CHAPTER SIX : Part 1 Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.


[The following was written during the Ausar people in the year 2012]

The following is the next segment in my sharing of the publication being unveiled to me during the present Solar Cycle Journey. As all who actually love and practice The Laws of MAAT understand, the Laws work in harmony and in conjunction with each other. So the overlap of the Ausar, Tehudi and Sekher periods are for far more than the convenience of this Khalifah  (smile).They are opportunities to assure that what we are doing is complimentary to each other: so we are blending the creative /seeding power of Ausar with the Wisdom of Tehudi and the power of Sekher. The reader will do well to read the following with this in mind.

The publication called Your Black Books Guide NAT TURNER LIBRARY JOURNAL has been changed to: YBBG Nat Turner Literary Journal. This change will be immediate for both the online edition [] as well as the traditional version.

The change is made as our efforts to build and institute sure systems to “correct, preserve and propagate” Black history escalates. The escalation is during the Ausar Period of the present Solar Cycle Journey. The Solar Cycle Journey being the movement of the Earth around the Sun during a 12 months time.

The Ausar Period is the Spring Time of the Cycle; so the change also represents the planting of the seeds of the Spiritual ideal to grow a more suitable spiritual crop this year. [from the spiritual side of The Nat Turner Library Museum Complex). All reading this will also do well to keep in mind that everything we do is in service within The Liberation Struggle of African people.


We are pleased with the work done to grow a good crop in the Village this year. Since the beginning we have wanted to operate everything within the confines of The Kujichagulia Village in the Divine Order of The Creation. We are satisfied that we have reached a station where this is possible. The amount of the possibility realized will be determined by the degree of mastery we now apply in nurturing of the “seeding” of the ideals during the Summer Solstice.


The Nat Turner Literary Journal is the time honored way that humans have shared cutting edge and break through advances in society. This is true whether in scientific achievements or in exploring the furthest reaches into the ways to demystify social science: the socialization processes applied in societies in the world. The information is about the spiritual crops we are growing during the present Solar Cycle Journal.

As we come to the end of the Ausar/Tehudi/Sekher Period, we will apply the blend of the divine Being of Ausar; the divine Wisdom of Tehudi and the divine Power of Sekher to the requites of the next part of The Solar Cycle Journey.

On or about June 20 the seeds that we planted will have sprouted and grown above the ground. We shall carefully weed out all growth around it that we do not want to see grow. The grass, weeds and trees that come up along with the seeds that we purposely planted, if allowed to continue to grow will stunt the growth of our crops.

This outlines the work that we will be doing to ensure that a strong, sturdy plant is grown from the seeds that we planted. The sturdy plant will yield the most healthy fruits and vegetables we will harvest.




We are also planting Spiritual seeds during the Ausar/Tehudi and Sekher periods of The Journey. As we have previously stated: “…us farmers till our fields and plant seeds in the Spring. We do this because we know that during the Spring a Special Something visits the earth; it causes the seeds we have planted to sprout and grow: we also understand that The Special Something that caused the seeds to sprout also visits us Humans. The understanding gives us the wisdom to prepare our bodies, even as we/farmers prepared our fields. Only in our bodies we planted Spiritual seeds.”




In Part 1 Chapter Six we shall continue sharing what we were doing during the Ausar Period of 2012. In the year 2015 our work is basically the same, with the addition of our growth and evolvement.

CHAPTER FIVE: PART 2: Human Preparation for the Solar Cycle Journey Will Be to one Degree or Another

CHAPTER FIVE : Part 2 Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

……. We understand that consciously or not, when the Ausar Period begins we have already prepared, to one degree or another, to take The  Next Solar . Of course I hope that all readers are consciously prepared. If you did you have degrees of understanding of knowledge about the Amen period: the Winter Solstice; the end of the Solar Cycle Journey. It was a time spent to prepare for coming The Journey. So in the Ausar period you will go to work. Or do  what anyone who has prepared for a trip does.

