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MONDAY (blue), 7/31/2017=3=Sekher=Power; A Treatise on The Righteous Use of Power

MONDAY (blue), 7/31/2017=3=Sekher=Power. Sekher is a name for the delineated Law of Maat that governs our use/practice of power to execute our Words, Acts and Deeds to achieve successful accomplishments in life. When used in conjunction with HetHeru, a name for the delineated law that governs our ability to be creative and imaginative, Sekher is enhanced because we are enabled to be creative and imaginative in the use, in the practice of power.
As we brought on in our Treatise about Tehudi, “THE MASTER PLAN was to put us all into interconnected destinies, in conjunction to each other. In other words, to overcome the challenges and issues we find in our individual destiny’s we have a need for each other to overcome them. When we are not conscious about righteous ways to relate to each other, we are subject to resort to unrighteous way to get the help we need from each other.
This is why the 3rd of the 42 Principles of Maat states, “I have not stolen.” Our ancestors gave us this principle to affirm that we have not stolen to get the power we need to successfully overcome challenges and issues to achieve our goals in life. There is a right way to get the help that we need from each other. With the help of HetHeru we are able to be creative and imaginative in the use/practice of power to find right ways to achieve our objectives.
Since the only known way to mastery is to overcome tasks that we call challenges and issues, when we practice righteousness to achieve success we will then become master of Right ways to relate to each other to get the help we need from our fellow humans.
MONDAY (blue), 5/15/2017=3=Sekher=Power. Our immediate use of power is the ability to overcome all challenges and issue to achieve our objectives, especially our necessities in life. Sekher is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that empowers our desire to do the things necessary to get the tasks done. Most of the things, we need not think consciously about; things like breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling & etc.
Then there are the things we must think consciously, and act deliberately about to achieve our objectives. The former are ours automatically, but the latter you must do certain degrees of “Right things, at Right times, in Right state of mind. The innate power to do Right is ours just as surely as breathing and seeing, but we must consciously execute our Words, Acts & Deeds to enjoy them: i.e. (examples), Freedom, Justice & Equality for Humans is a Human Right. So is loving and caring for our mates and children in a secure community.
But if you do not use the innate power within you to “Do Right things, at the Right Times in the Right states of mind” you will not enjoy Human Rights of Freedom, Justice & Equality – empowering you to protect your loved ones.
The use of their innate power is instilled within Participants in KKVV Manup Camps; especially into Black Youth. For example, many Youth lose their lives because they haven’t been given empowering instructions about how to protect/defend themselves in confrontations with police in particular; but within the false notion of “White Supremacy based systems of oppression called the United States of America,” in general; they have not been instructed about how to maintain command of their own Personal space.
When police stop you, they do so within your own Personal space. Credible Rites of Passage into Black Manhood programs teaches how to maximize abilities to survive this and other life threatening situations. Indeed, “Role models,” for the mass majority of Black youth, themselves, have been Black men who have NOT yet taken rites of Passages into Black Manhood.
During an enforced pause, we have taken an analysis & assessment from hundreds of Participants who have gone through KKVV Man up Camps. Apparently, until we can act on conclusions from the assessment, there will not be another Camp. Also, we know we must offer the program to Blackmen over 40 years old and up too. For more informational, call 434-378-2140 or email publish@khabooks.com.

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