SATURDAY (black), 7/8/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative Imagination; TREATISE ON USE OF POWER

SATURDAY (black), 7/8/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative Imagination. Combined with Sekher we maximize the power of both.
TREATISE ON USE OF POWER Part 2; SATURDAY (black), 10/15/2016=7=HetHeru= Imagination and Creativity.
Jux-a-posed to Sekher, HetHeru enhances our abilities to be imaginative and creative in the use of power. When we say in our Universal Prayer, “I will be more mindful in the execution of my Words, Acts & Deeds,” we mean the use of our “Words,” our “Acts” & our Deeds (intentions). In other words, one way or the other the power we have will be expressed thusly.
“…We can Know but have a lesser degree of Understanding the fact: Therefore a lesser degree, or amount of power. It is our degree of Understanding that gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom of how to use the essence of what the Knowledge be about. That is all…” [from Part 1]
So when you have lesser degrees of UNDERSTANDING you also have lesser degrees of WISDOM. Many times we meet people with a tremendous, wellspring of KNOWLEDGE. But it is like they are paralyzed and cannot move to the execution level where their ACTS will actualize the essence that is within what they know, write books about; or make energizing, inspiring speeches about. This is good but is not manifesting the things that must be done, in a phase, that gives them “Good homes, money and friendships in all walks of life.”
This is very important; for the individual aspirants of both the Knowledge bringer and the individuals who listen to, or read our books. While many who listen to us manage to acquire KNOWLEDGE; do individual research to get large degrees of UNDERSTANDING to bring into manifestation the essence that is within it. But many others are setback when they meet the Knowledge Bringer and he or she is not representing what they teach.
While Yours Truly does have a tremendous amount of indices, that I possess a great degree of understanding of the Knowledge that I share, yet my GOFUNDME appeal belies a lack of understanding of something I am working mightily to get a better Understanding about. That is, apply my principle to myself; look at me, owner of a slew of assets worth well over a $million dollars. Yet I am appealing to YOU to make a donation to support my desire to hold on to, rather than sell the extra 90 acres of Nat Turner Birth Land.
But save it I must or the Bankruptcy Court threaten to sell it and the Nat Turner Library Building. Since I have already used my UNDERSTANDING of the KNOWLEDGE of The Land and the Library Building to the Good and Welfare of Black people, obviously there is a lack of understanding about achieving the essence that is within the Knowledge. Since the peril is manifestly prevalent, I thought I would see if enough Black people UNDERSTAND enough about its importance to donate monthly to support my efforts to keep it.
Or perhaps some with tWhe means, or some “Fat cat” will hold the mortgage at an affordable rate to what I can afford to continue my work to empower Black people. Free of the requirements to hold “Extra Land” that is not part of my abode. However it is definitely a part of my commitment to make my “Maximum contribution to the Total Liberation of African people.” (END OF PART TWO) See prior posting for part One.

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