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MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In KKVV R.S.V.P asap!

MONDAY (blue), 8/7/2017-HetHeru; A Watch The Eclipse Of 2017 With Us In Kkvv:
Meaning For The Total Eclipse Will Be Assessed
The total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, August 21, 2017 is very much on the minds of conscious travelers on the annual Solar Cycle Journey; or in the least, it should be. Of course there is always significant meaning in KKVV. This one will not be different: it is the 186th year since the Revolt of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. There is also a profound symbolic significance to the blocking of the Sun. In fact everything that we know about the Sun empowers us.
On May 12, 1828 , Nat Turner received a significant vision; it was a confirmation that let him know he was on the right path. After the vision, Nat Turner needed only to act according to the Wisdom from the knowledge he understood to prepare for The Great Event in his future. That was the Revolt of the Black Liberation Army of 1831. As we shall see in the following quotes from his own words, the final sign to confide in Associates Henry, Hark, Sam & Nelson would come on February 12, 1831.
“…On the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens. The Spirit instantly appeared to me. The Serpent was loosened and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men; and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent; for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first…”
After this confirmation vision, all Nat Turner needed to do was to continue doing what he said he knew. He was to follow guidance to find out what he did not know at that time. He Obeyed, and for his obedience he received the sign he was looking for, February 12, 1831.
The Sign was a Total Eclipse of the Sun – just like the one we will be on the watch for 2 weeks from today, August 21, 2017: The 7th Nat Nat Turner Weekend Commemoration Celebration. Call 434-378-2140.
“…by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work. Until the first sign appeared, I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign, (the eclipse of the sun last February) I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons…
If you would like to be with us, including any number of “Spoken Word” Artist, Drummers, Drummers, Minister Akbar Muhammad; Dr. Kojo Yahkah & Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson, during one of the weekend days, parts of the days; or all of the days, call 434-378-2140.


Saturday August 19, 2017
THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY, DREWRYVILLE, VIRGINIA – One of the longest serving Executives of The Nation of Islam is gracing the place of the birth land of Nat turner. His name is Akbar Muhammad; he will be the Guest Speaker on the First day of the 7th gathering to Commemorate and celebrate the work of the Man who has been called “Black America’s greatest Freedom Fighter.”
Minister Akbar’s long, successful life of service to Black people does not parallel that of the physical fighting of Nat Turner; maybe because the work of Nat Turner & the Black Liberation Army made it unnecessary. So The Messenger did not instruct physically fighting [Except in self defense]. What the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, absolutely did instruct, was the necessity that Black people balance out Spirituality to that of our Physicality. An instruction to achieve balance is embodied within The Message: “Message to The Blackman in America.”
What Minister Akbar’s Life does parallel to the work of Nat Turner is his documented historic, committed, dedicated determination to follow instructions and build an alternative to the experiment in the false notion of White Supremacy based systems called the United States of America. Akbar “Accepted his own” under Minister Malcolm X, as Brother Larry. He came into, and has built a stellar, reliable, historic career as Assistant to Minister Louis Farrakhan into the 21st century.
There has not been a more pervasive, persistent, spiritual, philosophy and direct teachings than that of “The Message” – delivered to Black America in particular, but the entire world in general, than the one by The Honorable Elijah. Minister Akbar Muhammad has been and is the proverbial straw that solidifies Nation of Islam teachings. This history making Legend is going to introduce his own book, “History of The Nation of Islam.” He has not enriched himself in “Enriching” Millions of lives, now we have a chance to bestow “Just rewards for a job well done.”
Say what you may, feel what you will; The Message of Elijah under girds every aspect of Black resistance to oppression in America. It also under girds the beneficial work of Black people at large; the ones whose lives are not lived in resistance, but rather are lived to successfully “Just get along.” Moreover, as it is whenever a liberation message is delivered correctly, EVERYONE on the planet benefits from the message, I. E. “How to East to Live.”
There are many, many ways to understand the power “The Message” continues to have on the National Black Community. Of course, without an effective Leader, the Nation of Islam would be a fading philosophy and teaching. It is generally understood that the Leader of the Nation is Minister Louis Farrakhan. An important reason for Minister Farrakhan’s effectiveness is he wisely put Minister Akbar Muhammad in positions to show and prove himself time and time again.
Minister Akbar blew few opportunities to succeed. Come out to see, touch, feel and hear how he making history and why. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.


