Melanin, Conscious Atunement and the God-In-I


Product Description

Melanin is a physical part of the body. so it can be touched. The muscles of the body can also be touched. But however much you may touch either of these two physical systems that, along with the eight others constitute the body, you cannot see, touch, smell or taste the power that is in them.

Keep this in mind as we return to our efforts to share some of the ways to control the power of your thoughts.

We have shared previously that Melanin research has unveiled little concrete, or firm information about the body system called Melanin. However, the research has brought forth enough information to firmly place Melanin in a dominant position in the human anatomy.

The above is, essentially, the theme i am using in an effort offer a “practical guide for a way to success in this life and in the hereafter.”

I believe that at the least a third of all of the copies of this book that have been sold, were sold, or donated to the incarcerated. I am satisfied that a sincere reading of my book will strengthen any mind.

This book also offer some physical exercises to discipline the mind and body; and help the individual to stay focused on righteous goals.

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