MONDAY (blue), 5/25/2015=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is the Universal Melanin Law of Wisdom: Key To Mastery

MONDAY (blue), 5/25/2015=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is the Universal Melanin Law of Wisdom. It predominate our ability to practice and master the other Laws that govern The Creation. Combined with Sebek, Tehudi/Wisdom helps to assure that elements that are united to establish persons, places and things we call whole entities in our Life Experiences are right and exact; or, are inclined to be.

It is the Law of Tehudi that assumed the mission to find The Way to mastery of The Neters on what is called The Tree of Life.(Tree of Life is translated and interpreted of the Legacy of or Ancestors in Ancient Kemit as The Paut Neteru. The necessary interplay and interplay and working of all of the Laws is seen when the Wisdom of Tehudi is practiced.

It is Tehudi who wisely enacted the plan for the only known way to master anything in our Life Experience. That is every entity is given a destiny. Within the destiny of all Human are challenges and issues. To overcome any particular challenge or issue we must use The Laws of Creation. Another word for using the Law is to Practice, or apply it to any particular Person, Place of Thing to over the challenge or issue.

THURSDAY (purple), 5/21/2015=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our Creativity and our Imagination

THURSDAY (purple), 5/21/2015=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our Creativity and our Imagination. When combined with the Law that add up and reduce to the divine number of 1, we maximize our Imagination and Creativity. The Law is #3, Sekher=Power. Be creative and imaginative in the use of Power: Imagine the Power that is Freeing Black People. Once the Power is Imagined, we then be Creative in the use, or application of The Power.


WEDNESDAY (brown), 5/20/2015=6=Heru. Heru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate Will Power

WEDNESDAY (brown), 5/20/2015=6=Heru. Heru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate Will Power and Self Determination. When your Will Power is weak, your Self Determination will also be weak. You will want to Do For Self but will not have enough Power to stay with Persons, Places and Things that are in your own best interest.

The Power that you do not have hasn’t left you. It may be weakened because you are injured. But whatever condition it is in, for whatever reasons, it is not being used in your own best interest. In the case of the Oppression of Black people, our Power was stolen, lost or neglected. Not all of it, as per above…

When your Power is stolen, the criminal takes away the things that constitute Power. The Caucasian and their Arab Cousins are the criminals who stole our power.

The things they took away were our names, language, family, friends, religions and the very Fatherland: Mother Africa. Though our Ancestors resisted all the while, we were forced to use our weakened power in the Oppressors’ best interest rather than in our own.

There no argument at all, that the Struggle of Black people today is to regain our Power, as well as everything else that was stolen. Even with the obvious power Black people have recovered, for the most part, the power is still used in the best interest of the Oppressors.

This fact is mainly because the Oppression is so hard and cruel priority was to survive. The Oppressors cruelty cause injuries: so though clearly we have enough power to Do For Self, our injuries are not healed sufficiently to execute power in our own best interest.

Though we are injured (PTSD/POVERTY & etc) we are well enough to do things necessary to survive. Survival requires food, clothing and shelter for our children and Elders. Our ability to secure these necessitates generate income; and to get income we work for the same oppressors who stole our persons, places and things in the first place. Yes, it is a vicious cycle.

If we were in possession of our stolen persons, places and things it would be a different dynamic: we have sufficient Power to successfully Demand the return our resources.  Our resources are embodied in a word called Reparations.

With the payment of our REPARATIONS, the healing would begin. It can’t be done in the short time because we don’t have the money to pay our healers to do the work. Reparations definitely include enough money to do this work of healing. With the healing would come the realization to do things in our own best interest, rather than that of our oppressors.

Time space & etc. will not permit an in depth discussion about Reparations. But, hopefully this discussion is enough for the reader to UNDERSTAND the KNOWLEDGE that there is a spiritual as well as practical component to the Great Issue of Reparations. The Understanding will give you the WISDOM to research more deeply into the present, abundant available Knowledge about Reparations.


