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SUNDAY (yellow), 8/27/2017=9=Auset=Divine Love: Love is the universal love that binds the Universal All into the Oneness that it was Created to be.
Good Afternoon Everyone…
Thank You Son For The Introduction. My Name Is Khalifah And I Am Given The Distinct Pleasurable Honor To Welcome My Friend Dr. Kojo Yankah, His Family And The Ghananian Visitors To The United States Of America.
I Know Some Of You Have Probably Overstayed The Length Of Time That You Intended To Stay. But That Is Alright With Me; For “Without Contradiction,” As Kwame Ture Would Say, I Also Welcome And Open My Heart Felt Thanks To The Most Advanced Community Of People On The Planet: We Are Known By Many Names, Many Classifications And Characterizations, The Most Common Of Which Is So-Called Black American, Or African American. Thank You For Being Here To Help Me To Welcome Dr. Kojo His Family And Friends
It Is Us Black Americans Who Beat Back The Trees Where Now You See Skyscrapers & Etc. We Are Your Brothers And Your Sisters. And We Welcome And We Love Your Being Here To Honor One, Born In Africa Whose Life Has Always Shown, And Reflected The Truth About Your Ancestors Who Survived The Raids Into Our Villages In The Beginning Of Our Holocaust.
Dr. Kojo May Not Have Known At The Beginning Of His Career, But His Books And His Life Bear Witness That He Soon Found Out. His Is An Upbeat Message, a Pan Africanist Message. It Rings Out The Thought Of One African people; United States Of Africa!
Dr. Kojo Yankah And I Hit It Off Immediately When We Met Because There Was Not A Need For Me To Recount To Him The Sorrow Of We Who Survived The Maafa And Settled In North America, Albeit As Captive Africans. His Work Bear Witness To The Fact Kojo Knows We Are But One Noble Freedom Bound African People.

In Closing, Please Bear With Me, As I Welcome You Here Today, And To America For All Time, For As Long As You Find It Necessary To Be Here, I Want To Convey To You A Sense Of Exactly What We Survived; And Also Us Who Did Not survive, But Still Contributed So Well That We Have Also Thrived More Times Than Not. The Awesome, Relatively Accomplishments Of So-Called Black Americans Is What Backs My Assertion That We Are The Most Accomplished Community Of People On Earth. We Have The Evidence To Back This Statement.
Too many Black People, In America, Do Not Appreciate The Hell That We Survived; And The Level Of Accomplishments We Have Individually Achieved. It Is Also Clear About How This Was done. Surely This Is Because It Is Not Our Beloved African People Who Are The Primarily Beneficiaries Of Our Successes.
It Was Our Resistance That Has Beaten As Much Democracy Into This False, White Supremacy Based Nation As It Contains. And It Has A Lot! There Is More Democracy In The Usa Than Any Place I Have Seen Or Studied. Our Resistance Made It So; And We Aint Finished With It Yet.
Our Resistance Has Not Yet Gotten The Complete Freedom Some Absolutely Great Ancestors Conveyed To Us that Complete Freedom Looks And Feels Like. 2nd Class Citizenship Aint It: So We Have Work To Do.
Don’t Get Me Wrong, We Love Our Lives In America Because It Is The Place, I Personally Have Found That Offers the Best Opportunity To Contribute The Most To Pan Africanism. But No, We Are Not Finished Yet Because The Value Of Losses Are Still In Our Minds. I Want To Share A Little About The Weight Of The Losses And Also The Light We See At The End Of The Tunnel Of false, White Supremacy based Oppression.
My Favorite Way To Do This Is To Tell About Three Hell Trips That Those Of Us Who Survived Overcame To Get Here:
The First Hell Trip Was When We Were Captured In Our Villages On The Continent Of Africa. We Endured A Hell Trip To The Waiting Slave Dungeons. The Dungeons Stored Us In Captivity Until Enough Was There To Fill A Slave Ship. After The Ship Was Filled To Capacity, We Then Endured The Second Hell Trip.
White People Tried To Pretty It Up By Calling It The Middle Passage But Can Anyone Imagine Anything That Went On In The Slave Ship, That Us Who Survived, Had To Endure That Is Not In Hell? There Is Nothing That I Can Think Of That Would Not Happen In Hell If There Is Such A Place.
The Third And Last Hell Trip That I Want To Identify Was When We Got To North America, We Were Sold Off Of An Auction Block. The Dastard That Bought Us, Then Forced Us To Endure Yet Another Hell Trip. This One Brought Us From The Point Of Our Sale To His Slave Plantation. That Was Hell…
When I Realized My History As A Young Man, Yes I Was Sadden Even Amid The Great Life We, For The Most Part, Enjoy In Black America, The Part That We Control .
One Day I Asked My Friend, Neighbor And Mentor, Prof John Henric Clarke What Do We Have To Celebrate. I’d Happened Upon Him In When He Was In A Happy, Celebratory Mood. I Synically Asked Him What Do We Have To Celebrate: He Looked Sideways At Me And Said: We Can Always Celebrate Our Survival!
So Today We Enjoy, We Celebrate, The Fact The Gap Has Nearly Closed In Our Miseducation Regarding The Fact We Are One Great Freedom Bound People.
We Celebrate The New Book By Dr. Kojo Yankah; His Book May Completely close The Gap…..Thank You!
NOTE: The above written speech was not delivered for personal reasons. But an unwritten version was…


