THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat”

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the powerful ability to bring Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. We conscious Sebekians must be ever mindful to consult with our composite delineated conjunctive law to be as careful as possible to: 1) Only bring Persons, Places and Things into unification that is righteous or righteously inclined 2) We must be super careful to be mindful of #37 of the 42 Principles of Maat – “I have not placed myself on a pedestal.”
WEDNESDAY (purple), 7/26/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. The delineated “Law of Maat” enhances our execution and use of power. The implication is that it will increase our ability to be more creative and imaginative in the application of power.
Be mindful and try it today. And remember, we are into our 43rd year of building a Virtual Power Base: so if you have ever been notified about the projection, frontally or like the Sankofa bird, to The Power Hour of 8am, keep the thoughts coming. It is working and you can see what it has brought into manifestation when you visit KKVV, the evolving “Place of Destination” for Black people at 26070 Barham Hills Road – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. 434-378-2140.
NAT TURNER WEEKEND DAY COMMEMORATION & CELEBRATION reservations ARE TRICKLING IN…we expect the “Trickle” to turn into a gush when we get Techi (August): so you are firmly advised to Reserve seats for Nat Turner War Trail tours as well as a seat during one of or all of the 3-Days event.
TO RESERVE A SPACE: go to paypal address payment to your “Family” at KKVV. You can also mail payments to: P. O. Box 1 – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. CHOICES for reservations ARE: Full payment for access on either day is $70.00. Camping out on Nat Turners Birth Land will be $25.00, this includes a KKVV Breakfast in Sister Reda’s Country Kitchen. For a wholesome Country breakfast, of course.
CHOICE #2: Pay an amount of $175.00 by August 1 for full access for each of the three days while seats last. The camping out on the land is not included. Access into KKVV is FREE (this is contrary to an earlier note). You’d just have to pay for everything, or sell KKVV products to earn your stay and contribute to the fundraising campaign. Call 434-378-2140 for more information: KNOW, KKVV is a friendly Children Place.


Nat Turner Day Weekend, August 19-21 in KKVV
JULY 20, 2017
NAT TURNER LIBRARY,SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY VIRGINIA – Dr. Kojo Yankah, Former Minister of State for the Nation of Ghana, West Africa in the Jerry J. Rawlings government – the Eminent Statesman will be the Guest Speaker at the 7th Annual Nat Turner Day weekend to commemorate & celebrate the history and legacy of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. Nat Turner Weekend is August 19-21 at KKVV in Southampton County, Virginia.
Dr. Kojo, besides this political work in Ghana as a Member of Parliament, is a renown, legendary Journalist. He is the Author of some 10 books about historic, history making during the liberation of Africa from colonial rule. He has also made much contemporary history in Africa’s struggle against “Neo-Colonialism,” as the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah termed all efforts to thwart Africa’s destiny to become One United Africa.
Dr. Kojo’s work in Neo-Colonialism laden Africa continues. Indeed, he is in America to do three basic things, 1) Attend the Doctorate graduation of his daughter-in-law from Walden University 2) A Nationwide tour to Promote his latest book and 3) Visit KKVV again, this time to see & research the Nat Turner Library Building as a part of his research for a new book,
The KKVV sponsored Nat Turner Day Commemoration and Celebration will be a standard event. Special Guest Speakers for each Day, they include Minister Akbar Muhammad (Saturday), Dr. Umar Ifatunde (Monday), Richmond’s own, Alfred I. Austin, and as per all KKVV/UBUS/YBBG/ events, a slew of independent Black writers, artist, vendors in a thriving African Marketplace, all in a festive atmosphere with plenty of drumming and other music and forms of communication.
Contrary to the usual in KKVV, attendance each day is “Fee” based, as the fundraising effort to save this tract of Nat Turner’s birth place continues: so admission is $20.00 for adults & children over 12 years old. Children under 12 is Free. The fee includes one meal. But does not include the daily tours of The Nat Turner War Trail tours; nor the daily lectures in the 70 seat Nat Turner Library. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.
If you cannot attend and would like to contribute to the Nat Turner Birth Land efforts, go to Paypal and use address – beginning Monday, July 24 you can make a reservation to attend all three days, or any part thereof at THE UNIVERSAL BOOKING AGENCY: any problems whatsoever, call 434-378-2140

