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By Queen Mother Audley Moore

What’s the Hour of the Night?

After four score years of freedom
Our so-called leaders say
That the race has made great progress
And we face the dawn of day
But the day is not quite dawning
Millions of my people stand
Pleading at the bars of justice
For reparations and land
We’re not free in the country
And the truth is the light
So I turn and ask my watchman
What’s the Hour of the night?

We died fighting for democracy
I admit this to be true
Yet countless African men & women
Have no homes or work to do
If we wish to see the daylight
Or the rising of the sun
We need our self-determination
Our own affair to run
Since only reparations will
Put freedom in our sight
Let us turn and ask the watchman
What’s the hour of the night?

We fought with the mighty armies
When they battled with the Huns
Faced the fierce pangs of combat
Heard the roar of mighty guns
But no change came in our condition
When the smoke had cleared away
For the blood we shed in battle
Did not bring the dawn of day
All of our suffering and service
Left us in the same old plight
So I turn and ask my watchman
What’s the hour of the night?

The whites ate celebrating their freedom
A bicentennial whose praise they sing
But Africans are also jumping on board
Although we didn’t get a thing
We’re still struggling for integration
As though it was a glorious fight
So I’ve got to ask my watchman
What’s the hour of the night?

Music is an art or science
In which African men reign supreme
But the story of our progress
Is still a story or a dream
But we have great voices for singing
But we have no voice in court
Imagine being attacked my police dogs
Just to register and vote
With self-determination
We would have our perfect night
So we turn and ask out watchman
What’s the hour of the night?

African men boast of their religion
Though I wonder if they should
When you take an inventory
You’ll find them not so good
We build thousands of fine churches
With the dollars that we give
Yet masses of our people
Have no decent place to live
We say God is our rich father
Yet we’re always in a tight
Watchman strike a match and tell me
What’s the hour of the night?

Civil rights laws just for us
Is proof that we’re not free
How could we be fooled to think
We had a share in this democracy
When foreigners come here
They’re made citizens by choice
Citizenship was imposed upon us
We never had a voice
The passage of the 14th amendment
Took away the right
So you better ask your watchman
What’s the hour of the night?

Time is running put for us
A deadline we must meet
To file reparation petitions
And make politicians earn their seatsINTED
If we’re to win this battle
Every organization must join the fight
Then we’ll tell our watchman
What’s the hour of the night.
Queen Mother Audley Moore
July 27, 1950

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat”

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the powerful ability to bring Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. We conscious Sebekians must be ever mindful to consult with our composite delineated conjunctive law to be as careful as possible to: 1) Only bring Persons, Places and Things into unification that is righteous or righteously inclined 2) We must be super careful to be mindful of #37 of the 42 Principles of Maat – “I have not placed myself on a pedestal.”
WEDNESDAY (purple), 7/26/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. The delineated “Law of Maat” enhances our execution and use of power. The implication is that it will increase our ability to be more creative and imaginative in the application of power.
Be mindful and try it today. And remember, we are into our 43rd year of building a Virtual Power Base: so if you have ever been notified about the projection, frontally or like the Sankofa bird, to The Power Hour of 8am, keep the thoughts coming. It is working and you can see what it has brought into manifestation when you visit KKVV, the evolving “Place of Destination” for Black people at 26070 Barham Hills Road – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. 434-378-2140.
NAT TURNER WEEKEND DAY COMMEMORATION & CELEBRATION reservations ARE TRICKLING IN…we expect the “Trickle” to turn into a gush when we get Techi (August): so you are firmly advised to Reserve seats for Nat Turner War Trail tours as well as a seat during one of or all of the 3-Days event.
TO RESERVE A SPACE: go to paypal address Khalifah@khabooks.com payment to your “Family” at KKVV. You can also mail payments to: P. O. Box 1 – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. CHOICES for reservations ARE: Full payment for access on either day is $70.00. Camping out on Nat Turners Birth Land will be $25.00, this includes a KKVV Breakfast in Sister Reda’s Country Kitchen. For a wholesome Country breakfast, of course.
CHOICE #2: Pay an amount of $175.00 by August 1 for full access for each of the three days while seats last. The camping out on the land is not included. Access into KKVV is FREE (this is contrary to an earlier note). You’d just have to pay for everything, or sell KKVV products to earn your stay and contribute to the fundraising campaign. Call 434-378-2140 for more information: KNOW, KKVV is a friendly Children Place.


