SUNDAY (yellow), 7/30/2017=2=Tehudi; A Treatise on Mastery on Becoming Divine

SUNDAY (yellow), 7/30/2017=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to make wise decisions in the execution of our Words, Acts and our Deeds. It is because of the Master of Tehudi that the Original Man conceived of the Master Plan that made a way possible for Human Beings to become the divine being that we were created to be.
THE MASTER PLAN was to put us all into individualized, interconnected destiny’s. Within our destiny we encounter challenges and issues that cannot be overcome unless we practice/use degrees of the Universal Law that govern the science of our Creation. Since practice makes perfect and practice being the only known way to mastery of Persons, Places and Things; when we practice The Universal Law to overcome challenges and issues in our destiny, we are also mastering the Law.
Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit conceived of ways and means to assists in the practice of Universal Law. They broke down, of delineated the Universal Law into component parts that they named Laws of Maat. The Laws of Maat correspond to the Principles that characterize the constitution of The Human species; the Human species that becomes aware of their Spiritual Being, their divinity, and consciously practice The Law are called by Khalifah Human Beings.
We call us practitioners of The Law, or the delineations of it, Human Beings to differentiate our degrees of Mastery of The Law from others Humans. The degrees of Mastery is not based on how much wealth humans possess or how much they/we Know: degrees are attained by the equivalent Understanding of that we claim to KNOW. The Understanding gives us the corresponding WISDOM to use the essence that is inculcated within THE KNOWLEDGE: Understanding Knowledge Equal Wisdom.
The Science in the Question for the awakening Human being is what they should practice to attain Mastery and become the divine being we were created to be. This is a profound question. Human Beings who contemplate and sincerely meditate on the question look for ways and means that can be universally practiced by us all.
Many claim certain rituals, chants & etc. will get us there. However, while ritualistic practices (religions); and chanting (OOOOMS) will get one to a certain degree of mastery, they cannot be suited universally for everyone: so there must be a methodology available that is suitable for everyone.
HIGH DEGREED SCIENTIST who has dedicated serious study to the Question has reached a consensus that is thought to be the answer. In simple English words as well as in other languages, the “Consensus” is that the practice of Goodness and the rejection of lesser Goodness (based on intentions), the rejection of Evil is THE WAY TO PRACTICE TO GET YOU THERE. The practice is played out via the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds.

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