MONDAY (blue), 7/10/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. Love is the adhesive that holds the Universal All together

MONDAY (blue), 7/10/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. Love is the adhesive that holds the Universal All together. That which Sebek binds together to make what is considered whole Persons, Places and Things are held together by degrees of love.
MONDAY (BLUE), 11/7/2016=9=Auset=Love. Divine Love is the “glue” that holds the Universal All into the Oneness that it happens to be. Once again, I will share a portion of the comprehensive book I am writing about the Universal Melanin Law of The Creation. Practicing my estimations of The Law (expressed via the component parts called “The Laws of Maat” – delineated by Learned Ancestors in Ancient Kemit works!). My invitation to everyone to come and experience what has come into manifestation from my own practice of the Law is still open.
The Nat Turner Movie is the rationale many are using to come to KKVV. As usual in my career of service in the Liberation Struggle of Black people, the Persons, Places and Things that I am in service to in my Life Experience is the Main Attraction at KKVV. That is Nat Turner.
The Black Community is still turning out in historic numbers to see the movie. Guests that accept my invitation to come to experience The Spirit of Nat Turner via our efforts to preserve his authentic Legacy and History are also coming to KKVV in record numbers. I am thankful. I am asking all who intend to come here to pay the fee of $30.00 in advance. Then you can come in your own time. Just give me a notice when you are coming. Your advance payment will insure that this history will not only be here for you, but after we all go on to become an Ancestor yourself. Make a reservation at my paypal address or at
(edited) MONDAY (blue), 6/22/2015=9=Auset. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to Love. All Persons, Places and Things constitute one Divine Creation. They are held into Oneness by Divine Love. Any person, place or thing that is not divine cannot withstand the change that is sure to come.
Auset is also the Law that predominate change. Change is for the purpose of discarding persons, places and things that are not in harmony with the Creation. Persons, places and things in our lives are held together with Love. If we can’t withstand changes necessary to accommodate any particular “Person, Place or Thing” our feelings will not evolve into Divine Love.

SUNDAY (yellow), 7/9/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat”

SUNDAY (yellow), 7/9/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to unite Persons, Places and Things to make what is considered a Whole person, place or thing. Meanwhile there is only One Whole and that is the Universal All.
[edited) SUNDAY (yellow/gold), 9/27/2015=8=Sebek. Sebek is the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to unite persons, places and things during our Life Experience. During the First Judgment in the Solar Cycle Journey, we take an assessment of the growth of the Spiritual and Physical seeds that was planted during the planting season. The First Judgment is around September 21 but what we are planting in the season is what the judgment is made about.
Since the planting, what was planted grew, they were nurtured to levels of maturity. Many will already have yielded fruits. (In relationships with fellow humans, we substitute evolved relationships instead of fruits). During the First Judgment we evaluate the yield/evolvement of persons, places and things in our Life Experience. It is during the harvest season when decisions are made to keep, discard, work with, or use, the persons, places and things. We save the best, most robust seeds for planting during the next planting season (in the next Solar Cycle Journey). For example, about 50% of all seeds we planted this spring were taken from the yield from last year).
One of the most amazing things for me, when I made the decision to consciously participate in what I Knew about the Solar Cycle Journey, was that the Melanin Law that governs The Creation is enacted whether we are conscious of it or not. But of course, like everything else, when you purposely do anything you stand to benefit more satisfactorily. Today, invariably I observe others to see if I can determine whether what they are doing, is done harmoniously to The Melanin law. Or accidently.
Since Melanin Law is the Mother Lode; a name we use to give a vision of what the unblemished Universal Law that was prevalent In the Beginning was, I then had to account for the multiple of “Laws of Maat.” I concluded they were delineated from the One Universal Law: The Melanin Law.
The satisfaction we derive from conscious observation of The Solar Cycle Journey is dependent upon the degree to which we understand the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs, or predominate at the particular time and place. The degree of Understanding gives you the Wisdom to Act on what you say you Know. The number we offer daily from the date are estimates to correspond to the number of the “Law of Maat.”
In fact, it is easy to know that the earth goes around the Sun annually. It is also fairly easy to know that Melanin Science causes it to happen. However, it gets harder without consciously knowing that the Laws that govern the science also impact on our own words, acts and deeds. But when we are conscious of the law and its consequences we have a better chance to obey the Law. Remember, we are subject to the law whether we know it or not.
I am aware that much of my First Judgment Writing may be puzzling to many readers. However, if you are curious enough you can research the several hundred blogs I have personally written about The Solar Cycle Journey; or you can easily Google whatever you may want to know more about. And of course, you may contact me for a discussion about anything that I write. I live in the Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia (KKVV): you can phone, write or plan to visit KKVV.
CONTACT: Khalifah at 434-378-2140, street address 26070 Barhams Hills Road – Drewryville, VA 23844. is presently under construction.