TUESDAY (red), 5/12/2015=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to use our imagination to think creatively in the use of power; all power.
It is because of African people’s imaginative use of power that enabled us to survive dastardly, cowardly, demoniac, as well as openly evil use of power by Caucasians and their Arab cousins.
Since practice makes perfect, the practice in imaginative, correct for the most part, in the use of power, has allowed Black people to master usage of power to a measured degree. The degree of measurement can be seen when we understand how U. S. President Barack Obama beat all challenges to win election twice.
Or, which maybe a better measurement of our imaginative use of power, was the energy that was generated during the 1960’s that forced the U. S. A. to pass Affirmative Action and Voter Registration Laws.
The restlessness of Black people today; The Spate of Police killings throughout the country have once again brought Black led demonstrations back into the street: All can be traced to the fact that the 1960’s, while it certainly opened up plenty of doors of opportunity, did not grant Freedom, Justice & Equality anyone, especially to Black people.
Moreover, with the election of Ronald Reagan, a dismantling of EVERY gain in the 1960s began. Today, the individuals who would be benefitting from the gains do not better alternatives than to struggle to regain rights that were enjoyed before.
Given the above points of view about fact of living in the United States of America, we are all well advised to brace and prepare ourselves: for the climax to Turmoil and Terrible Storms is yet to come.

FRIDAY (green), 5/8/2015=3=Sekher. Sekher is the Melanin Universal Law that predominates our use of power; all power

…. all power. When combined with HetHeru (Imagination, Creativity), and used in harmony and balance with other Melanin Universal Law Systems The Power is Divine.

Meanwhile, our Life Experiences gives us opportunities to Master Melanin Universal Law in application through our words acts and deeds as Human Beings.

The opportunities presented to us are the Challenges and Issues that occur in our Life Experiences. The only known way to Master anything is to practice; and that is what we do when we overcome Challenges and Issues: we must practice the Laws that constitute Melanin Science to one degree or another to overcome the challenge and, or issue.

[PLEASE NOTE: If you have been reading the serialization of my book, “Melanin Universal Laws: Introduction to Melanin Science,” be advised that we are putting the whole book together: the segments that are up at will be removed over the next few days. The edited book will be available for purchase, hopefully at The Black Book Award at KKVV, June 5, 6 & 7, 2015]


CHAPTER TEN, Part 3 Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE


           Waking up early in the morning with prayer and Meditation as the 2nd order of business is a wonderful way to get out of bed. We start to practice getting up early as a “seed” planted in our brain during the Spring Equinox.

The First Order of Business is to wash up with prayer/meditation on your mind. I connect prayer and meditation together because I really haven’t found any separation in my practice of them. I did see the difference when I was on different stages of evolving. Early on, This was at states when the practice of Religion was the name of my over all Spiritual Practice: Religions are practices Task Masters (successful spiritualist) assign the methodologies they used at certain degrees to contact and be in attunement with the Divine Creator.

The Masters teach various principles, precepts, practices and concepts that will attune the Aspirant to The Divine Creator.

One of the practices is prayer. Most religions are good. But all the practices of them, at certain degrees, are not good. Meanwhile the purpose for all spiritual and religious practice is to introduce the aspirant to  ways that lead to finding his or her own pathway to attunement with The Divine Creator.

One of my own practices is to never tell anyone to leave their religion. I will advise them of certain practices they can discard when necessary. I understand if they are into a religious practice it is because there is something about the religion that they are in need of. When they no longer need the religious practices, they will feel the need to move on to another level of elevation.

When someone moves on because you tell them to without coming to the realization they no longer need their current practice, they may well benefit from doing as you say. But if they don’t realize it is time to move on themselves, they also may miss an opportunity to practice something that is extremely important for mastery. That is, make decisions to overcome the challenge to leave a comfort zone when it is no longer challenging.

Since practice of anything is the only known way to Mastery, they will have to learn the lesson to Master this degree at another time and place.

The nurturing needed for the growth of the seeds that are planted to Make salat/meditation each morning could be in many ways. It will depend on the strength of things that is holding up; or blocking your ability to see, accept and do the things needed to fulfill your desire. This statement lends itself to the reasons we make salat/meditate in the first place. It is an exercise of mind that helps with the removal of barriers to your goals.

