Trip To The Waiting Slave Dungeons. The Dungeons Stored Us In Captivity Until Enough Was There To Fill A Slave Ship. After The Ship Was Filled To Capacity, We Then Endured The Second Hell Trip.
White People Tried To Pretty It Up By Calling It The Middle Passage But Can Anyone Imagine Anything That Went On In The Slave Ship, That Us Who Survived, Had To Endure That Is Not In Hell? There Is Nothing That I Can Think Of That Would Not Happen In Hell If There Is Such A Place.
The Third And Last Hell Trip That I Want To Identify Was When We Got To North America, We Were Sold Off Of An Auction Block. The Dastard That Bought Us, Then Forced Us To Endure Yet Another Hell Trip. This One Brought Us From The Point Of Our Sale To His Slave Plantation. That Was Hell…
When I Realized My History As A Young Man, Yes I Was Sadden Even Amid The Great Life We, For The Most Part, Enjoy In Black America, The Part That We Control .
One Day I Asked My Friend, Neighbor And Mentor, Prof John Henric Clarke What Do We Have To Celebrate. I’d Happened Upon Him In When He Was In A Happy, Celebratory Mood. I Synically Asked Him What Do We Have To Celebrate: He Looked Sideways At Me And Said: We Can Always Celebrate Our Survival!
So Today We Enjoy, We Celebrate, The Fact The Gap Has Nearly Closed In Our Miseducation Regarding The Fact We Are One Great Freedom Bound People.
We Celebrate The New Book By Dr. Kojo Yankah; His Book May Completely close The Gap…..Thank You!
NOTE: The above written speech was not delivered for personal reasons. But an unwritten version was…

THURSDAY (purple), 4/13/2017=9=Auset=Auset is predominates Loving: Also LESSON #5

THURSDAY (purple), 4/13/2017=9=Auset=Auset is predominate over Love, the adhesive that hold the Universal All together in Divine Order. What Sebek binds into unity is anointed with the Love of Auset if the Person, Places or Things bound are Righteous or righteously inclined.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 2/25/2016=9=Auset. Auset is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” of Love: It empowers our ability to love; and to love divinely. That is when we reach a certain degree of mastery in accepting Right and rejecting Wrong in the execution of our words, acts and deeds. The goal in practicing/using Auset, as it is with the other Laws of Maat, is to obtain 360 degrees of mastery. Some would say this is the goal of, and purpose for having a Life Experience in the First Place.
In Ancient Kemit mythology, Auset is the Divine Mother in the triad with the Divine Father (Ausar) who fathers her Divine Son (Heru). In the mythology, Their characteristics are models for the Hue Man, Woman and Child. Our KKVV Introduction to Rites of Passage Camps into Black Manhood shares knowledge to guide Participants in ways and means to overcome challenges and issues to be as per the model Human Being.
Meanwhile the only known way to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience is to practice the “Laws of Maat.” “Practice makes perfect” so as you use/practice the Laws you are also using the only known ways and means to attain mastery.

LESSON #1 is familiarize self with and memorize the identified delineated “Laws of Maat.”
LESSON #2 is to familiarize self with and memorize the 42 Principles of Maat.
LESSON #3 is to familiarize self with and memorize the predominate features of the delineated “Laws of Maat.”
LESSON #4 is to select one of the Laws of Maat that most interest you; then synthesize it to one of the 42 Principles of Maat.
LESSON #5 is to Review the disposition you have with the would-be-Ausar, Auset (mother, father guardian, mentor & ect.) in or whom was in your life that practice, or practiced (if deceased) unconditional love: Were they free of the faults that you know about in your own Life Experience.
PLEASE NOTE: The above “Journalistic” Treatise and Lessons are excerpted from a Comprehensive Book in progress about The Creation. Journalistic writings have their own limitations: the book is more expansive to the degree of my own mastery. Also, all the above are widely written about – some have also practiced – by both Neterian Scholars, as well as others. More can be found on the internet, including researching my own presence here. I am also available for questions, discussions & brief statements at 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm.

