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SHARE PHOTO WITH NY Times & UBU: Solar Eclipse’s Journey Across America

[NOTE: the following is republished from the front page of the “Best newspaper in White America.” ]
In the days and hours leading up to Monday’s total solar eclipse, millions of people will venture to a spot on the path of totality hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare celestial event. Across the country, eclipse-watchers will point their cameras at the sky. But we want to experience what things look like on the ground.

We’re asking people on — or very close to — the path of the solar eclipse to show us photos of where they are and how they are celebrating.

If you’re one of them, share a snapshot of you and your eclipse-watching crew — or a photo of the sky as you see it. Upload your Instagram photo here or tag your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #NYTeclipsewatch. We’ll be updating this page throughout the day. Keep the photos coming! Last updated at 5:00 AM ET.
We also want you to share your pictures of the eclipse with UBUS; give us the photo about your activities. Post to my FB page, or send directly to khalifah@khabooks.com

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