PART FIVE: A Explanation For the Great Mystery The Creation Happens To Be

Amen Period Writing in Present in Preparation for the Next Solar Cycle Journey. Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE [PART FIVE]
As we have stated many times before, in the very beginning only the Creator was present. The Creator created a being and inculcated all of the Laws that he used to Create into the Being. Or Beings, if you will. The only substance available in the beginning was The Creator Himself: so us were created out of the Creator Himself. All the Laws that are in the Creator are within us. We are made in His Image. As such all we need do is master the laws so we too can create even as we were created back in the beginning. Remember, the only known way to master anything is to overcome tasks through practice.

The Key to understanding all of the KNOWLEDGE we have about anything whosoever is to UNDERSTAND certain degrees that we can do, say or be nothing without using/practicing Universal Laws. The equivalent degree of your understand equates to the WISDOM you will have to use the essence that is within the Knowledge.

The above still may not be a satisfactory answer for everyone about why the earth goes around the sun year, after year after year, with us humans on it. But us who consciously take this journey plant the spiritual seeds in the spring, and try to apply Melanin Science to them throughout the journey through Summer, Fall and winter. I don’t know anyone who has mastered all of the 360 degrees/laws yet. But the residual benefits from the practice is awesome.

Keep in mind, we are in the Amen period of Solar Cycle.

It is in the Amen Period, in the Winter Solstice that we prepare for the entire SCJ. But in retrogression Melanin Science informs us that the seasons before the Winter Solstice, the Autumn period left us prepared to do the work we are doing during the Amen Period, The Winter Solstice. If you are not completely satisfied with what you saved from your harvest, now is the time to plan a better planting for the coming harvest in the next Solar Cycle Journey.

Khalifah’s favorite way to teach is through that of example: the Power of Suggestion. It is also my favorite way to learn. In Chapter Two, we may or may not be more doctrinaire about the Amen Period. The chances are excellent that we will just continue to have this discussion. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.




Great Mystery for The Solar Cycle Journey: Caucasians and Their Arab ‘Cousins’ Were Unable to See


Amen Period Writing in Present in Preparation for the Next Solar Cycle Journey. Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE [PART FOUR]

In short, what the Caucasian and other profane people missed was the fact that the methods that we use Melanin Science to plant physical seeds during the Spring time, is also the time when we plant Spiritual Seeds. If you successfully plant physical seeds you will grow large, sweet, juicy water melons, i. e. What grows if you successfully plant good Spiritual Seeds?

If you plant your Spiritual Seeds as carefully as you plant physical seeds you will reap a good Spiritual Crop. What does that look like? In short again, a good Spiritual crop grows a Stellar Character of a Human Being. How do you grow this kind of Human Being? You grow them by applying Melanin Science rather than belief systems as the Caucasian and other profane people mistakenly, or purposefully thought.

Unfortunately, we are not going to take the time to explain to you what Melanin Science happens to be. At the least not much more than explained above. Just in case you missed it, permit me to say again. There is a Melanin Science to Planting physical Seeds; and there is a Melanin Science to planting Spiritual Seeds. How do we know this? It is based on Science. How do we know it is Science rather than just believing that the seed will turn out and grow the fruit that you want: it will not grow a water melon unless you plant a water melon seed. How can you tell if something is Melanin Science or not? Science is a Body of Laws and Systems that will get you a correct, predictable result if you Obey the Law. Did you get it?

If it is Melanin Science, there will be laws, knowable laws we can prove and use. Like Electricity, if you know its laws your can achieve some remarkable feats. If you don’t know the laws of electricity, and you mess with it…need I say more? I didn’t think so.

Our ancestors, especially our Learned Latter Day Ancestors. (Learned Ancestors are the ones who used introduced Science rather than religion as the way to be successful, and build a good, productive, meaningful life, even as we survive the false doctrine of White Supremacist Oppression). The better we are able to Obey the Laws of science, the better chance we have to build Wholesome, Successful, Satisfactory, Enjoyable lives.

Obeying the Law is called Practicing the Law – for a good reason. “Practice makes perfect.” And perfect is possible and is reflected in the human who is able to apply the law in greater degrees than others. The degrees are measured by designation of the number of degree he or she is able to Master and practice the Law.