If it is a visit to another city that you prepared for, you use the mode of transportation you have prepared and begin the journey. For the Solar Cycle Journey you begin by planting into the places you have prepared to grow the physical and spiritual seeds.


During the preparation period you prepared the soil for the physical seeds. And you prepared your mind for the Spiritual seeds. The earthen beds have been made up to plant the physical seeds. Your mind has been prepared by thoughts of what you would like to see spiritually happen during the Solar Cycle Journey. So let us begin. (one last reminder: before you plant, you’ll have one last time to examine and discard what you DO NOT want to grow, or spiritually, grow with this year].

As an Elder who nurtured seeds relating to some younger brothers and sisters over the years, I called one that pastors a Spiritual institution. This is important for two reasons 1. we intended to plant much more physical crops than usual this year and 2.  The helpers from this temple were receptive to both the physical and spiritual planting.

When four helpers arrived; we first reviewed some of the spiritual things that I started with on the journey this year: we read and discussed the article called “How to Turn A Page.” This article was the editorial in the prior Nat Turner Library Journal. It represents a sharing of how to move away from persons, places and things that no longer fit our dispositions. Especially our spiritual dispositions.

To the degree our minds are prepared during the Amen period we avail ourselves of the opportunities to grow with Divine persons, places and things. If we have prepared well we’ll see a falling away of the profane Persons, Places and Things that we may be associated with. The “Turning the Page” article is shared to help us withstand the great pain that we feel when there is serious emotional attachment to what we must turn away from.

Sometimes, especially in a mate that we love deeply, our state of mind may border on despair. To cheer us up, wake us up, or wise us up, the editorial in this edition is called “Why There is Power in Despair.”





There are two aspects to our physical planting at the Nat Turner Library Building 1. The seeds to plant into the good earth at the Birth Place of Nat Turner 2. Determination to Live The Divine Laws during the present Solar Cycle Journey.

Everything we do revolve around The Nat Turner Library. I write, publish, print and sell books; lectures are presented from there. But during the Amen period I made preparations to separate the books for sale from the Library books. This creates the space necessary for the Exposition Stations that is reserved to “document, preserve and propagate” the legacy and history of certain Black individuals.

We separated into two teams: one team planted the seeds into the good earth. The other team moved the necessary books into space that was prepared for such.

This is the end of what we are of a mind to share about the 2012 period of Ausar.



CHAPTER FIVE : Part 1 Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

Written in Preparation for The Spring/Vernal Equinox

As we are in the period of Amen in the Solar Cycle Journey, we are sharing information about what we are doing to prepare for the Spring Equinox. I will review and share some of my activities in this, the Amen period of the Solar Cycle Journey. There appear to be consensus that the Ausar period begins around March 21. For the purposes of this book, we wrote the essay during the Winter Solstice. That is, from the time in December after the Final Judgment of the last Solar Cycle Journey, up to the Spring Equinox.

First of all we should know that Ausar follows the period of Amen on Melanin System of Laws, aka The Paut Neteru, The Tree of Life.

In short, Amen is the Divine Presence that pervades all of existence. As such it is the preparation period before the New Solar Cycle Journey begins. It is the place where we start and the place where we end the Journey (Alfa & Omega). It is within the Period of Amen that the ancestors of Black people Personified The Creator as RA or RA Amen.

Know without doubt that it is in the period of Amen where The Creation was set in Divine Order.  One effective way the State of Amen is implanted in my own mind is, “In the beginning was the word and the word was The Creator.” There also appear to be a consensus amongst Human Beings that there was a time in The Creation when there was nothing in existence but The Creator.

To me, this would be the State of Amen: Everything in existence has it origination within the state of Amen. For His own purposes The Creator originated everything else through Melanin Science. The Body of Laws that constitute Melanin Science predominate systems/attributes of the human body; they can be seen in whole or in part when we look at the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life). They were isolated by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit to make it easier to Master The One Law.