Nat Turner Day Weekend, August 19-21 in KKVV
JULY 20, 2017
NAT TURNER LIBRARY,SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY VIRGINIA – Dr. Kojo Yankah, Former Minister of State for the Nation of Ghana, West Africa in the Jerry J. Rawlings government – the Eminent Statesman will be the Guest Speaker at the 7th Annual Nat Turner Day weekend to commemorate & celebrate the history and legacy of Nat Turner and the BLA of 1831. Nat Turner Weekend is August 19-21 at KKVV in Southampton County, Virginia.
Dr. Kojo, besides this political work in Ghana as a Member of Parliament, is a renown, legendary Journalist. He is the Author of some 10 books about historic, history making during the liberation of Africa from colonial rule. He has also made much contemporary history in Africa’s struggle against “Neo-Colonialism,” as the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah termed all efforts to thwart Africa’s destiny to become One United Africa.
Dr. Kojo’s work in Neo-Colonialism laden Africa continues. Indeed, he is in America to do three basic things, 1) Attend the Doctorate graduation of his daughter-in-law from Walden University 2) A Nationwide tour to Promote his latest book and 3) Visit KKVV again, this time to see & research the Nat Turner Library Building as a part of his research for a new book,
The KKVV sponsored Nat Turner Day Commemoration and Celebration will be a standard event. Special Guest Speakers for each Day, they include Minister Akbar Muhammad (Saturday), Dr. Umar Ifatunde (Monday), Richmond’s own, Alfred I. Austin, and as per all KKVV/UBUS/YBBG/ events, a slew of independent Black writers, artist, vendors in a thriving African Marketplace, all in a festive atmosphere with plenty of drumming and other music and forms of communication.
Contrary to the usual in KKVV, attendance each day is “Fee” based, as the fundraising effort to save this tract of Nat Turner’s birth place continues: so admission is $20.00 for adults & children over 12 years old. Children under 12 is Free. The fee includes one meal. But does not include the daily tours of The Nat Turner War Trail tours; nor the daily lectures in the 70 seat Nat Turner Library. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.
If you cannot attend and would like to contribute to the Nat Turner Birth Land efforts, go to Paypal and use address Khalifah@khabooks.com – beginning Monday, July 24 you can make a reservation to attend all three days, or any part thereof at THE UNIVERSAL BOOKING AGENCY: www.melaninscience.com any problems whatsoever, call 434-378-2140

Wednesday (brown), 5/25/2017 =4=Maat: “LET THE FUN BEGIN”

I wondered the same thing when I first heard from her. She called to tell me that she had a book that NEEDED to be published. This was not unlike conversations I have had with some 5,000 to 10,000 other writers, and would be writers, over the course of the past four decades. In only the first few seconds of discussion, I sensed this caller was not ordinary. But though I am a pretty good estimator about Black writers, I needed more information about her.
I asked was her book fiction or non-fiction. She said non-fiction. I then asked her to tell me a little about her book; and why she’d said it NEEDED to be published. She gave me an ear full of some of the most captivating information I’d ever heard. It was about the culture that I grew up in, in the South Bronx, NYC back in the 1950’s on Brook Ave. between 169th and Kinderman Place. This was a place that was full of the Elders and Black youth that shaped my life to become, perhaps, the largest Black publisher in the Black world.
But Brook Ave was also ravished with drugs, prostitution, Gang bangers & etc. Back then the devastating drug was heroin, coke, & etc. These drugs was similar to, and had a similar effect on the abuser, but also nothing can compare to the way “Crack cocaine” tore through Black America during the time of this sister.
The Sister on the other end of the phone call was Teresa Queen Johnson. She told me that she had lived and survived the “Brook Ave.” culture experience. She was obviously highly intelligent and educated in “The System.” And I imagined she was a beauty to look at. I then asked her the question that would give me a indication about how she was using her obvious intelligence. I asked, ‘what book are you presently reading.’
“Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” by Dr. Amos N. Wilson.” Great! This was the 5th of more than 500 UBUS published books. I asked had she read any other books by Dr. Wilson.
“I have read all that could find by Dr. Wilson.” I told her to send me her manuscript to evaluate. She did and my estimation of her intelligence, education and beauty was confirmed. Queen Teresa Johnson won the UBUS “Best New Writer Black Book Awards” the next year.
She won in the year it was presented in Charlotte, N. C. Dr. Omar Reid, author of “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder” won the Carter G. Woodson Award that year. He also made a riveting speech. But I daresay, that the speech most of the guests remember was the dynamic, moving, informative speech by Dr. Teresa Queen Johnson. Queen Teresa Johnson will be out Guest Speaker the 23rd Black Book Award next week: June 3. Come and see and hear for yourself.

