We Will Write Your Biography For You!


We will write your book from the date of your birth, through childhood, school and Life Experience Vocations. All with your philosophy, or that of a favorite Elder interwoven.

It is always better and more accurate when the subject of a book writes their own biography, or other stories about their lives. However, there are many reasons why individuals with interesting stories do not write them. Not having the time to devote to sitting down to write is the number one reason.

Second is lack of skill set to do the job. We have guided several dozen with little ability in the process to publish books. The preferred way is to coach and guide the writer to write their story as “best they can.” Most individuals who aren’t writers get books published in this way. This is the second least costly to have a book produced.

Writing the book the “best that you can” requires only heavy editing. Rather than writing the entire book. Either way the most important and expense involved is the time it will take to get the book written.

If you have the interest, why not call us to find out what it will take to satisfy the interest. No obligations. Call us at 434-37-2140 or email us at publish@khabooks.com.