Preface: MELANIN BODY SYSTEM OF THE UNIVERSAL LAWS; The Serialization of The Book

Serialization of the book:  MELANIN: THE TENTH BODY SYSTEM

[excerpts from a Book In Progress called “The Melanin Body System of Universal Laws of The Creeation]



I hope there is zero confusion about the new name, or new Ideal for The Paut Neteru; in English it is called The Tree of Life. If you are confused, this can easily be cleared up. African centered as I try to be, I see the Melanin System of our bodies as the one on which the other systems rely. All of them!” That is what a Tree of Life would be if there was such.

Wikipedia online dictionary give the following as the systems of the human body: Integument, Skeletal System, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Endocrine System, Muscular System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Urinary System, Excretory System, Reproductive System,  Digestive System and Immune System.

Melanin is not named as a Body System, yet. But  Scientist, Mr. Carol Barnes tells us: “MELANIN (his emphasis) is a very great and marvelous molecule because it organizes and supports virtually all areas within your BLACK BODY and keep you in constant contact with the chemistries of the universe.”

The Melanin Body System that is regulated by the same Law, using the terms The Paut Neteru and Tree Of life. The “Tree of Life is used to illustrate and teach about The Laws of the Universe. Why isn’t The Melanin Body named with rest? This is not known of a certainty. But white research scientists are likely to be of the same mentality as the ones who discarded good, powerful, relevant information about “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child.”

Dr. Amos Wilson wrote this seminal book using, basically, information that white researchers discarded because it was not relevant to white child development. But without a doubt it was extremely relevant to the Development of the Black child.

This is the premise, or Preface into the little book I am sharing about my preparation for the next Solar Cycle Journey.

Some of the articles in this book are reprints from previously published elsewhere. Since there are certain limitation one must observe writing for journals, this limitation is lifted in writing books. In other words, there will be more lengthy supporting data for much of what may only have been alluded to in the article as a journal entry.

Finally, Melanin Science. What is it and is it different from other science. Melanin Science is science without the addition of made up, false, politically drawn conclusions, notions instead of science based facts. No, it is not different from any other real science. It is called Melanin Science as a way to differentiate it from science that is called science when there are things about it that are already proved to be wrong.

Basically it is to distinguish Melanin Science from the science that white people, for the most part use loose facts to support and justify the suppressions and oppression of African people under a false ideology called White Supremacy.

We thank you for reading the preface to our book; and we hope it will be interesting  and useful enough to justify enough of your time to return and read other parts that we intend to serialize. Or return and buy the book in its entirety; the will be after serialization when it will be published in its published as a Trade Paperback as well as here as an ebook.