SATURDAY (black), 7/8/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative Imagination; TREATISE ON USE OF POWER

SATURDAY (black), 7/8/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative Imagination. Combined with Sekher we maximize the power of both.
TREATISE ON USE OF POWER Part 2; SATURDAY (black), 10/15/2016=7=HetHeru= Imagination and Creativity.
Jux-a-posed to Sekher, HetHeru enhances our abilities to be imaginative and creative in the use of power. When we say in our Universal Prayer, “I will be more mindful in the execution of my Words, Acts & Deeds,” we mean the use of our “Words,” our “Acts” & our Deeds (intentions). In other words, one way or the other the power we have will be expressed thusly.
“…We can Know but have a lesser degree of Understanding the fact: Therefore a lesser degree, or amount of power. It is our degree of Understanding that gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom of how to use the essence of what the Knowledge be about. That is all…” [from Part 1]
So when you have lesser degrees of UNDERSTANDING you also have lesser degrees of WISDOM. Many times we meet people with a tremendous, wellspring of KNOWLEDGE. But it is like they are paralyzed and cannot move to the execution level where their ACTS will actualize the essence that is within what they know, write books about; or make energizing, inspiring speeches about. This is good but is not manifesting the things that must be done, in a phase, that gives them “Good homes, money and friendships in all walks of life.”
This is very important; for the individual aspirants of both the Knowledge bringer and the individuals who listen to, or read our books. While many who listen to us manage to acquire KNOWLEDGE; do individual research to get large degrees of UNDERSTANDING to bring into manifestation the essence that is within it. But many others are setback when they meet the Knowledge Bringer and he or she is not representing what they teach.
While Yours Truly does have a tremendous amount of indices, that I possess a great degree of understanding of the Knowledge that I share, yet my GOFUNDME appeal belies a lack of understanding of something I am working mightily to get a better Understanding about. That is, apply my principle to myself; look at me, owner of a slew of assets worth well over a $million dollars. Yet I am appealing to YOU to make a donation to support my desire to hold on to, rather than sell the extra 90 acres of Nat Turner Birth Land.
But save it I must or the Bankruptcy Court threaten to sell it and the Nat Turner Library Building. Since I have already used my UNDERSTANDING of the KNOWLEDGE of The Land and the Library Building to the Good and Welfare of Black people, obviously there is a lack of understanding about achieving the essence that is within the Knowledge. Since the peril is manifestly prevalent, I thought I would see if enough Black people UNDERSTAND enough about its importance to donate monthly to support my efforts to keep it.
Or perhaps some with tWhe means, or some “Fat cat” will hold the mortgage at an affordable rate to what I can afford to continue my work to empower Black people. Free of the requirements to hold “Extra Land” that is not part of my abode. However it is definitely a part of my commitment to make my “Maximum contribution to the Total Liberation of African people.” (END OF PART TWO) See prior posting for part One.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 7/5/2017=4=Maat; Maybe Humanity’s closest vision of the Divine Order of The Creation