Dr. Kojo Yankah is from the Cape Coast; Cape Coast is in Ghana West Africa, where the “Slave Castles,” more correctly the so-called captive African holding dungeons. There Captive Africans who were captured in villages was stored until survivors made a full slave ship. The ships would then sail to North America and other place; that trafficked in Humanity most heinous crimes: The Tran-Atlantic Slave Trade.
Counting the time the Arab cousins of Europeans began the crime, the dastard enterprise lasted over 1000 years. Now, as we see the “End of the tunnel” in the false notion White Supremacy based Experiment, Africans with a certain degree of consciousness are taking stock of our ability to ensure that whatever Karma is visiting, or will visit Arabs and their cousins, the 1000 years Resistance that made Black people in the United States of America most dynamic and accomplished on the planet will survive. In other words, whatever be the fate of Europeans and their Arab cousins and Boules in Black America and around the world.
Us with the certain degree of consciousness and mentally preparedness must be the ones who insure the Karma of Europeans & their Cousins do not befall The Race. The Black Race.
Dr. Kojo will be present to review and sell his latest and one of his earliest books: “The Trials & Tribulations of J. J. Rawlins & the latest, an autobiography, “Our Motherland MY LIFE.” He is one of the premier African statesmen on the planet. As a student of Dr. Nkhumah, his entire life and career is based on uniting Africa and it people, including Black people in diaspora. His book and his speeches are upbeat, informative and timely.
Kojo’s U. S. Publisher, H. Khalif Khalifah will set up an exhibit of many of the 500 titles he has published over a 43 years career. Khalifah will also discuss his latest written books: “The Original Confessions of Nat Turner” [edited}, The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: Destruction of White Supremacy,” and “MELANIN SCIENCE: Mastering the Universal Law of Creation.”
The time and Place for this FREE event:
9826 Midlothian Turnpike North
Chesterfield, Virginia
AT 4:00 PM

MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In KKVV R.S.V.P asap!

MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In Kkvv:
Meaning For The Total Eclipse Will Be Assessed
The total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, August 21, 2017 is very much on the minds of conscious travelers on the annual Solar Cycle Journey; or in the least, it should be. Of course there is always significant meaning in KKVV. This one will not be different: it is the 186th year since the Revolt of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. There is also a profound symbolic significance to the blocking of the Sun. In fact everything that we know about the Sun empowers us.
On May 12, 1828 , Nat Turner received a significant vision; it was a confirmation that let him know he was on the right path. After the vision, Nat Turner needed only to act according to the Wisdom from the knowledge he understood to prepare for The Great Event in his future. That was the Revolt of the Black Liberation Army of 1831. As we shall see in the following quotes from his own words, the final sign to confide in Associates Henry, Hark, Sam & Nelson would come on February 12, 1831.
“…On the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens. The Spirit instantly appeared to me. The Serpent was loosened and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men; and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent; for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first…”
After this confirmation vision, all Nat Turner needed to do was to continue doing what he said he knew. He was to follow guidance to find out what he did not know at that time. He Obeyed, and for his obedience he received the sign he was looking for, February 12, 1831.
The Sign was a Total Eclipse of the Sun – just like the one we will be on the watch for 2 weeks from today, August 21, 2017: The 7th Nat Nat Turner Weekend Commemoration Celebration. Call 434-378-2140.
“…by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work. Until the first sign appeared, I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign, (the eclipse of the sun last February) I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons…
If you would like to be with us, including any number of “Spoken Word” Artist, Drummers, Drummers, Minister Akbar Muhammad; Dr. Kojo Yahkah & Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson, during one of the weekend days, parts of the days; or all of the days, call 434-378-2140.


Saturday August 19, 2017
THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY, DREWRYVILLE, VIRGINIA – One of the longest serving Executives of The Nation of Islam is gracing the place of the birth land of Nat turner. His name is Akbar Muhammad; he will be the Guest Speaker on the First day of the 7th gathering to Commemorate and celebrate the work of the Man who has been called “Black America’s greatest Freedom Fighter.”
Minister Akbar’s long, successful life of service to Black people does not parallel that of the physical fighting of Nat Turner; maybe because the work of Nat Turner & the Black Liberation Army made it unnecessary. So The Messenger did not instruct physically fighting [Except in self defense]. What the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, absolutely did instruct, was the necessity that Black people balance out Spirituality to that of our Physicality. An instruction to achieve balance is embodied within The Message: “Message to The Blackman in America.”
What Minister Akbar’s Life does parallel to the work of Nat Turner is his documented historic, committed, dedicated determination to follow instructions and build an alternative to the experiment in the false notion of White Supremacy based systems called the United States of America. Akbar “Accepted his own” under Minister Malcolm X, as Brother Larry. He came into, and has built a stellar, reliable, historic career as Assistant to Minister Louis Farrakhan into the 21st century.
There has not been a more pervasive, persistent, spiritual, philosophy and direct teachings than that of “The Message” – delivered to Black America in particular, but the entire world in general, than the one by The Honorable Elijah. Minister Akbar Muhammad has been and is the proverbial straw that solidifies Nation of Islam teachings. This history making Legend is going to introduce his own book, “History of The Nation of Islam.” He has not enriched himself in “Enriching” Millions of lives, now we have a chance to bestow “Just rewards for a job well done.”
Say what you may, feel what you will; The Message of Elijah under girds every aspect of Black resistance to oppression in America. It also under girds the beneficial work of Black people at large; the ones whose lives are not lived in resistance, but rather are lived to successfully “Just get along.” Moreover, as it is whenever a liberation message is delivered correctly, EVERYONE on the planet benefits from the message, I. E. “How to East to Live.”
There are many, many ways to understand the power “The Message” continues to have on the National Black Community. Of course, without an effective Leader, the Nation of Islam would be a fading philosophy and teaching. It is generally understood that the Leader of the Nation is Minister Louis Farrakhan. An important reason for Minister Farrakhan’s effectiveness is he wisely put Minister Akbar Muhammad in positions to show and prove himself time and time again.
Minister Akbar blew few opportunities to succeed. Come out to see, touch, feel and hear how he making history and why. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat”