FRIDAY (green), 6/23/2017=3=Sekher/HetHeru= Imaginative, Creative use of Power; INTO COMPONENTS OF SPIRITUALITY

FRIDAY (green), 4/7/2017=3=Sekher=Power. Practice using power with the Creative, Imagination of HetHeru in mind. This will maximize your execution of words, acts and deeds to overcome challenges and issues to reach goals, destinations, mastery or whatever it is that is your utmost desire at that particular, place in time.
[edited] FRIDAY (green), 1/29/2016=3=Sekher. Sekher is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our governing of power; all power. Combined with the other laws of maat, you can concentrate the focus of your energy to pinpoint where you want it to impact Persons, Places and Things in our Life Experience.
One thing that I constantly try to remember to alert, would-be conscious users /practitioners of the delineated “Laws of Maat,” that there is nothing spooky about Spirituality. The only thing that counts is being conscious of the fact that there is, in fact, only One Melanin (without blemish) Law that governs everything, in any place where we happen to be at any particular time. Spirituality is the breaking down of MELANIN SCIENCE (unblemished science) into component parts that our ancestors called “Laws of Maat.”
The unknown or “spooky” factor is that many Humans are not conscious of the fact that there is a law that predominate every one of our Words, Acts and Deeds. Estimating what the law is, that governs each day of the week, is what the numbers in the date in today’s opening paragraph represent. Knowing this to a certain degree; and understanding it to that certain degree; gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice/use the essence that is within what we say we know. WHAT’S SPOOKY ABOUT THAT?
Yes, hearing me say it with clarity and examples of application may be preferred. And that is one reason congregational meetings are called by folk who are situated in life to share their blessings and accomplishments. Also, that is the reason we certainly did expect The First Planning Meeting at KKVV to have a successful outcome.
If you can, make it your business to come and see what we are sharing. Right now growing and storing foods and herbs in abundance during the present Solar Cycle Journey is only potential. How much of the Potential we realize, yes, will be the level of readers Understand the need to grow and store abundant foods & things. [we are now in the nurturing season of the Solar Cycle: SUMMER SOLSTICE. See the posting yesterday for more, but we are “Weeding out” things that are harmful to the growth of our minds and plants).
The primary need, in this example, for you to have a certain degree of the knowledge that the opportunity is here – on this Nat Turner Birth Land to hedge against forecasting famines in the United States of America.
I dare say, the famine forecast has already occurred in Black America. All Caucasians need do to actualize the famine is to stop selling food, clothing and shelter to Black American people. They will not stop right now because they need the cash they generate from our consumerism. Also, key to fulfilling their own needs is tampering with what they still grow in the good earth.
This is what GMO is about: additives to increase the profitability in selling food & things. So a by-product of Growing and Storing in Abundance will allow us to avoid much of the GMO that has seeped into the food systems in the United States of America.
THE PLANNING MEETING IS THE WEEKEND OF FEBRUARY 12, IN THE PRESENT SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY. The period to plan for the next Solar Cycle Journey, including the period when we plant food seedlings as well as Spiritually Seedlings is now. Contact us vial phone 434-378-2140 or email 10 and to 3 pm daily. We are making it as easy to participate in the KKVV Food Project as we possibly can. If you plan to be here or not next month, or at any time, make a donation. This helps us to prepare for your arrival.
We are going to make a financial report at the meeting. Help to make that report such that we will have enough money already in the bank to grow one or two abundant food or herb crops. Make your preference known as per Brother Reparations Ari Merretteron did with his donation. Yes Baba Ari, we intend to have some String Beans to harvest this f

SATURDAY (black), 6/17/2017=6=Heru, The Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy and Mythology