All challenges, issues, desires, ambitions & etc. are opportunities to Master the Laws that are prevalent in such. As Masters we become Self Realized.  Within Self Realization we are well on our way to Mastery of all the Divine Laws. As master of the Divine Laws we reflect our Divinity as Ausars: Then the fun, so to speak, begins.

Practice makes perfect. The Solar Cycle Journey (the cycle that the earth, and other things in our solar system travels around the sun in twelve months). They move around in a circle through Four Equinoxes, affording us the opportunity to practice the Universal Laws that predominate the periods during the cycle.

Our fun in the Ausar period is now. But only to the extent of our degrees of mastery.

Next! CHAPTER FIVE Part 2 is sub-titled
The next treatise in the serialization of The Book we shall review some of the work that we prepared to do, and are doing in the Spring Equinox. The grounds in The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia (KKVV) are soaked: so the earth where we will plant food is saturated with something or other that will enhance what we  plant.

My son, Grandson and I did manage to break up the earth in the organic food boxes between heavy rains. We continue our Publishing business without delay. We secured one contract to write a book for someone: so we are busy with that, even as regular publishing continues to produce new titles or reprint old ones. Two brand new ones that came out during March are:

THE CAPTIVES: Construction of Black Civilization: Great Vision of a people. This is the 7th “Taskbook) by S.W. JONES, JR (captive name), SHANGO Ja Ja (re-Afrikanization name)

            The 2nd book produced this March is titled: 500 YEARS OF EUROPEAN DECEPTION, by  Frank “Zaaqan” Jordan. This is Zaaqan’s 2nd book. Either or both books are available for sale as a ebook or Paperback online.

Chapter 4: MELANIN SCIENCE CONCEPTION: Need is the Mother of Invention


CHAPTER FOUR : Of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE. 

Reflections on a Career of Writing and Publishing Wholesome Literature By For And About Black People: My  Reason and Purpose


Writing in the Amen Period of the Solar Cycle Journey was very much in character with my other works. This is particularly so in regards to the lack of heavy referencing like I see in other books; not just about Melanin Science. This concept is so new, there is nothing to reference it to. Referencing words, ideals and concepts is important. But not as important to me personally. University educated authors are told that unless their work is referenced, it is not good, or useful. So I understand very well when some humans can’t get with what I write. This is the basis of much of the reason.

[Any Black Human who has ever realized Black History is full of errors and distortions; then thought of a state of Black History Free of errors and distortions, have seen what the concept of MELANIN SCIENCE is: Science free of known errors & distortions]

I make no estimation about the correct structuring of my words. As for their usefulness, I think they are used correctly and to the point in most instances. Therein lies my main concern and desire. I write to empower Black people. Period! Though Melanin Science have not been called such, few Black humans do not agree lack of it is one of the major ways African people were used abused and deceived to the point of being confused about exactly who we are individually and as a good Freedom Bound People.

I also try to come with fresh ideals, linking the Spiritual basis to age old ways; ways that were expoused by some absolutely Great Black Individuals.  These were men and women before the present day who empowered Black people. The attempt to empower us was to give us the wherewithal to Free Ourselves. But whatever was written in the past, however good and powerful the writing; and however useful it was for some people, Black people still ain’t free in the year 2015.

If it a book, which is a body of word descriptions and explanations of ideals,  is what is needed to Free Black people, that book is yet to be written. That is my thought as I write books; and it is the thought I have with me when I Consult to publish books by others. Invariably I hope and expect that the next book will do the job.

I have been instrumental in the publication of some 500 different book titles over a long enjoyable, rewarding, successful (measured by personal accomplishments, wives and a widower parenting 3 of my children for 7 years included).

Five hundred separate book titles. None have achieved what I hoped I would find as I interviewed the authors in the beginning. And I must say, many of the books had chances to be The Books that would Liberate Black People. However, the fact we are not free, yet, indicate to me that none of the books Freed Black people. This does not mean many did not make serious indentations on the Liberation Struggle of African people.

