>Welcome to The Nat Turner Library Complex in the Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. Please find Use for our offerings to enhance your own desire to “Do For Self!” Books and Things by, for, and about Black people.

For access to quality and unique Premiums for Nat Turner Lifetime Memberships or Purchase of Products, as well as access to posts by Sebek H. K. Khalifah. Become one of the 1,000 Lifetime members Goal by the end of the present Solar Cycle Journey BECAUSE you see how it enhances your own desire to “Do For Self.” Simultaneously your spending contributes to our Black Liberation work…Man-Up Camp Rites of Passage; correcting, preserving and propagating the legacy of Elders Nat Turner and Others, Developing the Nat Turner Living History Tour Etc.
You can also join the discussions held within or call to sincerely discuss any


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    You do not have to take our a lifetime membership to read a book in the Nat Turner Library. But if you buy the book you will get a 25% discount during Black History Month. In other words we are trying to make it as easy as possible to have you support the KKVV, of which the Nat Turner Library Building is the Anchor

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    “…More over, when you do understand the above to, maybe, a higher degree, you will no longer wonder why consciously degreed Blackmen and Blackwomen are such powerful, consummate high achieving Human Beings. The challenges and issues we overcome to survive the experimental false notion of White Supremacy Systems of Oppression by other…[Read more]

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    The Nat Turner 1,000 Lifetime Membership drive at $10.00 per. We want them by the end of the present Solar Cycle Journey, circa, March 21,2016


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