TUESDAY (red), 8/1/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance. When we are balanced we are at our maximum strength. Balance is the state that we aim to get to but it is not the state we want to remain at. When we execute power through our Words, Acts or Deeds, we go into a state of imbalance. This is necessary to concentrate force from all aspects of our balance into the direction to which our Words, Acts or Deeds (WAD’s) are aimed.
The aim when we execute our WAD’s is that they be in harmony to all aspects of ourselves as well as The Universal All. After the execution we should then intend to come back into Balance. Of course when we execute our WAD’s, especially in a liberation war, as per Nat Turner and the B.L.A. of 1831, there will be casualties; some more severe than others. In this case, if possible, as many Members of the BLA lost their lives in battle, but for those who were wounded, balance would be in healing both the physical and mental wounds. Successful healing includes using lessons from the fighting to continue the Good fight.
More pertinent, prevalent information about Nat Turner and the B.L.A. will be shared during the Nat Turner Day Commemoration Celebration, August 19-21, 2017. So suffice it to say today, After the revolt was aborted we have information about what Nat Turner did to get himself back into balance; we have less information about the fate of the rank and file soldiers. But we do have information about the escape and fate of a few. One thing of a certainty that we know is that more than a few managed to escape and return to their home plantations.
FINALLY about GEB: GEB is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that allow us to measure how balanced each of the laws are to each other. Our ultimate aim is to attain mastery of each of the delineated laws. When we have achieved this goal or any part thereof, GEB permit us to measure the degree to which we have reached on the Path of the mastery.
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, February 15, 2017
Dr. Umar Ifatunde brought his Black Empowerment message to Richmond, VA last night. It is not too early to call appearances by Dr. Umar “MUST” see events in Black America. There has been only, a relatively, few Must see lecturers in Black History in America; events where the Headlining personality has a complete vision to empower Black people – within the false notion of White supremacy based experiment called the United States of America.
While Dr. Umar is not there yet, he is definitely in the constellation of others, like Dr. Amos N. Wilson. Dr. Wilson had the right Vision and the necessary Black nationalist, Pan African Message to matched it; but never in his less, that 20 years of visibility, did my Friend Amos Wilson draw large crowds, any day of the week, to bask in a consummate message of a vision to empower the long suffering, National Black Community in the United States of America.
“There will be no way unless we make a way,” said Dr. Umar last night. He then went on to review the reasons for the blight, devastation and agony that still haunt Black people, even amid tremendous opportunities in this period of time in history. He then liberally spread inspirational, healing words – acting out some to the humored, adoring, inquisitive, appreciative, Respectful and celebratory large Tuesday evening gathering.
Seemingly, Dr. Umar touched on every pressure point; and also on many ripping ready happy points in Black America. These ranged from his opening expose’ about overt as well as covert assaults on Black children within the false doctrine known as White Supremacy Oppression: the base of U. S. A. Education Institutions, He said:
“When the principal or teachers call a conference to evaluate your child to administer Ridlin and other ADHA medications. LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: What do you think?” He pointed out that it is against the law to give drugs to a student without permission of the parents.
“Sloppy and Lazy Disability.” He identified this as the most prevalent deficiency in parents and their children Black America.
“Our Ancestors were not slaves, they were enslaved…” because they resisted the designs of the slave owning people.
“You are slaves in this day because you volunteer to do what slaves do: You trust the systems because it is the system.”
“Don’t sign any paper until you take it home and read it…” Decisions about your child must be made together: There should be no decisions about your child unless you agree.”
“Don’t let them know you are a single parent…never go to school by yourself. They need to know there are others who care about your child besides you.”
“According to the Laws of Virginia, the Principal cannot suspend your child. They can only recommend suspension to The Board.”
After a thorough treating of Education deficiencies in Black America, Dr. Umar went on to point out the main malady and slavery mentality of so called Black professionals, open or not, Boule’ demented folk – Former U. S. President Barack Obama was the sterling example as he said:
“The only thing they ever wanted from America was acceptance from White people.” The Boule’ and wanna bees, openly pledge self subordination to white people forever.
Dr. Umar then treated the other social needs of Black people – Black Church, Black mosque/Masjid, Interracial dating and marriages, Homosexuality, lack of success of the “Hotep and Conscious Communities, Knowledge of Self does not eradicate Hatred of Self!” He declared.
Umar wrapped up a memorable evening by reviewing places he will be at, and what he will be doing over the next six month: Annual College Tour of students to Black Colleges: they will visit places designed to instill necessary pride inspiration and confidence within them. The college tour students will be with him on his budding traditional return to The Nat Turner Trail Tour in Southampton County in Virginia. This year, June 28 to July 10.
The consummation of the summer will be commemoration 186th anniversary of The Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army that he organized and led. There will be a Total Solar Eclipse on the actual date of August 21, 2017. Of all places Umar could be in the world, he chose to be at the Nat Turner Library Building Complex on August 21. If you have not yet been a part the Umar Ifatunde Experience make it to this one.
Obviously, the Total Eclipse is a remarkable sign of some major significance. At the least, this is the level for which we are planning. Whether or not the Place in Black America that purports to be “The Place of Destination For Black people during crisis,” to vacation, take the Nat Turner Trail Tour, Self-Educate in The Nat Turner Library, or come to the Children Friendly expansive Campus of The Nat Turner Library Complex.
We have begun to prepare for our Annual Nat Turner Day Celebration, featuring one of the most Unique, Dedicated, Committed Black Humans of our time: Dr. Umar Ifatunde. All who are interested in attending should email us at publish@khabooks.com or call 434-378-2140 10 am to 3 pm. We will tell you what to do.