Indeed, I dare say some Great books written by, for or about Black people liberated millions of us from the clutches of oppression and ignorance. Me, for one. I am using my liberation from lack of Proper Knowledge of Self, Creator and Devil to make my maximum contribution to the Liberation Struggle to Free Black People.

It is difficult to estimate the impact of any particular books, or books. But some stick out in my mind: they didn’t do what I hoped as I was publishing them, but they made it much easier for dedicated Black individual to do the work that must be done before Black Liberation Day. In more words, they freed us to do our best to make contributions in more meaningful ways.

Books like “Developmental of Psychology of the Black Child”, “Melanin A Key to Freedom,” and “The Black Dot,”  “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder,” “The Miseducation of the “Negro and Stolen Legacy,” “Message to the Blackman,” “The Theology of Time,” “How to Eat to Live,” “Melanin: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness.” I know I left out many other titles, but my point is made, I hope: We can enjoy our success in life, even in oppression, without apology; because of such books.

And if the reader is of a mind to write a book, or edit a book, I encourage you to get on with it. In the least, perhaps you’ll say to yourself, “if he can write a book, I know I can too.”
Finally, the need for books written by for or about Black people is the basis of the new Skillset UBUS Communications Systems conceived in the Amen  Period. It is We will actually write your book for you, if for any reason you want to see a book conceived by you in print.
It is a 180 degree from traditional Ghost Writing.  We capture both the spirit and letter of the book that you want to write.


Beginning Chapter Six tomorrow: IF IT IS NOT DIVINE IT IS PROFANE.



CHAPTER THREE : PART 3 of  Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE. 

We published a series of articles during the GEB and Ausar periods of The 2012-2013 Solar Cycle Journey. They are in The Nat Turner Literary Journal. I did so as part of my service to The Liberation Struggle of Afrikan people, with the understanding that all of Humanity is also served.

I stressed at the outset about the importance of studying The Laws of MAAT: The Melanin based Science of Maat by our Ancestors. If there is any difficulty finding information about The Laws: you may call me at 434-378-2140. I’ll see if I can guide you to a good source. Meanwhile, work hard to understand what it means to be Created in the Image of our Creator.

And when you measure yourself and find you are doing things that are not in the Image of The Creator of the Universe, immediately stop doing one or more of the things that you do that you don’t think The Creator would do.

Stopping the doing of at least one thing that is not divine is the beginning: the aim is to reach a level of growth that will render you free of all doings that are not divine.

As stated previously, conscious or not, in this life experience, you will be on the trip Earth is making around the Sun. As such, you now have the opportunity to enhance your experience. No, I am not talking about doing or being anything that you will not feel good about.

I am talking about the enhancement of the Good, Sincere, Truthful things you would like to do. If you are not striving to be Good, Sincere and Truthful, I doubt if you’d have enough interest to study The Solar Cycle Journey. Or any Spiritual Expression.

Some of the things I am personally doing, and planning to do are: use the Land in Kujichagulia Village to grow wholesome food; Continue my work to correct, preserve and propagate information in particular about Nat Turner & Black history in general; Earn my creature comforts of Food, Clothing and Shelter, in service to Black people; Work to make KKVV a friendly place for use by other Black people; Share whatever possible to empower Black people; Be even more mindful in caring from my Health both as a Human and Spiritual Being & etc.



CHAPTER THREE : PART 2 of  Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE. 

Our Beings in Earth Suits are tasked to apply the Law within us to our Human body. Humans don’t always heed and obey, but when we do we are successful. The Blessings of our Creator are ours when we are in obedience: obedience is one way to pay homage to our Creator, as well as to our earthly fathers and mothers.

Moreover, when we do reflect the Divine Image that we are created within, as per our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit instructed, we are “living the law.” Living the Law means you are practicing the Law. Practice makes perfect. Remember, “the only known way to master anything is to practice.”