SATURDAY (black), 6/17/2017=6=Heru=Avenging Prince; he uses Will Power and Self-Determination to master the delineated “Laws of Maat” to avenge the murder of his father and free his people.
[edited]SATURDAY (BLACK), 2/13/2016=6=Heru. Heru is the avenging prince in Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy and Mythology.
Heru is the son of Ausar and Auset, the king and queen. He avenges the slaying of his father by practicing Self-Determination. Self-Determination cannot be practiced without having Will Power. So we see that when you practice Will Power you must be determined, self-determined, to maintain the ways and means that will get the desired result.
THE DESIRED RESULT. In the above example of mystical teachings is to avenge the slaying of Heru’s father and restore the kingdom to its former great state of service to the people. Also, we must be mindful that practicing to overcome challenges is the only known way to master anything. And this in a “Nutshell” is what the whole Life Experience is about: Mastering the delineated “Laws of Maat,” which will result in Mastery of the One Universal Melanin (unblemished) Law of the Creation.
For African people, Heru is the name of the “Law of Maat” that gives us the ability to avenge/recover all that was stolen, lost or forgotten during some 500 years of the challenge of a false, but brutal White Supremacy Oppression. The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village [KKVV] is conceived as an African Village where Representatives (khalifah’s) of The Creator, are practicing Self Determination (Kujichagulia) on the good Earth Birth Place of Ancestor Nat Turner. Our overall objective is to Institute “A Place of Destination For Black people” during crises; to vacation, research Black history and to embark on tours of The Nat Turner Trail.
One hundred and eighty-five years ago Nat Turner was in a heightened state of planning to recover the Persons, Places and Things (PPT’S) that were stolen from Captive African People. Not unlike us today, Nat Turner knew that he could only succeed if he effectively used the resources that was already at his command. This Knowledge was Understood to the degree that he realized the equivalent Wisdom (from the Understanding) to carefully plan his Words, Acts and Deeds to achieve his objectives.
His objective was to Free African people from Chattel Bondage to White people, for the most part. He was effective because of the level of Planning during the time of the Solar Cycle Journey that was instituted by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit. The time, the season in the present Solar Cycle is The Spring Equinox (this article was most recently edited during the Winter Solstice.
We too are planning to achieve clear objectives during the Present Solar Cycle Journey. Because of the effective use of power by Nat Turner, our Ancestors have advised us to apply ways and means to effectively use our Power to make contributions to achieve the exact same objectives. That is Free African people from White Supremacy based Oppression.
Us who heard and understood our Latter day & recent Ancestors to certain degrees are busy. There are abundant opportunities today to practice what the Ancestors taught about Self-Determination. This would be impossible to do if you do not use the Wisdom of Latter Day Ancestors to survive. For, to the Man or Woman Ancestor, we were told to “Do For Self!” And this is what we are doing to build the necessary Independent Black Institutions:
Over the period of time we have been living on the land in Southampton County, Virginia, the plan was always to use the open fields to grow Wholesome Food; the plan was to use the woods to grow Strong Herbs; and to bring participants through Rites of Passage into Black Manhood/Womanhood. As such, we’d be introducing ways and means to hedge against the forecasted doom of our oppressors and their world if they do not avoid or mitigate against their own Karma. At the same time we’d be living as per what is ordained by our Divine Creator. That is to live Wholesome, Productive, Enjoyable lives practicing the Universal Melanin Law of Creation.
Anyone who’d like to be a part of plans are [to Grow & Store Abundant Food] asked contact us. We have already held our First Planning Meeting for the Present Solar Cycle Journey. There will be one more meeting. At Meeting Two we will decide how much land is needed to plant the crops we will consider during this weekend.
The Consideration is to identify the resources we’ll have at our disposal to do our work this year (farming tools and money to pay helpers to use them). Any contribution will help in that regard.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 3/15/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Treatise on the Intention of Human Beings

WEDNESDAY (brown), 3/15/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance.
[edited] WEDNESDAY (brown/beige), 3/16/2016=GEB. GEB is the name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to balance our words, acts and deeds in the execution of our power. The executions are spoken, acted and intended practices to work harmoniously with other Persons, Places and Things that are in the Life Experience within our destiny. [please note that we speak about Originals as I am not qualified to speak about others: Since we are subject to their experiment in a false doctrinal practice in a socialization systems called The United States of America, WE ARE qualified to make correct observations about their behavior: the observations permit us to make right decisions in their regard)
Our intention as Human Beings is to be balanced our practice of the “Laws of Maat.” It is when we practice each law in harmonic balance to each other that the most beautiful Spiritual (Unseen quality), Physical (Seen Quality) is achieved. In other words, Spiritually/Mystically speaking, Persons, Places & Things visualized, hoped for and expected in our lives are harmoniously attuned to the execution of our words, acts and deeds.
Harmoniously balancing both are then at their maximum Force & Power. However, our aim as Human Beings (Spiritually Conscious Humans) is not to actually Live in the balance. Rather, as we asserted in the book: “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: Destruction of White Supremacy…”, when we use Power (balanced or not), it makes for an imbalance in the disposition of humans to one degree or another. And that is “Why We Struggle That is Why We Fight” – this is essence within the legacy left to us by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit: the wherewithal and practices that are executed during the annual Solar Cycle Journey.
Our objective as Human Beings is to execute our Words, Acts & Deeds, then return to Balance. Our ultimate Aim as Human Beings is Mastery of the Processes. Participants in The Solar Cycle Journey Consciously practice the “Laws of Maat” to enhance our chance to enjoy Successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Journeys. Practice Makes Perfect and is the only known way to Master anything. So this practice will result in mastery of the process, evolving us to be the divine beings that we were created to be.