An example could be dependence on someone else for something that you can do for yourself. Since we all have the need for others at times, help from others is not the problem. But it will be if we are expecting something from an individual who is not capable to give or share what you need.

Meditation in Consultation on MAAT Principle #11 will help the need to nurture the development of self through Salat/Meditation. Number 11 states: “I have Not Closed my ears and eyes to the truth.”

If you can do the job yourself “all to it is to do it” as the old saying goes. If you don’t feel you can do it yourself, practice the parts of the job that you can do. Practicing Meditation and Pray is a part of the work that all Masters have practiced to certain degrees in the past: so who are we not to practice?




As Salaam, Hotep, Peace to everyone, friends and enemies.

Thanks to Minister Najee for inviting me to share a few remarks today about one of my favorite Ancestors: Nat Turner. And my favorite live Human Being. Me.

If I have time I will explain, but Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 have been intricately in my life journey for about 50 years. I can really sum up Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 by explaining the difference between Reparations and Expropriation.

Reparations is the legal way, within the Systems of  oppression, that an oppressed people identify and demand back the possessions that was stolen, strayed or neglected because of the ignorance and greed of the oppressors. Reparations is the remedy for such thievery.

Expropriation is the remedy that is also available to reclaim the possession that were stolen by the oppressor. Any means used to achieve the correct result is permissible. The basic action to get back your possessions by Expropriation is the killing of the oppressor, all his women and children and taking back your own possessions, with interest.

Expropriation was the method that Nat Turner used in 1831. Our work in the Nat Turner Library is to update the ways and means of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army that he organized in 1831.

Because of the work of Nat Turner, we don’t think we’ll need to employ the methodology of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831…..BUT WE ARE NOT SURE; SO WE’LL NOT ARGUE WITH ANYONE WHO DISAGREE WITH US. All I ask is that you do not discuss your methods with me. I will only discuss, or tell you the reasons why I chose and developed my own path as a Independent Journalist.

If I have any time remaining, I want to introduce the ways and means we are doing our work at the Nat Turner Library. We are using Melanin Science. Melanin Science is science with the blemish of  known Lies, distortions, and omissions removed.  I’ll give you two examples of Melanin Science. One was its application by our Creator of every Person, Place and Things in The Creation. We can’t imagine the Divine Creator using any science other than Perfect to bring into manifestation The Creation.

The other application was based on Melanin Science by our ancestors in ancient Kemit.

More can be read about Melanin Science and its applications at one of my websites; I hope all of my websites are based on Melanin Science. But at we are serializing a book that introduces Melanin Science to the world.



CHAPTER TEN, Part Two Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

As part of my Solar Cycle Journey this year I completed an additional editing of the book that was written during the SCJ of 2011. Since the editing has not unveiled the solution to my financial distractions, I edited it a second time, which symbolically has the effect of “weeding” things from the book that is blocking my understanding of what to do about my finances.

The second editing was completed on July 21, 2012. Since I still haven’t solved the financial challenge, I am convinced there is still something in the book that should not be there.

I needed some assurance at one time to the extent that I was of a mind to hire an editor to help to find and clear out the “weeds” (negatives). The editing ideal didn’t work because I decided may have an adverse effect on the Editor’s own evolvement. I have good reason to believe this is so. But since I still am not Living the Law to the extent that renders my financial status positive l edited it again myself.

            As we are only about half way through the weeding out period (the summer solstice), I feel that I can still identify the things I need to do to overcome my financial challenge. If and when I do, I shall then have the book titled “Introduction to the Paut Neteru” printed. As part of the weeding process I’ll begin editing it again this week.
* * * *
The above is a review of the seeds I planted to live the Laws according to my understanding.  Wisdom tells me that everything I do is within the Solar Cycle Journey. What follows should be seen as the nurturing of the Spiritual Seeds I planted leading into or during the SCJ of 2012. Indeed, the itemized list (seeds) indicate how I am studying, understanding and living The Laws.


To enhance my understanding of the laws I memorized the 42 Principles of MAAT before the Spring Equinox.  This in effect helped to prepare my Spiritual Being for the planting period of the Solar Cycle Journey. I realize now that were I more conscious of this fact, I would have done a more thorough job. Nevertheless, I did memorize them as I got deeper into reviewing my practice of the guideline affirmations left by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit.