THURSDAY (purple), 1/19/2017=3=Sekher=Power: Pt. 2 Understanding Response to Critics of Dr. Umar Ifatunde

SISTER CATHY HARRIS, Thank you for the context of words when you called me Elder. It means a lot to me; for we have worked hard to serve the Total Black community: So at a given time a certain number may be at odds with each other. There is nothing wrong with that, in my view, so long as they stay with the facts; are not disagreeable and are sincere. In my opinion your person and volume of journalistic work meets both criteria.
I try to comment only on how individuals present them self to me: i can only hope this is seen and appreciated in my response to you vs Dr. Umar Ifatunde.
Baba Awadu Keidi and i go back into the 1990’s: So, as Conscious Elders, me more elderly, with a “Body of Work” that tells who we are and where we have been; as well as the Path we are on the move Within, our long years have allowed us to witness the emergence of many. Most appear for a “New York minute” then fade back and, when they are sincere and work hard and smart find a good place in the general populace.
Others present their Personage in their emergence, searching for or having found good, productive Places & Things that others find value in and are willing to pay for – giving us necessary Independent resources/energy to remain steadfast and relevant to The African Liberation Struggle as Human Beings; Respectfully, You, Keidi and I generally work and have our Being at this “Agonizingly,” wonderful, productive, satisfying, enjoyable and peaceful station.
Still others arrive with the potential to become dynamic, trans-formative agents for the total liberation of African people. They are rare and are so consummate, well prepared and dynamic when they arrive, we can only hope they see enough value in what we are doing that they deem useful in their assent. Totally dependent on their degree of perception and acceptance of our work, the potentially Trans formative Blackman and Woman will permit the usefulness for our products or service to be leverage that will give them pause in the face of many perilous decisions they are called on to get Right every time via the Execution of their Words, Acts & Deeds.
While it is impossible to get every decision Right, every time, the majority that are, oftentimes are over shadowed by the ones they get not so right. In essence, as Elders we try to mitigate the “Not so right” decisions. In other words, Hopefully the potentially Transformative Agent for Black liberation and freedom will be humble enough in disposition to accept direct advice. Since this is nearly impossible, Elders are called on to find palpable ways to reach such dynamic personalities. Another word for “reach” as used here is leverage.
Most times, to “Learned Elders” dynamic personalities become “Work/Humans in progress.” As such they are guided and supported to find The Path that will mitigate their Errors, Mistakes and Excesses at the decisions all Humans and Human Beings are called on to make in life. This is embracing a Spiritual Path that balances our Spirituality and Physicality, In the case of the potentially Transformative Agent, his or her Dynamic Personality is the Physicality.
“A dominating personality is founded on physical energy which is a neutral result of physical energy.” —- Dwight D. Morris

THURSDAY (purple), 6/22/2017=2=Tehudi/Sebek=Wisdom: Builders & Visionaries Needed

