We are on the eve of another wonderful experience in KKVV. Some of my most cherished friends, family and colleagues will be at the 23rd Black Book Awards: All, I can hope, appreciate the ultimate purpose for such an event. That is to “Authenticate and Validate Black literature;” and give them and their a work promotion opportunity. Many also understand their presence contributes to evolving KKVV to be “A Place of Destination for Black people.”
Meanwhile, I personally feel the needs of many of our Guests and nominees for Black Book Awards have in their own lives. I work in KKVV everyday to earn a living in preparation to serve to empower Black people in general, but independently minded Black writers in particular. The Great mystery in that regard is the fact that my preparation is fraught with my economic structure. And this fact brings to my consciousness an adjacent great mystery.
The adjacent fact to the great mystery; that is, why, with my attention, study and conviction about the delineation of the “Laws of Maat,” (Law of The Creation), my command in the execution of my Words, Acts and Deeds are have not brought into unity the Persons, Places and Things necessary to realize more of the vision to evolve KKVV as “A Place of Destination for Black people During Crises,” or otherwise.
While KKVV remains a fantastic place, I realize how little of the Vision is manifest at this time. Personally, I know KKVV is a reflection of my own command of “Words of power, Enacting energy and Declared intentions.” This is a mystery because I acutely understand overcoming the challenges are opportunities for us all. And I understand bringing necessities together to realize the vision rest with me alone: a close and personal opportunity!
I am also aware of how individuals around me are not taken care on the level of my perception of their needs, and my desire to serve them. However, it was I who vowed to keep myself grounded in life. In other words, I had no ambition to reflect, or give the appearance of having accomplishments that I was not actualizing in my own life. I took this “Vow” many years ago – back at the inception of my direct engaging the Liberation Struggle.
In real time, what this means is I did not want to just look like a Great Man. I wanted to be in command of the Words, Acts and Deeds that the Great man speaks acts and intend. You see, I knew then that nothing short of “Great” accomplishment would impact the liberation necessities of Black people. While contemplating this, I asked one of my friends, Professor John H. Clarke, in one my plentiful discussion with him.
“Does the work of corrupt individuals, whose work help others in life count?” On looking back at his answer I appreciate it even more today, Prof. Clarke replied:
“Sometimes unscrupulous people achieve great feats in life. They are able to help others but they lose their own souls.”

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