SATURDAY (Black), 2/25/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance. As above so below mean all Words, Acts & Deeds are in balance, in harmony to each Law of Maat. In other words, the Human Being who achieves such will have attained to the degree of mastery that renders he or she into the state of Self-Realization: Then the work of one with such a status begins…
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 5/14/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance, Mizan. An Aside to My FB Sisters

FRIDAY (GREEN), 5/13/2016=9=Auset. Love.
AN ASIDE TO MY FB SISTERS. I am unsure if you understand the necessity that us longing, needy (not greedy) brothers do not “Bum” rush you. We know of too many instances where the Universal Melanin Law of HeruKhuti (emotional control) was not invoked when a beautiful FB Sister entered, or we entered into her Life Experience. We fairly “gushed” our feelings when all Sisters wanted was a Face Book Friend.
Of course my own experience has been that , said sister also reserved her right to change the nature of the “Melanin Meeting” to that of coupling after she gets to know us better. But the “Bum” rushing dampened her enthusiasm and that, more times than not, was the end of that!
The experience also caused us to become more reserved and subdued; maybe too much. Clearly some protocols are needed. Sisters I am afraid until they are established Brothers are wisely advised that Sister must make the first move.However, a safe, secure place to mingle is advised. I know where there is such a place.
Once again I shall call 100% FB males and females (Blacks only, please) into conference so we can meet, greet and entertain each other in a secure setting. Perhaps we’ll go over some possible protocols. Friday evening, March 3, 2017 at 7pm, in the Nat Turner Library Building is the time and place: The Friday before the 2017 First Planning Meeting at KKVV. You needn’t come Friday to attend and participate in the Planning all day Saturday; take the Nat Turner Trail Tour Sunday.
But I hope you will attend as this event is shaping up as one enjoyable, meaningful, Royal tinged, Experience: You owe this treat to The Creation to give Thanks and Gratitude for making you, the Mother of Civilization such a wise, warm, beautiful, desirable creature.
Call 434-378-2140 for more information. Also email


“What do you expect when you agree to put your child in Special Education?” He advised all parents to never give managers of the dastard system license to have their way with your children. He said “Don’t sign anything.”
“Instead ask about additional reasons for your child’s so-called learning disability; or ADHD.” They want to convince you, that they want to treat your child with drugs and Special Education. Dr. Umar said: “If they don’t give you additional reasons then you give them other reasons.” But don’t give them license to enter your child in the “School to Pipeline Prison System.”
Dr. Umar cited chapter and verse that the law will be on your side if you stand up for your child, in the face of their devious desire to wreak the life of your children, beginning as early as kindergarten.”
The Educational Child Psychologist stated boldly and openly, “School …the process is designed to marginalize every Blackman and woman in America.”
Their School to Prison Pipeline, RULE # 1. To Deliberately Mis-Educate Black boys.”
He confirmed for us all that the “Mis-Education is on purpose; it is not a side effect of poverty as many think.” Mis-Educating Black people is deliberate. Dr. Carter G. Woodson pointed this out almost 100 years ago. But he didn’t point out that it begins in early education, rather than in the “Degreed segment of the Black community. “
Dr. Woodson zeroed in on the educated class who, after getting their degrees do not find their way back, to give back to The Community. Not so with Dr. Umar and a few of successful individuals in his generation: namely Nate Parker & David West.
Whereas Dr. Woodson took issue with the mis-education of the so-called American Negro, Dr. Umar is on the case of Black children. Umar said: “The Most embarrassing thing” he experiences in his profession as a Child Psychologist, are “5, and 6 year old children who can’t spell their names, know their mothers name, know their birth month and year…”
“These are basic things that your child should come to school with. Between the ages of 2 to 6, your child can learn everything needed to prepare him for life…in the 4th grade, be very slow in signing your name for any apparent disability.
“But Electronic Baby Sitting” will not give the child what is needed to prepare. The child’s academic deficiency up to the age of 6,” Dr. Umar said emphatically: “IS “YOUR FAULT.”
The above is but a sampling of the comprehensive lecture the Blackman of our time is sharing with the National Black Community. One cannot possibly capture his entire lectures. However, if the media was on its job, we’d stand a better chance to know, when and where he publicly champions the Causes of Black people. Soon, we hope, the Black media will report about, maybe, the most important and dynamic experience happening in Black America at this time in history.
The appearances can go by many positive descriptions. But last night we felt the Eventful presence of an Experience called Dr. Umar Ifatunde. If you have a chance, please do not miss a chance to hear, see, touch and feel for yourself.


