Dr UMAR RETURNING TO NAT TURNER COUNTRY;2nn Aannual AncestorRemembrance Day Nov11

Dr.Umar Johnson, perhaps, the most energetic Black conscious raising Black nationalist/Pan AFricanist of the 21st century is returning to “Nat Turner land. Meanwhile, the most successful would-be-black Liberator Freed some land in north America for a in time in 1831.The Freedom Fighters’ name was Nat Turner. The Black LIberation Army he organized and led; “FREED LAND in Southampton Count,Virginia. His name was at Turner, Virginia. Nat Turner’s execution date and month is Nov.11. Dr Umar will headline a day of remembrance for all captive Africans who transitioned before the Race successfully Frees itself from the White Supremacy based, bastard system called the United States of America. (White Supremacy is a false, bastard notion that is a failing experiment to govern a nation of humans).

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