SUNDAY (YELLOW), 12/3 2O17=Heru=Avenging prince in Kemit mythology

SUNDAY (YELLOW), 12/3 2O17=Heru=Avenging prince in Kemit mythology. The resolute powers Heru needed to succeed to carry out his mission to avenge his benevolent Father is found embodied within the attribute called Heru. heru was required to be self determined to overcome the challenges.He neededto be honorable, wise, physically strongAnd resolute to overcome the challenges before he finally succeeded. The challenges of Heru is a rough estimate of what KKVV RITES OF PASSAGE INTO BLACK MANHOOD candidates replicate. We are planning now for Manup camps during the next Solar Cycle Journey. Our ManUP Camps are over a period of 4 days , usually Thursday to Sunday. Even while we are fundraising to ‘Save the Land’ The Manup Camps will be in the Spring, Summer and fall.Age groupings are from 13 to 26.We will also have one for older brothers 26 and over. If anyone is interested for self, son, nephew uncle Dad Husband friend & etc. visit www. Manupglobal.com or call 434-3782140 10am to3pm.
[edited] SUNDAY (yellow), 6/28/2015=6=Heru. Heru is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to successfully struggle for what is Right and Exact. Also, as the Law that governs Will Power and Self-Determination, we have the ability to be mentally strong and determined enough to hold out until we get the Right result. The Right result is to for all Persons, Places and Things to attain to a State of Maat.
Heru is the avenging prince in Ancient Kemit mythology. He is the son of Ausar and Auset, and is said to have had an immaculate birth. He is thought to be the source of the story about Jesus Christ in the religion called Christianity.
Complimented by the Law of Maat, Mastery of a certain degree of Heru allows us to identify the Right Way to do anything in our Life Experiences. For humans who play down the physicality in a Liberation Struggle, Self Defense is in the Natural Order in the expression of our words, acts and deeds. It is the principle espoused by Minister Malcolm X when he used the phrase “even steven.”
In other wordswhar Malcom may have been sayin is, wherever you find unbalance, or injustice, you are permitted to at least get back to even, by “any means necessary.”

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