Practicing results in mastery of the Laws. This  draws us nearer to the goal of being one with our Creator. In other words when we achieve oneness with our Creator we have the ability to create even as we ourselves were created – causing all things to be well within our universe.


We stand a better chance to obey the Laws when we know them. Neterian Scholars have synthesized and given us 11 “Laws of Maat:” Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset and GEB. There is some variation in the spellings and estimation of the names they interpret about the Law/attributes.

Memorize and study them and their meaning. Like the laws that govern electricity, the Laws of Melanin are Laws that govern our life. As principles of science they are knowable. Not just believable, knowable. You stand a better chance to obey if you know the law. But remember, you are subject to the law whether your know them or not.

To help us to obey the Law, we are subject to the only constant in the Creation. That is Change. For every change there is a good purpose. We use  goodness in change to harmonize with the ebb and flow of the Divine Order of the Creation.  Practicing Life to master the Law will bring about a change in our Life Experience. Mastery causes you to make good decisions; good decisions are harmonious decisions.

Fortunately obeying laws are means to harmonize with the Divine Order; the laws govern our being; that is, there are Laws that must be obeyed to achieve our desires to please Our Father. This is true whether you strive to please the God that is within you; or you Personalize a Name for the Divine Creator of us all.

The Melanin System Laws that must be obeyed are called Neters when isolated for concentration purposes. But when looked at as a group or collection of Laws they are called The Paut Neteru, says Neterian Scholars.

A better name for it maybe The Melanin Body Systems. It is the Systems that constitute Melanin Science. None of the Melanin practitioners have challenged the term Melanin Science. Yet.

The Paut Neteru is also called the Tree of Life. Scholars have given a name to the Science that actually governs our being: The Science of Life. The Melanin Systems of the Human is united and predominates the entire Human Body.

Our first act is to use the Science within us to ‘make’ a human body (from the word for earth called humus). We then incorporated our divine portion within what we made in similitude to the fact that our Creator incorporated a portion of Himself into us.

We then guide and provide the necessities the body we made need to obey and not violate or break the Melanin System of Laws.

As we guide the human to obey the Melanin System of Laws we both reflect and we master the Laws. However if the reflection is not in the Image of our Creator we are called upon to repeat what we may be doing to successfully achieve our objective. This is Self Realization. This attaining to degrees of mastery of our Life Experiences.

Self Realization cannot be achieved unless we Master the Law, or Neters. We gladly repeat the process to overcome the reasons why we didn’t achieve Mastery the first, second, third, fourth or however many times it takes during succeeding Solar Cycle Journeys.



In Part 3 we shall give a litte background, history about my genesis through consciously travel on four Solar Cycle Journey’s.  That is the history that have brought me to what I am sharing as I make this, my 5th trip. Thank you, the reader for helping me to successfully be within the Present one.


CHAPTER THREE : PART 1 of  Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE. 

We wrote this in preparation time of the Amen Period of the last Solar Cycle Journey: for better of worse, we are living plans we made then in the present Solar Cycle Journey that began on the First Day of Spring: March 21, 2015.

The preparations we made are similar to that of preparation Family’s make for Summer Vacation trips. You make plans and try to prepare for all eventualities that you know about for your coming trip. Well, we students of the Solar Cycle Journey also try to prepare for all eventualities in the trip of our Consciousness as the Earth travel around the Sun in one 12 months cycle: The Solar Cycle Journey (SCJ).

It is an honor to be conscious of the opportunity to have prepared, as well as I did, for the present Solar Cycle Journey. All persons, places and things on the Earth will be Traveling whether conscious of the fact of not. But we who know and prepare like we know, enhance our desires to live Wholesome, purposeful, Successful, Enjoyable Lives during the journey. Like our plans for the family vacation, we are also prepared for unexpected encounters on the journey. These are encounters we didn’t perceive; or ones that we didn’t plan well enough to make the encounters easier to deal with. The encounters include all Persons, Places and Things. Especially “things” called Challenges and issues.