I memorized the 42 Principles for the same reason I memorized the 11 Laws of MAAT: As I review and evaluate my conduct each day, it was made easier to do by memorizing the 42 Principles of MAAT. The fact that it had good, unintended consequences happens so often from the doing of good deeds, we aren’t always conscious of them as they are transpiring. I find that knowing the names of both the 42 Principles, as well as the 11 Laws of Maat, makes it easier for me to associate the laws to the Principles. There are also other residual benefits…

Just as the Farmer prepares the plot of land within which he is going to plant his seeds, memorizing the 42 Principles of MAAT, effectively, prepares our plots in Creation where we plant our Spiritual Seeds during the SCJ. This is ‘heady,’ deep stuff I know. If you are not feeling or perceiving any of my concepts or analogies, keep reading anyway. If it is interesting…




I am careful to not overstate anything I share about the Solar Cycle Journey. This is for good reason: how much does anyone actually know about anything if they are not good examples that it works? While there are some practices that I am presently engaged in that I’ll not share at this time, there are others that I will definitely share. Memorizing the 42 Principles have been so beneficial to put me into sound sleep, I have shared this fact with several humans already. I was told they were experiencing some difficulty going to sleep.

No one who memorize the 42 Principles of MAAT have difficulty falling asleep. I usually go to sleep by going over the Principles and Laws. Invariably I fall asleep before I get through them all. I am thinking that many of us have problems sleeping because there is something or other that was not settled in our awakened period. The 42 Principles affords an opportunity to review and settle them, or to settle on an approach to take care of the issue or challenge during the next awakened period.

I advise to start out by memorizing three of the 42 Principles at a time. It is not difficult because as one who is conscious of the Solar Cycle Journey, you already have a degree of understanding of how you are benefitting. The 42 Principles of MAAT were left for a multitude of reasons by our ancestors. I have found that besides giving me a standard to review my conduct during the day time, they also enrich my entire being.

Memorize them to the extent that when a number is called out up to 42 you are able to conceive the number and the affirmation of the Principle.  




CHAPTER TEN, Part One Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

The decision was made early in the season to not attempt to travel the initiation path into the Solar Cycle as proscribed by Ra Un Nefer Amen. I am thankful for his, Dr. Muata Ashby and Mr. Amir Fatirs’ information during year 2011. To abide in acceptance of their written ways in 2012 would take me away from my own path. Which means I’d have to forsake some important practices that I had already incorporated into my life.  It was when this decision was made that I added Journey to describe The Solar Cycle.

There is assurance in my mind that forgoing Ra Un Nefer Amen, Muata Ashby and Amir Fatir written instructions is free of any ego taint. I have an awesome amount of respect for these three Brothers but I also know some of their practices don’t fit smoothly into my Political work.

I will add here that the translation and interpretations of Hieroglyphs by Dr. Muata Ashby & Ra Un Nefer gave me the preponderance of what I know about the written legacy of our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit up to and through an introductory, immersion into concentrated study of Ancient Kemit Spirituality and Philosophy.

It is not that I am motivated to do a better job than the above named, it is that if I am striving to apply my spiritual expression to advance the Cause of Black people as priority number one. This is a tall order I know. But nothing short of a profound effort will do the job necessary that is necessary to Free Black people. Easy paths in life are only apparent. Difficult paths in life are beaten paths that have been traveled by effective servants of Black people before me.

Not having taken apparent easy paths through life myself, travel through the Solar Cycle Journey is not being taken according to the paths as understood by anyone other than what I can discern from The Creator Sustainer and Cherisher of the Heavens and the Earth. I give much credit to other Neterian Scholars for my use of what their work has meant to humanity. I sense reciprocity and balance in this endearing thought.

My political work is, also, readily available for their use on Spiritual journeys in the White Supremacy experiment called the United States of America.

How am I doing? Since I understand we are to strive to live Law, writing this book and others, is sharing how I am living The Law. Moreover, it is sharing how I am applying the Law to achieve my own objectives in life. This is practice. Practice makes perfect; and results in mastery of Melanin Science.

