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Wednesday (brown), 5/25/2017 =4=Maat: “LET THE FUN BEGIN”

I wondered the same thing when I first heard from her. She called to tell me that she had a book that NEEDED to be published. This was not unlike conversations I have had with some 5,000 to 10,000 other writers, and would be writers, over the course of the past four decades. In only the first few seconds of discussion, I sensed this caller was not ordinary. But though I am a pretty good estimator about Black writers, I needed more information about her.
I asked was her book fiction or non-fiction. She said non-fiction. I then asked her to tell me a little about her book; and why she’d said it NEEDED to be published. She gave me an ear full of some of the most captivating information I’d ever heard. It was about the culture that I grew up in, in the South Bronx, NYC back in the 1950’s on Brook Ave. between 169th and Kinderman Place. This was a place that was full of the Elders and Black youth that shaped my life to become, perhaps, the largest Black publisher in the Black world.
But Brook Ave was also ravished with drugs, prostitution, Gang bangers & etc. Back then the devastating drug was heroin, coke, & etc. These drugs was similar to, and had a similar effect on the abuser, but also nothing can compare to the way “Crack cocaine” tore through Black America during the time of this sister.
The Sister on the other end of the phone call was Teresa Queen Johnson. She told me that she had lived and survived the “Brook Ave.” culture experience. She was obviously highly intelligent and educated in “The System.” And I imagined she was a beauty to look at. I then asked her the question that would give me a indication about how she was using her obvious intelligence. I asked, ‘what book are you presently reading.’
“Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” by Dr. Amos N. Wilson.” Great! This was the 5th of more than 500 UBUS published books. I asked had she read any other books by Dr. Wilson.
“I have read all that could find by Dr. Wilson.” I told her to send me her manuscript to evaluate. She did and my estimation of her intelligence, education and beauty was confirmed. Queen Teresa Johnson won the UBUS “Best New Writer Black Book Awards” the next year.
She won in the year it was presented in Charlotte, N. C. Dr. Omar Reid, author of “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder” won the Carter G. Woodson Award that year. He also made a riveting speech. But I daresay, that the speech most of the guests remember was the dynamic, moving, informative speech by Dr. Teresa Queen Johnson. Queen Teresa Johnson will be out Guest Speaker the 23rd Black Book Award next week: June 3. Come and see and hear for yourself.

FRIDAY (green), 5/6/2016=2=Tehudi: Advance Lesson Actual Fact #1

FRIDAY (green), 5/6/2016=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to make wise, intelligent decisions that are in our own Best Interest. However, mystically speaking, Tehudi gives us the intelligence to Understand our Knowledge of The Creation; it is from the Understanding that we derive the Wisdom to practice the Essence that is within what we Know. This is not “Rocket Science” nor is it The Wherewithal necessary to Free Black People from the experimental, false, brutal doctrine of White Supremacy Oppression.
We Know the false experimental doctrine pervades every institution that is used to govern us all in the United States of America.
But the mass majority of Black people still survive the brutality and other perils to live successful, wholesome, satisfying, enjoyable lives. Of course we do so only to varying degrees; the degrees are determined by our Understanding of what we know about living in the White Supremacy based society called America. The ones of us living within, as FB Friend, Sister Kali Jenkins might say, levels of “low frequencies” succumb at early ages before obtaining more Understanding: hence Wisdom.
Meanwhile none of us would have survived had we not Learned Ancestors who lived among us in every era: *“Early Captivity, Middle Captivity & Latter Day Captivity.” Earlier Learned Ancestors spent an inordinate amount of energy teaching about how to survive with our Black Manhood & Black Womanhood intact. And we survived; many with GUSTO! The “Gusto” is symbolized and actualized in a myriad Persons, Places and Things. The Most glaring and jarring is POTUS (president of The United States) Barack Obama.
“Low frequency” succumbers are steeped in near slavery conditions throughout America; others are brutalized and murdered at early ages. Still others engage in petty crimes, or are Black Activist who “forget, go into error or make mistakes.” They wind up in updated, chattel slavery ran plantations called prisons. If the forgetfulness is extremely egregious they may lose their lives: hence Sandra Bland.
One example of extremely forgetfulness is When we forget the base lesson taught by Ancestor Dr. Fances C. Welsing. The basic lesson is that “if you don’t understand the false notion of white supremacy to a certain degree everything else you understand will only confuse you.”

SATURDAY (BLACK), 5/7/2016=3=Sekher=Power. Seker is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our use of power. Combined with HetHeru (#7) we Wisely (#2) use creativity & imagination in its practice to overcome challenges & issues.
The quiet thing about practicing the Laws of Maat is that there is really only one Universal Melanin Law and it incorporates all of the others. This is what we realize, feel and accept as we advance to a certain degree of practice via the Melanin Science of Life. Our Lesson this morning is to re-read the above with this consciously in mind.