WEDNESDAY (brown), 7/5/2017=4=Maat. Maat is thought by many to be Humanity’s closest vision of the Divine Order of The Creation. As the fourth delineated “Law of Maat,” it governs our ability to conceive of Justice for All; at least it is an ability of The Original man and woman. Others have no history that indicate they even conceive of an equal society for all.
[edited] WEDNESDAY (brown), 12/28/2016=4=Maat. Maat is felt by many to be Humanity’s greatest vision to replicate the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is predicated on a state where justice prevails for every Person, Place or Thing in The Creation.
Of course our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit command most all Respect and Admiration for vouchsafing such a profound legacy. We pay attention and revere them because the Physical evidence of their accomplishments is so profound. However, Human Beings understand very well that the close balancing of their Spiritual Being gave them a certain degree of mastery of The Law. The practicing of The Law allowed them to raise the pyramids and other edifices all over the world, but especially in Kemit. Theirs is a precious Legacy to us all.
The most enduring and necessary Legacy of all is embodied in the Solar Cycle Journey. During the annual trip (journey of the Earth around the sun) to endure to the end, we must exercise both our Spiritual Being and our Physical Being: neither can be used except by practice of applicable delineated “Laws of Maat.” Practice does, indeed, “Make perfect.” When the laws are practiced we can come close, as per Maat, to vision and replicate the Divine Order.
Making perfect in this example, means the practice will result in degrees of mastery of The Universal Law from which the “Laws of Maat” are delineated from. And this is the Great Legacy the Ancestors vouchsafed for us: The lessons embodied in the Solar Cycle Journey.
Like all legacies during our Life Experiences, teachings from Ancient Kemit presents opportunities to evolve our awakening with a “Leg up.” (excuse the interesting expression). This is yet another instance where it is graphically seen how the devil’s false notion of White Supremacy doctrine brutalized Good, Freedom Bound Black people – deepening our challenges and issues by vainly trying to destroy, falsify, and Steal our Legacies & etc.
Many feel the devil has already failed and lost great opportunities because they, among many other subsets, use a false notion of White Supremacy to govern nation states. But the overarching reason they lost, or will lose, is they lost are trying to achieve an impossible objective. In short, the devil’s objective is to brutalize everything possible to replace Created Originals with Persons, Places and Things that he MAKES from that which is Created. But it was just for a “No limit of time:” Many of our Legacies were once lost but are now found.
We are presently in Summer Solstice of the Present Solar Cycle Journey. This is a Great Opportunity to understand and practice this “Found” legacy (SCJ). Successfully practicing result in living way to live Wholesome, Successful, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experience.

SATURDAY (black), 7/1/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love; A Treatise on Loving & Being Loved

SATURDAY (black), 7/1/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love. It is said that it is Divine Love that holds the Universal All into Oneness: Therefore, the degree of love between Persons, Places & Things determine both how long they stay together and the usefulness of the Power at their dispensation to achieve success. But before we get too excited about the meaning of Auset, we must also consider the fact that Auset is also the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs Chaos, Disaster and the dissolution of Persons, Places & Things that are not based in, or stray from Righteousness.
SATURDAY (black), 12/24/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love. Divine Love is the absolute requirement to be within the Divine Order of The Creation. Auset is the delineated Component of The Law that the Ancestors demarcated to make it easier for Human Beings to identify and “Live the law.” Living, or Practicing allows us to attain degrees of mastery. Only complete mastery will meet the requirement to be incorporated into Divine Order .
The Ancestors named the “Delineated” components “The Laws of Maat.” The Ancestors also gave us a Virtual Tree of Life [The Paut Neteru] whose limbs consist of the Attributes that were constituted in Humans by our Creator. Each Law of Maat has a predominate quality; the predomination of Auset gives Human Beings our ability to evolve into degrees of love (Humans still say “Fall in Love”).
As we have pointed out many, many times, when we practice the requirements to love and be loved, the potential is prevalent to evolve into Divine Love. When we do not practice basic “Requirements,” The Laws of Love, we are subject to the consequences; like when we break or infringe any Law. The practice includes but is not limited to Loyalty, Morality, Respect & Honesty. In other words, the best chance to evolve feelings of love into Divine Love is that all concerned must be righteous or righteously inclined.
The requirements are also that we bend and adapt to the sure qualities that we find in each other. If you cannot adapt to the other Person, Place or Thing you will be subject to infringe some of the other “Attributes” of Auset. They include the ability to Change.
Loving Persons, Places and Things that do not change to accommodate others cannot come into and stay into harmony. It will be just a matter of time before yet another attribute of Auset comes into play. That is Chaos! Of course certain degreed Human Beings “Move on” before former love becomes chaotic love. More about Auset is quite prevalent, seemingly, everywhere in Black America. This includes at my main website.
As usual, I am available to discuss, be questioned or to listen to brief statements about what I write and intend: Call 434-378-2140, 10am to 3pm.

