MONDAY (blue), 7/10/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. Love is the adhesive that holds the Universal All together

MONDAY (blue), 7/10/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. Love is the adhesive that holds the Universal All together. That which Sebek binds together to make what is considered whole Persons, Places and Things are held together by degrees of love.
MONDAY (BLUE), 11/7/2016=9=Auset=Love. Divine Love is the “glue” that holds the Universal All into the Oneness that it happens to be. Once again, I will share a portion of the comprehensive book I am writing about the Universal Melanin Law of The Creation. Practicing my estimations of The Law (expressed via the component parts called “The Laws of Maat” – delineated by Learned Ancestors in Ancient Kemit works!). My invitation to everyone to come and experience what has come into manifestation from my own practice of the Law is still open.
The Nat Turner Movie is the rationale many are using to come to KKVV. As usual in my career of service in the Liberation Struggle of Black people, the Persons, Places and Things that I am in service to in my Life Experience is the Main Attraction at KKVV. That is Nat Turner.
The Black Community is still turning out in historic numbers to see the movie. Guests that accept my invitation to come to experience The Spirit of Nat Turner via our efforts to preserve his authentic Legacy and History are also coming to KKVV in record numbers. I am thankful. I am asking all who intend to come here to pay the fee of $30.00 in advance. Then you can come in your own time. Just give me a notice when you are coming. Your advance payment will insure that this history will not only be here for you, but after we all go on to become an Ancestor yourself. Make a reservation at my paypal address or at
(edited) MONDAY (blue), 6/22/2015=9=Auset. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to Love. All Persons, Places and Things constitute one Divine Creation. They are held into Oneness by Divine Love. Any person, place or thing that is not divine cannot withstand the change that is sure to come.
Auset is also the Law that predominate change. Change is for the purpose of discarding persons, places and things that are not in harmony with the Creation. Persons, places and things in our lives are held together with Love. If we can’t withstand changes necessary to accommodate any particular “Person, Place or Thing” our feelings will not evolve into Divine Love.

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