Shorter still, we take the Solar Cycle Journey year after year to practice the law so we can master the Law. Every 360 degrees of it. Can you ever master every one of the 360 degrees? Yes You Can!


In Part Five we shall endeavor to share the methodology to master the 360 degrees: The Universal Laws that govern the Systems that make up MELANIN SCIENCE. As we said yesterday, “If you do not want to wait for Part Five, Make a donation into my PayPal account and I will send you copy of  Part Five. I will also send you a copy if you purchase one or our e-books at the site. Any donation will do.



Amen Period Writing in Present in Preparation for the Next Solar Cycle Journey. Serialization of the Book: Melanin Body Systems of Universal Laws: A Introduction to MELANIN SCIENCE [PART THREE]
The Characteristics of the nature of each Period of the Solar Cycle Journey is Melanin Scientific and to the point: Warmth in the Spring, Hot in the Summer, warming again in the Autumn, then Winter, that we are living through as I write this morning. As we can easily see, touch and feel, The “Low hanging fruits,” so to speak, during the trip are known as we humans take the trip during each journey of the Earth [practice does make perfect]. “The Low Hanging Fruit” is what is basically known and observed by everyone: specifically, the climate of each season and the limitations we are restricted to in each. Warm in Spring, Hot in Summer, Warm again in Autumn, followed by cold weather.

Melanin Science is what Conscious Travelers on the SCJ concern ourself with, as much as possible in preparation for the next one. Preparing for the next Solar Cycle Journey is not unlike preparing for the next Season, or Equinox during the Journey.  The period you are in is used to prepare for the next season. Why do we take this journey year after year after year? That is a good question. Why don’t we go on the same summer trip year after year? This is also a good question; and brings us to the First Great Mystery. A mystery that we use Melanin Science to arrive at a satisfactory answer.

Why does the earth go round and round the sun, taking everything that lives on it for the ride; willingly or unwillingly? Of course only The Author of The Creation knows why everything is going around in circles; the moon around the earth, sun around Something or other. So in answer to the Great Mystery about why Humans take the journey year after year, we find our answer by applying Melanin Science to our own circumstances.

What could possibly be the reason, or reasons. The “low hanging fruits” gives us very satisfactory answers for each season: in the Spring we plant, Summer we nurture what we plant, in the Fall we harvest fruit from our planting and in the Winter we use what was stored and plan to take the journey again. In short, we want to eat we must plant, or somebody else must, and harvest what was planted.

To find a satisfactory answer to The greatest Mystery of it all, it took our Neterian Scholars to examine the documentary evidence left as a legacy by our Ancestors. Their findings along with legacies of our Latter Day, Learned Ancestors gives us a satisfactory answer.

It turns out that the Caucasian, Arabs and other profane invaders into Ancient Kemit missed the Crown Jewel Legacy left by our Ancestors. Sure the crackers stole our gold, silver and Temples, Obelisks, Columns, etc. But they missed the knowledge about Human Spirituality. It is Human Spirituality that allows us to use the power we derived from the “low hanging fruits.” In life, we use the power and other benefits to go deeper into the Great Mystery for Everything…..END OF PART THREE

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In Part Four, we shall go into some detailed explanation about The Great Mystery for Everything: Meanwhile, if somebody out there can’t wait, you can make any sized donation into my Pay Pal address at Or you can download one of the e-books at Thank You.



Amen Period Writing In Preparation for the Next Solar Cycle Journey…….PART 2

Serialization of the book:
Melanin Science tells us that the Earth is on a trip: orbiting around the sun. It will make a complete orbit from the Spring Equinox through the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Melanin Science is actual data about Persons, Places and Things that we can see, touch and feel during the journey.

In preparation for the Journey as we do during it, where possible, we strive to stay within what we know rather than what we believe. Where there are unknowns we use Melanin Science to investigate to get information, put the facts together to learn what is not known. It then becomes part of what call Melanin Science. Science without the blemish of distortions, false notions, known uncorrected errors and mistakes.