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the powerful ability to bring Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. We conscious Sebekians must be ever mindful to consult with our composite delineated conjunctive law to be as careful as possible to: 1) Only bring Persons, Places and Things into unification that is righteous or righteously inclined 2) We must be super careful to be mindful of #37 of the 42 Principles of Maat – “I have not placed myself on a pedestal.”
WEDNESDAY (purple), 7/26/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. The delineated “Law of Maat” enhances our execution and use of power. The implication is that it will increase our ability to be more creative and imaginative in the application of power.
Be mindful and try it today. And remember, we are into our 43rd year of building a Virtual Power Base: so if you have ever been notified about the projection, frontally or like the Sankofa bird, to The Power Hour of 8am, keep the thoughts coming. It is working and you can see what it has brought into manifestation when you visit KKVV, the evolving “Place of Destination” for Black people at 26070 Barham Hills Road – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. 434-378-2140.
NAT TURNER WEEKEND DAY COMMEMORATION & CELEBRATION reservations ARE TRICKLING IN…we expect the “Trickle” to turn into a gush when we get Techi (August): so you are firmly advised to Reserve seats for Nat Turner War Trail tours as well as a seat during one of or all of the 3-Days event.
TO RESERVE A SPACE: go to paypal address Khalifah@khabooks.com payment to your “Family” at KKVV. You can also mail payments to: P. O. Box 1 – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. CHOICES for reservations ARE: Full payment for access on either day is $70.00. Camping out on Nat Turners Birth Land will be $25.00, this includes a KKVV Breakfast in Sister Reda’s Country Kitchen. For a wholesome Country breakfast, of course.
CHOICE #2: Pay an amount of $175.00 by August 1 for full access for each of the three days while seats last. The camping out on the land is not included. Access into KKVV is FREE (this is contrary to an earlier note). You’d just have to pay for everything, or sell KKVV products to earn your stay and contribute to the fundraising campaign. Call 434-378-2140 for more information: KNOW, KKVV is a friendly Children Place.


Nat Turner Day Weekend, August 19-21 in KKVV
JULY 20, 2017
NAT TURNER LIBRARY,SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY VIRGINIA – Dr. Kojo Yankah, Former Minister of State for the Nation of Ghana, West Africa in the Jerry J. Rawlings government – the Eminent Statesman will be the Guest Speaker at the 7th Annual Nat Turner Day weekend to commemorate & celebrate the history and legacy of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. Nat Turner Weekend is August 19-21 at KKVV in Southampton County, Virginia.
Dr. Kojo, besides this political work in Ghana as a Member of Parliament, is a renown, legendary Journalist. He is the Author of some 10 books about historic, history making during the liberation of Africa from colonial rule. He has also made much contemporary history in Africa’s struggle against “Neo-Colonialism,” as the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah termed all efforts to thwart Africa’s destiny to become One United Africa.
Dr. Kojo’s work in Neo-Colonialism laden Africa continues. Indeed, he is in America to do three basic things, 1) Attend the Doctorate graduation of his daughter-in-law from Walden University 2) A Nationwide tour to Promote his latest book and 3) Visit KKVV again, this time to see & research the Nat Turner Library Building as a part of his research for a new book,
The KKVV sponsored Nat Turner Day Commemoration and Celebration will be a standard event. Special Guest Speakers for each Day, they include Minister Akbar Muhammad (Saturday), Dr. Umar Ifatunde (Monday), Richmond’s own, Alfred I. Austin, and as per all KKVV/UBUS/YBBG/ events, a slew of independent Black writers, artist, vendors in a thriving African Marketplace, all in a festive atmosphere with plenty of drumming and other music and forms of communication.
Contrary to the usual in KKVV, attendance each day is “Fee” based, as the fundraising effort to save this tract of Nat Turner’s birth place continues: so admission is $20.00 for adults & children over 12 years old. Children under 12 is Free. The fee includes one meal. But does not include the daily tours of The Nat Turner War Trail tours; nor the daily lectures in the 70 seat Nat Turner Library. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.
If you cannot attend and would like to contribute to the Nat Turner Birth Land efforts, go to Paypal and use address Khalifah@khabooks.com – beginning Monday, July 24 you can make a reservation to attend all three days, or any part thereof at THE UNIVERSAL BOOKING AGENCY: www.melaninscience.com any problems whatsoever, call 434-378-2140