Keep in mind, overcoming Challenges and Issues are opportunities to Master the Melanin Universal Laws that we must practice to overcome them. [if the reader is puzzled, and you’d like some clarity, you can consult some of my other writings].

Anyone reading who did not consciously prepare for the present Solar Cycle Journey, I encourage you to  heed my words and get on with it: The Amen Period was a time of planning for the best use of our Property. If you didn’t consciously plan, necessary things were naturally planned for you, or you would not be with us. We thank The Creator for this; and for looking out for us who consciously planned but did not plan completely. It is early Spring Time: so let’s go from here, with what we have. That is quite a bit.

Our Earth Body is our most valuable property. Hopefully, even if you aren’t conscious of the Solar Cycle Journey, you already know we are in the Physical Body but not of it: When it expires and return to its essence, our being moves on.

There is a multitude of books and electronic recordings you can find on the subject: Just “google” “Laws of MAAT” by Ra Un Nefer Amen, “Egyptian Yoga” by Dr. Muata Ashby or the website for Amir Fatir and read Islamic Yoga. And of course, if your preference is journalistic writing, you may consult with me.

In fact if you have read some of my recent work, you know I am stressing the most important properties for our Life Experience, is that we “made.” The Earth Suit we are traveling in during this Life Experience. The “we” I refer to is the portion of The Divine Supreme Being that is incorporated within us. This is the “Being” part of the name Human. Or so says I.

We were created by Melanin Science into the part of the Universe called Life for a purpose. We find opportunities here to fulfill the purposes for our creation. The Easy Way to fulfill our purpose is to Pay homage to our Creator; And we pay homage to the Creator as a son or daughter pays homage to a good Father or Mother.

Homage is paid by heeding and obeying their advice. This pleases them.  Too few of our Black Youth have experienced what a good, resourceful Parent does when the children please them. But many have, but were given incomplete instructions about how to be a Blackman. This is what Rites of Passage is about at places like KKVV.

The highest homage we can pay to the Source of our Creation is to obey the Melanin Laws that govern the Science by which we are created. In other words, we are Created of Natural, Universal Laws; the workings of the Melanin  Science of Life that were used to make our Earth Suits. When we apply the Laws of our constitution to obey, good things happen.

When the injunction is made to OBEY YOUR CREATOR! The surest way that you can obey is to Master Melanin Laws that govern The Creation. And Practice!

The best example that I can think of is obeying the Laws that offers the best protection and care for our most important property during our Life Experience. These are the dietary laws that are used to obtain the nutrients and energy to sustain both our Spiritual and Physical bodies.



In PART TWO: CHAPTER THREE we will continue with our example and examination about various ways our bodies are protected and sustained: for the most part when we are not conscious of what is happening to either one. Of course when you are conscious of any Person, Place or Thing during life we get the most out of them: I am very thankful to have many new friends on the Solar Cycle Journey with me this time. Yes, I count FB Friends.

WE ARE NOT A RELIGION: So Who is the Judge at the Final Judgment in the Solar Cycle Journey?

CHAPTER TWO : PART 2  Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

The question invariably comes about “who is the judge at the Final Judgment referred to in The Solar Cycle Journey. Fortunately, if you have been consciously taking the journey, it is you, yourself who will render judgment on your own self. Amazingly enough, it works!

In fact, it works so well that many come out of the Final Judgment with an additional name that either indicates where they evolved to or, an indication of what they are aiming for to cure their own character flaws. Most of the flaws only you and The Creator knows about.

It still may not be easy to face your Spiritual Harvest, as The Final Judgment is an examination of our Character. But at the certain degree of Understanding that you do have, you’ll have enough wisdom to do the Work in the next Season. The season we happen to be in right now!