TUESDAY (red), 8/1/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance. When we are balanced we are at our maximum strength. Balance is the state that we aim to get to but it is not the state we want to remain at. When we execute power through our Words, Acts or Deeds, we go into a state of imbalance. This is necessary to concentrate force from all aspects of our balance into the direction to which our Words, Acts or Deeds (WAD’s) are aimed.
The aim when we execute our WAD’s is that they be in harmony to all aspects of ourselves as well as The Universal All. After the execution we should then intend to come back into Balance. Of course when we execute our WAD’s, especially in a liberation war, as per Nat Turner and the B.L.A. of 1831, there will be casualties; some more severe than others. In this case, if possible, as many Members of the BLA lost their lives in battle, but for those who were wounded, balance would be in healing both the physical and mental wounds. Successful healing includes using lessons from the fighting to continue the Good fight.
More pertinent, prevalent information about Nat Turner and the B.L.A. will be shared during the Nat Turner Day Commemoration Celebration, August 19-21, 2017. So suffice it to say today, After the revolt was aborted we have information about what Nat Turner did to get himself back into balance; we have less information about the fate of the rank and file soldiers. But we do have information about the escape and fate of a few. One thing of a certainty that we know is that more than a few managed to escape and return to their home plantations.
FINALLY about GEB: GEB is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that allow us to measure how balanced each of the laws are to each other. Our ultimate aim is to attain mastery of each of the delineated laws. When we have achieved this goal or any part thereof, GEB permit us to measure the degree to which we have reached on the Path of the mastery.
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, February 15, 2017
Dr. Umar Ifatunde brought his Black Empowerment message to Richmond, VA last night. It is not too early to call appearances by Dr. Umar “MUST” see events in Black America. There has been only, a relatively, few Must see lecturers in Black History in America; events where the Headlining personality has a complete vision to empower Black people – within the false notion of White supremacy based experiment called the United States of America.
While Dr. Umar is not there yet, he is definitely in the constellation of others, like Dr. Amos N. Wilson. Dr. Wilson had the right Vision and the necessary Black nationalist, Pan African Message to matched it; but never in his less, that 20 years of visibility, did my Friend Amos Wilson draw large crowds, any day of the week, to bask in a consummate message of a vision to empower the long suffering, National Black Community in the United States of America.
“There will be no way unless we make a way,” said Dr. Umar last night. He then went on to review the reasons for the blight, devastation and agony that still haunt Black people, even amid tremendous opportunities in this period of time in history. He then liberally spread inspirational, healing words – acting out some to the humored, adoring, inquisitive, appreciative, Respectful and celebratory large Tuesday evening gathering.
Seemingly, Dr. Umar touched on every pressure point; and also on many ripping ready happy points in Black America. These ranged from his opening expose’ about overt as well as covert assaults on Black children within the false doctrine known as White Supremacy Oppression: the base of U. S. A. Education Institutions, He said:
“When the principal or teachers call a conference to evaluate your child to administer Ridlin and other ADHA medications. LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: What do you think?” He pointed out that it is against the law to give drugs to a student without permission of the parents.
“Sloppy and Lazy Disability.” He identified this as the most prevalent deficiency in parents and their children Black America.
“Our Ancestors were not slaves, they were enslaved…” because they resisted the designs of the slave owning people.
“You are slaves in this day because you volunteer to do what slaves do: You trust the systems because it is the system.”
“Don’t sign any paper until you take it home and read it…” Decisions about your child must be made together: There should be no decisions about your child unless you agree.”
“Don’t let them know you are a single parent…never go to school by yourself. They need to know there are others who care about your child besides you.”
“According to the Laws of Virginia, the Principal cannot suspend your child. They can only recommend suspension to The Board.”
After a thorough treating of Education deficiencies in Black America, Dr. Umar went on to point out the main malady and slavery mentality of so called Black professionals, open or not, Boule’ demented folk – Former U. S. President Barack Obama was the sterling example as he said:
“The only thing they ever wanted from America was acceptance from White people.” The Boule’ and wanna bees, openly pledge self subordination to white people forever.
Dr. Umar then treated the other social needs of Black people – Black Church, Black mosque/Masjid, Interracial dating and marriages, Homosexuality, lack of success of the “Hotep and Conscious Communities, Knowledge of Self does not eradicate Hatred of Self!” He declared.
Umar wrapped up a memorable evening by reviewing places he will be at, and what he will be doing over the next six month: Annual College Tour of students to Black Colleges: they will visit places designed to instill necessary pride inspiration and confidence within them. The college tour students will be with him on his budding traditional return to The Nat Turner Trail Tour in Southampton County in Virginia. This year, June 28 to July 10.
The consummation of the summer will be commemoration 186th anniversary of The Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army that he organized and led. There will be a Total Solar Eclipse on the actual date of August 21, 2017. Of all places Umar could be in the world, he chose to be at the Nat Turner Library Building Complex on August 21. If you have not yet been a part the Umar Ifatunde Experience make it to this one.
Obviously, the Total Eclipse is a remarkable sign of some major significance. At the least, this is the level for which we are planning. Whether or not the Place in Black America that purports to be “The Place of Destination For Black people during crisis,” to vacation, take the Nat Turner Trail Tour, Self-Educate in The Nat Turner Library, or come to the Children Friendly expansive Campus of The Nat Turner Library Complex.
We have begun to prepare for our Annual Nat Turner Day Celebration, featuring one of the most Unique, Dedicated, Committed Black Humans of our time: Dr. Umar Ifatunde. All who are interested in attending should email us at or call 434-378-2140 10 am to 3 pm. We will tell you what to do.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 10/26/2016=9=Auset=Love; Treatise on Melanin Mating