FRIDAY (green), 6/30/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance.Nat Turner Fundraiser in Southampton County, Va


Nat Turner Fundraiser in Southampton County, Va
Sunday July 2, 2017

The legacy of Nat Turner was recently resurrected with the 2016 release of the motion picture “The Birth of a Nation”. The world was taken on a purposeful journey to Southampton County, Virginia in the early 1800s to the birthplace of Nat Turner and his family where they resided until his historic rebellion with the Black Liberation Army.

123 acres of Nat Turner’s birth land is owned by Elder Khalif Khalifah, a legendary author, publisher, and founder of the Nat Turner Library and is the Senior Tour Guide for the Nat Turner Trail Tours. Elder Khalifah envisions the erection of a Nat Turner Museum along with an African Marketplace, Kujichagulia Village to stimulate commerce.

103 acres of this historic land is in jeopardy of loss in 2018, unless the conscious-minded community unites to save Nat Turner’s birth land. On Sunday, July 2, 2017, the first kick-off fundraiser: “The Resurrection of Nat Turner” will be held directly on the land from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. This day will consist of a drum circle, conscious music, lectures, wholesome foods, and supporters can take the Nat Turner Trail Tour with Baba Khalifah. On Sunday afternoon, at 3:00 p.m., the legendary Professor Griff of Public Enemy, the Minister of Information, will be lecturing.

All roads lead to Southampton County, Virginia on this Sunday. Whether you travel by car, bus or van, supporters are encouraged to take the pilgrimage to Southampton County Virginia to save Nat Turner’s birth land.

Tickets are $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal:

# # #

Khalif Khalifah, Founder – (434) 378-2140
A. J. Jones, Fundraiser Coordinator – (804) 309-2969
Facebook: The Resurrection of Nat Turner

MONDAY (blue), 6/26/2017=6=Heru=Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit

MONDAY (blue), 6/26/2017=6=Heru=Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit. To avenge the murder of his Father, the beneficent King and leader of the people, Heru had to practice each delineated “Law of Maat” to attain mastery of The Universal Law of The Creation. He then avenged the murder of his father and freed the people from oppression.
[edited] MONDAY (blue), 3/21/2016=6=Heru. Heru is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to have strong Will Power to decide what is just and right. The law backs our Self-Determination to hold to practices until we get the desired result. That is what Heru is after; he will settle for nothing less. The desired result he seeks is called Justice.
For example, people who base their life expectations, desires, hopes and dreams on the false notion of White Supremacy cannot hold the power because it was acquired using a false premise. What they build is doomed to fall because they are on the wrong side of the intent and purpose for The Creation (in the first place). The only one who knows for certain what the intent and purpose happens to be is The One Who created it all. However, Melanin Science teaches us many things of a certainty about The Creator and the intent for The Creation.
The basic “certainty” is that the aim and purpose for bringing The Creation into manifestation was NOT to have one Human species chattel slave for another. And, even if this was so, the enslaved species would certainly not be the Originals brought into being with The Creation. The Originals are the Black men and Women of Africa. The Royalty and the strongest are us who survived the “Hell Trip” (called Middle Passage in a failed attempt to dress up the hell that went on during the journey from our Fatherland, Mother Africa).
Moreover, it is also of a certainty that the aim and purpose for the gift of life is to master the processes that makes for a successful, satisfying, wholesome and enjoyable life experience. Mastery of the Law that constitute Melanin Science to certain degrees are necessary for successful Life Experiences.
Since the only known way to master anything is to overcome challenges, we instill within candidates initiated into the KKVV Rites of Passage Camp into Black Manhood, they will not overcome the challenges necessary to get through the Camp unless they have a certain degree of Will Power; the ones who don’t make it weaken and “try” to drop out before they complete the spiritual and physical exercise challenges. Others go through once, never to return and complete the processes. While good percentages does, indeed, go through multiple times.
Finally, had our Learned Ancestors not sufficient Will Power, Self-Determination and the wherewithal to pass on a legacy to resist oppression in whatever form it present itself, we would have perished as individuals and as a good Freedom Bound people long before this day. Overcoming the challenges during and after the various “Hell Trips” made us so strong we not only survive, but in every era we also thrive.
We are now in the Summer Solstice of the Present Solar Cycle Journey. It had a Heru beginning.
Us who are conscious of the Journey stand a better chance to avail self to the plenitude of opportunities to “Do For Self!” during the trip around the Sun in our Earth Space Ship. The basic requirement to “Do for Self” rather than enjoy the crumbs from the slave owners table; or to use your superior strength to acquire dynamic power that is used to lead in White Supremacy Dominated Systems; the basic requirement is Will Power. Thank you Heru!