That is, IF YOU ARE CONSCIOUS of the Journey. This book is sharing what Khalifah is doing in KKVV, The Kujichagulia Village, in preparation for goings on in The Village in the coming Seasons. So that is what this book is about: sharing how I reacted to the examination of my character during the Final Judgment. I am using what I stored from the harvest of my physical crop to get through this winter.

Since we spend so much time inside during the winter, this is also the period when we plan how we are going to take advantage of the abundant opportunities to fulfill our Life Purpose during The Solar next Cycle Journey.



Overcoming tasks to attain mastery

The name of the game

Being Righteous in our words, acts and deed

Is the definite target of our aim



TOMORROW, Our journalistic writings about the Solar Cycle Journey goes into some detail about our preparation for where we are and what we are doing.

Since nothing on the earth is perfect, when you visit KKVV (The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia), the beauty of village and serenity here may lend your HetHeru (Imagination) to thoughts of perfection. But on closer inspection and observation you will see we and this place is like every other Person, Place or Thing on earth. That is a work in progress.

Of course, it is the satisfying work that is within the PROGRESS, or PROCESS where we find genuine happiness in our Life Experiences. Our aim is to bring you into a setting what will enliven your spirit – empowering you to face challenges and issues that you face in your own life. In other words, ours (KKVV) is a place of service.

For more about opportunities in KKVV, go to


CHAPTER TWO   Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE.

PART ONE; PROVING MELANIN SCIENCE Elementary Melanin Science is easily proven: The Season before Winter is The Harvest Season, A.K.A. the Autumn Equinox. The Crowning events of the Autumn Equinox is our celebration of the Harvest during Kwanzaa Time. And of course us who are Consciously taking the Journey experience our Final Judgment for the present Solar Cycle Journey.

[I do apologize to some reading this who may not be into Melanin Science, nor Conscious of your travel on the journey of earth around the sun. But if you are interested, my journalistic writings may help familiarize you with both. If not you may call to have a discussion with me about it: 434-378-2140, 10am to 3pm].

What distinguishes the Conscious Traveler on the SCJ from all others is knowing that the planting we do in the Spring Time is a duel planning: 1) Physical 2) Spiritual. So at the end of the harvest for what was planted we celebrate over seven days of Kwanzaa during the last seven days of the Autumn Equinox (Harvest Season).

This includes our Spiritual harvest. It is easy to understand the Melanin Science that is applied to enjoy a good physical harvest. However, like everything else in The Creation, understanding the Spiritual planting and reaping is not so easy to understand. But also like everything else, once you understand to a certain degree, it is no longer difficult to understand. So let us stay with the physical harvesting for a moment.

If you don’t plant food to eat, you must buy from somebody else who did plant. Now, if you didn’t plant anything and there was nobody you could buy some from you would have to deal with the consequence of that. The consequence would result in your eventual Final Judgment and of course you would die. Things seldom get to that extreme so your Final Judgment will not be so dire, whether you plant anything or not. In this case the Final Judgment is on you is the fact that you are subject to the methods used by the planter; GMO, etc., and the high cost of food.

We, who are consciously taking the Solar Cycle Journey will have to account for the fact that we ate sub-par food during the journey. The nitwit traveler who didn’t plant any and didn’t know where too get some will not have t0 physically face final judgment.

The Final Spiritual Judgment is relatively the same as the physical. At least we who are Conscious of Spiritual planting seeds. See, Knowing this, we use the Amen/Winter time to plan for a better Spiritual Outcome during next years Final Judgment. It too is during Kwanzaa (or just before it), depending on your own practice and knowledge of the Law, or on the practice and knowledge of a Master, Precept, Seba, or whatever his or her title happens to be.

The Final Judgment is to determine how many of the 360 degrees of the Law that you mastered in the present Solar Cycle Journey. Your mastery is reflected in your character development. The judgment that is rendered are the things you can work on in the next Solar Cycle Journey.