(EDITED) THURSDAY (purple), 6/30/2016=9=Auset. Auset is the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to love; and to love divinely. When our love is divine it harmonizes with and is incorporated into the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be in. Love is affectionately referred to mystically as the glue that holds the Universal All together.
We have written quite adequately and clearly on Auset so we’ll not propound what I have already written.
However, I must say something about Melanin Mating: Auset is also the Melanin Law that governs change. At the far end of our inability to change is disaster, Chaos. Yes, if love is not divine, or divinely inclined it can end in heartache which can be quite chaotic. Many times it is a disaster until we consult the law that governs Emotions and Self-Control to Protect our aching heart. The Law of Maat that governs control of our emotions is called HeruKhuti.
Relating these attributes to Love, it is not difficult to imagine, that however much we love a Person, Place or Thing, if the relationship with the Persons, Places or Things are not able to adapt to necessary change to each other, even a Great Love will end in disaster.
This is why Sebek is determined to bring together only Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things: if they are not righteous they will not be anointed with the sweet love (Melanin Mating on my mind) of Auset. It will then be just be a matter of time before disaster comes to bear on the lovers.

MELANIN, MATING SOCIAL ENGINEERING Taking the Forum for Real and Purpose Early in [Edited re-posting from 9/7/2014]

By Halif Khalif Khalifah on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 8:09am
I note the presentation of many of my FB Melaninated Sisters, on mainstream Face Book. They present their personal charms and other good things about themselves in public. Modestly as most are, in my own estimation, this is good social media usage. Though serious, it also contribute to one of the great benefits that are bestowed upon us Humans: That is, to enjoy our Life Experiences.
In fact, since i am in my present “Status” (single and very much available, loving Black women to “Life!”) i was going to share even more of my Personal, private mystic life, but discovered a reluctance to do so. This in part is because my “face book guru” told me that everything i post up is going to every one of my friends: though I value and respect all my fb Friends, there are some i don’t want to read some things about me.
The “things” I don’t want to share with everyone are Good wholesome things. I feel it is definitely a good idea to share as much about ourselves as we feel comfortable doing. That is, if we are serious about attracting and qualifying for a Righteous or Righteously inclined mate. Moreover, the Queenly bearing is unmistakable, then on the other hand i feel many haven’t, yet, experienced a Royal courtship or romance.
I also see now, back in 2013 my attempt at this was about as clumsy as I was on my first real date. But, since, I have had many enjoyable experiences with more than a few Black women. As a conscious sun sign, mindful Taurus, I am not the fastest, but I do learn quickly. And when I learn I tend to stay a long time…
I am back to try my hand again as Melanin Social Engineering. With a Twist! Unfortunately the “Twist” will not be shared today as I am out of time… be continued
P. S. I will say, just being in the state of mind to share the above is a relief. this is meant to be fun for everyone. If it is not fun, please consult with Universal Melanin Law HetHeru (Imagination & Creativity.)