There are distinguishing features in each of the four periods that the earth travels through on its journey. The periods have been identified using Melanin Science. Using Melanin Science we are able to know their true nature.

As I write this book, we are in the Amen period. This is the end period of the present Solar Cycle Journey. It is also called The Winter Solstice. This is the period of time when we make preparations for the Next Solar Cycle Journey. All Life on the Earth is subject to both the journey – as well as the nature of what is going on during the designated periods within them.

Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit have used Melanin Science to map out a course of preparation for the journey. The Mapping more or less instructs the Traveler about what we can expect and what to do in each season of the Solar Cycle Journey for a safe and successful trip: A Satisfactory, Rewarding, and Enjoyable one.

We term the body of Ancient Kemit teachings about The Solar Cycle Journey Melanin Science. We take the view that all demarcations, divisions, time periods to be man made constructs. At best they are based on Melanin Science. At worse they are purposely distorted, mischaracterized or omitted purposely for ill intended purposes.

The teaching, combined with the that of our recently departed Ancestors (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Prof John H. Clarke, Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Queen Mother Moore, Dr. Imari Obadele & etc.) is the same science that our ancient ancestors used to erect the pyramids; as well as other edifices in Ancient Kemit and places in the world.

Guidance regarding the Solar Cycle Journey are basic instructions to master the Laws that makes it possible to live successfully in The Creation as Human Beings. It also helps to prepare for our journey back into the Unseen part of our existence called Death. An event in life that we try to delay as long as we possibly can.

[End Part Two]

Preface: MELANIN BODY SYSTEM OF THE UNIVERSAL LAWS; The Serialization of The Book

Serialization of the book:  MELANIN: THE TENTH BODY SYSTEM

[excerpts from a Book In Progress called “The Melanin Body System of Universal Laws of The Creeation]



I hope there is zero confusion about the new name, or new Ideal for The Paut Neteru; in English it is called The Tree of Life. If you are confused, this can easily be cleared up. African centered as I try to be, I see the Melanin System of our bodies as the one on which the other systems rely. All of them!” That is what a Tree of Life would be if there was such.

Wikipedia online dictionary give the following as the systems of the human body: Integument, Skeletal System, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Endocrine System, Muscular System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Urinary System, Excretory System, Reproductive System,  Digestive System and Immune System.

Melanin is not named as a Body System, yet. But  Scientist, Mr. Carol Barnes tells us: “MELANIN (his emphasis) is a very great and marvelous molecule because it organizes and supports virtually all areas within your BLACK BODY and keep you in constant contact with the chemistries of the universe.”

The Melanin Body System that is regulated by the same Law, using the terms The Paut Neteru and Tree Of life. The “Tree of Life is used to illustrate and teach about The Laws of the Universe. Why isn’t The Melanin Body named with rest? This is not known of a certainty. But white research scientists are likely to be of the same mentality as the ones who discarded good, powerful, relevant information about “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child.”

Dr. Amos Wilson wrote this seminal book using, basically, information that white researchers discarded because it was not relevant to white child development. But without a doubt it was extremely relevant to the Development of the Black child.

This is the premise, or Preface into the little book I am sharing about my preparation for the next Solar Cycle Journey.

Some of the articles in this book are reprints from previously published elsewhere. Since there are certain limitation one must observe writing for journals, this limitation is lifted in writing books. In other words, there will be more lengthy supporting data for much of what may only have been alluded to in the article as a journal entry.

Finally, Melanin Science. What is it and is it different from other science. Melanin Science is science without the addition of made up, false, politically drawn conclusions, notions instead of science based facts. No, it is not different from any other real science. It is called Melanin Science as a way to differentiate it from science that is called science when there are things about it that are already proved to be wrong.

Basically it is to distinguish Melanin Science from the science that white people, for the most part use loose facts to support and justify the suppressions and oppression of African people under a false ideology called White Supremacy.

We thank you for reading the preface to our book; and we hope it will be interesting  and useful enough to justify enough of your time to return and read other parts that we intend to serialize. Or return and buy the book in its entirety; the will be after serialization when it will be published in its published as a Trade Paperback as well as here as an ebook.