SUNDAY (yellow), 6/25/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions maximizes our ability to protect self

SUNDAY (yellow), 6/25/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions maximizes our ability to protect self.
SUNDAY (yellow), 2/21/2016=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions. HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions. HeruKhuti is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the ability to Protect Ourselves. The Protection comes through the Self-Control we have when we use our emotions to achieve certain objectives. Practicing HeruKhuti (Self-Control) give us the ability to concentrate and direct energy. Since “practice makes perfect,” when we practice Self-Control we are also mastering the delineated “Law of Maat” known as HeruKhuti.
As degrees of mastery is attained you are enabled to gather more of the energy from the calm state from whence it came, rather than in the peril of the other extreme: chaotic state of energy when we are out of control.
Less we forget, all challenges and issues in our life experience can only be overcome with the application through the practice of Universal Melanin Laws of Creation. The practice is to the degrees of our mastery of the Laws.
Us who personally opt to make contributions to the total uplift, the total Freedom of Black people see clearly the source of the awesome power of Black people. The challenges and issues we overcome to survive the experiment in the false notion of White Supremacy make us powerful individually and as a Freedom Bound National Black Community. Whew!
Of course we sustained some terrible losses of Captives who did not heed the lessons wrought by our Learned Ancestors. Or at critical junctures forgot, went into error or made catastrophic mistakes; or indulged in excesses. The severity of the faults cost them their lives. Proper prayers and meditations were given to us to guard against such eventualities. Which is why a oft practice of this mystic is a recitation that goes like this,
“…Not having mastered the Law of Creation I made mistakes, gone into error and indulged in excesses from time to time, for this I seek refuge in Thee against karma all my faults, for none can grant protection against karma but Thee in the State of Amen, the State which I was Created within and the state I am in right now…” [The entire prayer/meditation is available…]
It is not our intention to single out or beat up on the many contemporary Black Individuals who have amassed tremendous energy that is not directed as per the Best Use for Self-And Kind, but the instructions of our Ancestors gave clear instructions about where our energy is to be contracted, concentrated and directed.
The recent “dusk up” about the work of Beyonce to symbolically salute The Black Panther Party before 100 million is a sign for us all. But the devil is explicitly targeting super star entertainers, including sports figures to not even use Race symbols to express self. However, they may have picked on the wrong generation.
As near as i can tell, Beyonce is of “The Generation of Promise.” We shall soon see how much mastery she has over the Universal Melanin Law of Creation. Symbolism does have meaning. Don’t believe it, reference visions of Nat Turner. As it turns out Byonce’s, the largest event ,regarding her after using Black Panther Party symbols in the Super Bowl, is she carried and gave birth to twins.
LESSON #1 was familiarize self and memorize the identified delineated “Laws of Maat.”[Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset and GEB]. Together they constituted the Universal Melanin Law of the Creation.
LESSON # 2 is to familiarize self with and memorize the 42 Principles of Maat
LESSON# 3 is to familiarize self with and memorize the predominate features of the Delineated “Laws of Maat.”
LESSON # 4 is to select one of the delineated “Laws of Maat” that most interest you and synthesize it to one of the 42 Principles of Maat.