But most important of all, writing the book is helping to clarify where my financial status is stuck in the present time. I am ‘stuck’ in overcoming some imperatives in my life. I hope that nurturing the spiritual seeds that I planted will solve and clear the way. This is uppermost in my mind. Though I just recently heard the expression “Live the Law,” I have never been comfortable advising anyone about anything that I myself have not experienced to a positive conclusion.

I feel so strongly about this that I have made a decision to NOT print the two spiritual books(Introduction to Pau Neteru & this one) until the main distraction from my Service is overcome. That is, my financial condition in the United States of America.

At the present time it appears that the way out from my present status will require the selling off of some precious assets. This is certainly not the preferred way to go but at this stage of my Eldership.  I am looking at all options.

While selling is not the preferred way I can relate it to the nurturing of plantings. Many times in cultivating the crop we must thin them out to give the sturdy one a better chance to grow.




CHAPTER NINE, Part One Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

The physical seeds we planted for crops of food this year are: Butter nut and yellow squash, sweet corn, transplanted peppermint, varieties of herbs, okra, tomatoes. A watermelon vine was transplanted from a different location rather late in the season. The two acres of Navy Beans we planted was also planted late in the season. The reason for the late planting was that we had some dependence on someone else in the process. He planted them near the end of the Spring Equinox. This was not true about the other planting.


The Spiritual seeds we planted for crops of spiritual things this year are: First, to be Conscious of the opportunities that are yielded throughout 2012 Solar Cycle Journey; To obtain Necessary Money to stabilize and secure the Land; Memorize the 42 Principles of MAAT; Exercise my Spiritual Being via Salat/Meditation Every Morning; Build something significant at the intersection of Khalifah Drive; Name George Stone Street & Imari Obadele Way, Name Hoover Joyner Place &  Name Khalifah Place; Do some necessary things that will make the property an attractive place to visit and work; Begin work at the Reda Faard Khalifah Peace Garden; Establish Nadirah’s Organic Garden; Bottle the Nat Turner Souvenir Dirt as a Product manufactured by The Nat Turner Library.



Commentary and 2015 update:

As noted, Chapter Nine is itemization of the Spiritual Seeds that we planted in the Spring Equinox of year 2012. Progress made in achieving degrees of success in the Spiritual planting is fairly able to be seen and utilized by visitors to Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia (KKVV) at any time.

I see now, some things that were done in 2015 are not listed. To me the lack of progress on the most notable of KKVV activities is quite telling in year 2015. This is the Man Up Camp Rites of Passage. While we had a great deal of success over the prior three years when we average three weekends per year: to date, in the year 2015, there is NONE SCHEDULED.

Moreover, the two Masters who conducted the camps have taken to other vocations, or have moved on in other ways. Beginning last year, conditions caused them to transition into other areas of concentration in their lives. We had a run of about 7 years of Man Up Camps, with them taking the leading role. We at KKVV must accordingly and transition, or more carefully plan to do what and how we shall continue the Man Up Rights of Passage at KKVV.

I actually see clearly my own lack of planning for having a Camp on our Schedule for 2015. My contingency plan was neglected because the camps were very successful efforts under the direct leadership of the reference to masters. Not having planted evolved seeds during the Spring Equinox, is a lesson learned and paid attention to this planting season. Not just about the Man Up Rites of Passage; other things too.

In coming excerpts we shall share our planting of Spiritual as well as Physical seeds for this year.

Finally, readers of the serialization of this book are well advised to take heed and visit KKVV. This year if at all possible. We have plenty of stability at KKVV, but like everything in Creation, change is the only sure occurrence. Changes that are compelling us to do certain things differently, at KKVV, is opening up opportunities for new Humans to engage to see if there is a place to realize your own dreams, aspirations, ideals and visions.

If you have any interest whatsoever, call and let us discuss what you have in mind. My job is to put Persons, Places and Things to make whole entities in The Village. I would love to see if we can UNITE and harmonize your own desires into the Village. If nothing by a visit, that will be fine…and dandy. Call 434-378-2140, 10am to 3pm. Or email Explore our websites and of course