THURSDAY (purple), 6/22/2017=2=Tehudi/Sebek=Wisdom in combining Persons, Places and Things to make what is considered a whole entity within the Universe.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 6/23/2016=2=Tehudi=Wisdom. The Wisdom to take the knowledge we have to the next, logical place in our minds; that is to use it to maximize the Blessings in our Life Experience.
At the top of the Blessings is to have Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences. That is to understand our knowledge about challenges and issues that happens in our destiny as Humans. Your degree of understanding the knowledge will give you the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice the essence of what is within the knowledge (the teachings)
Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit left us a clear legacy of how they lived, or would have lived their lives, had they command of the technological advances Humans have blazed in science since their legacies were being made – and vouchsafed. We can touch, see and feel the fact that they had a great command and vision of how to live successful, wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences.
The evidence we can see, touch and feel, etc., are the edifices that remain standing: From Omec Heads on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean to the Pyramids and other profundities in present day Egypt.
While it is certainly the physical structures that agitate the minds of all Humans to know our Ancestors achieved remarkable feats, us who have made it our business to go deeper into their Spirituality and Philosophy understand very well, it was the Balancing of equally profound spiritual practices that made it all work to the umpteenth degree. They also vouchsafed their practices in physical structure as well as their spiritual practices.
The Ancestors were not perfect; and nor are we in this day and age. But they obviously had the vision and desire to live in a state of being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible. Their vision is the state we call Maat.
A growing mass of Black people, in the United States of America, also have the vision and desire to live in a state of being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible.
Ours is a State that we call Complete Freedom, Justice & Equality. While our Ancestor lost their own vision of Maat/Freedom, it is now found in us: Black people in North America (as far as I can see). Many of us are doing things that insure Black people will not lose our Freedom forever. Our Learned Ancestors left clear instructions for us to abide in about how to live within the state we call Freedom, Justice & Equality. Or, IMPORTANTLY, vouchsafe our visions of ways and means to successfully get the job done. THE SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY
Moreover, our Ancestors vouchsafed their legacies to us in plain sight. It is in the simple facts about a trip that Humans repeat every year of our lives. That is we journey on the Earth as it goes around the Sun year after year after year. Furthermore, to survive the 4 (four seasons & etc.) during the Solar Cycle Journey, there are definite practices that we are compelled to engage or we will perish; depending on the severity of our faults regarding the requirements we may perish immediately.
However, the practices compel us to engage Persons, Places & Things. These practices result in varying degrees of mastery of the laws of our own constitution. Practices does indeed “Make perfect!” When we consciously observe Persons, Places & Things in our lives, we “Make perfect” more readily.
In other words we are compelled, according to our Learned, Credible Ancestors, to practice the delineated “Laws of Maat.” The delineation is taken from the Universal Melanin Law of our constitution. When we successfully practice The Law, our stay in our Earth Suits (Humans) life becomes more Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying and Enjoyable Life Experiences.
Our Recently departed Ancestors successfully studied and understood certain degrees or the legacies of our Ancient Ancestors. Many also had wholesome degrees of understanding about the Loathsome Journey known as The Liberation Struggle of African people. We are speaking about Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Dr. Frances C. Welsing, Prof. John H. Clarke, Brother Preston Wilcox, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Atty Chokwe Lumumba, Brother Steve Cokeley, Dr. Khallid Muhammad, Queen Mother Moore, Brother Robert Harris, Sister Reda Faard Khalifah, Brother Mahmud Ramza, Mr. Simon Bly Jr., Dr. Tony Martin, Brother Lumumba Odinga, Brother Kwame Ture & etc.
The understanding gave them the Wisdom to conclude that Black people will NOT be Free until we control every bit of our own destiny. The Messenger made the same lesson so plain “Even a fool can understand it.” He said “Do For Self of suffer the consequences.”
KKVV means Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. It is a vision of one of the nine in North America by Master Keidu Awadu. Khalifah Means Representative of The Creator; it means Self-Determination: KKVV is a place where you are bound to find individuals who are practicing Self-Determination. That is, doing for self.
The land is a 123 acre tract of some of the birth land of Nat Turner. In the past and present, some of the important things we have practiced from the advice of our Ancestors are: The fields are used to grow food and herbs, the woods are used to practice Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. And of course we produce and sell literature that is written by for or about Black people.