TUESDAY (red), 1/24/2017=8=Sebek=Unification: Combining Righteous Or Righteously Inclined

TUESDAY (red), 1/24/2017=8=Sebek=Unification in all our aspects and needs. Sebek was my first adopted name; taken during my first Conscious Solar Cycle Journey. It was not a difficult name to express my ability to attract and unite Persons, Places and Things needed by one and all. My focus in life reflected the fact uniting the “Things” that individuals needed to make books; the whole entities they felt was needed to make them whole, or fulfill their dream s.
The “Things” I was already the master of, up to the year 2011, easily described me. That is I’d attained to a certain degree of mastering bringing the persons, places and things together to make books and other products of printed words. “You see,” Sebek is the delineated “Law of Maat” that allows us practitioners of the craft to put Letters together to make words; Words together to make sentences; Sentences together to make paragraphs; Paragraphs to make pages; and Pages together to make a whole book.
Up to said year of my First Conscious Solar Cycle Journey I was already instrumental in having produced more than 500 books. My first Conscious Solar Cycle Journey year was also the year that I returned to dynamically structure what I am in the process of building within KKVV (the Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia).
Moreover, this was the year that I met the Human whom I recognized to be a potentially, Transformation Leader of African people; on the anniversary day of the hanging of his counterpart in 1831, Mystic Nat Turner. The day was 11/11/11. And the Human I estimated had the potential, as well as capacity to be a Transformation Leader: was Dr. Umar Johnson.
Today I am preparing the coming commemoration of the Vision that released Nat Turner from the “Vow” that sealed his lips about his plan to revolt. The Vision was seen and accepted on February 12, 1831. Added this year to activities during the day, as I told The African Ancestor Chamber Sunday, will be a Major Announcement about the destiny of KKVV.
he other activities will be the usual: Nat Turner Trail Tour, Good Food to eat, Good Music to listen to and Good Black people to network with. Call 434-38-2140 for more information.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 1/18/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom; DR. UMAR IFATUNDE IN DURHAM

WEDNESDAY (brown), 1/18/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom. Wisdom to “Do the right thing at the right time in the right frame of mind.” In Other words, to speak right, act right and have the right intentions in every place and time. Do the research to understand how to attain mastery over Tehudi: Yes, mastery over the execution of the Law of Maat called Wisdom.
This was our first Umar Johnson event since knowing about the controversy swirling around him. From what I saw last night, maybe to the dismay of his opposition, the controversy appears to be having the amazing affect of boosting his appeal. The venue in Durham was at a roomy facility called The Hayti Center. Black people filled the place with a Standing Room Only crowd of people, excited to see, in person, “The Prince of Pan-Africanism.” He did not disappoint.
As we have said before, when I enjoined the African Liberation Struggle, several decades ago, “The Elders were on the lookout for a qualified, talented unafraid, charismatic personality to represent “Black Nationalist Thought and Practice.” Pan Africanism is the overall term used for the Universal African/Black Independence Movement: so don’t be confused.
We also must not be confused when we estimate the magnitude of the correctness and importance of message bringers like Dr. Umar. He is a genuine Super Star who is unafraid to stand on the hallowed ground that only uncompromised, independent Blackmen and Blackwomen can work and have their Being. For sure, there is a steep must price that they willingly pay.
We may question anything; dislike anything, especially his public mistakes, but one thing one can ill afford, if they themselves are sincere advocates for the Liberation of African people. That is, the work Umar Johnson is doing is good and absolutely necessary to empower Black people. His message is unabashedly tailor made to address the must needs of Black people; today and for all time. Many times in life, there is uniquely only one thing that can do the proverbial “Job.” Speaking factually bravely in opposition to the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression is IT FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE in The United States of America.
Of course, Black people have never, ever, in any period of time, in any generation lacked for committed, dedicated, courageous, talented, good looking Charismatic Leaders. But to put my own estimation about the potential and the actuality of Dr. Umar Johnson in perspective let me just say, relatively few of our would-be- qualified, unafraid liberators today or yesterday have been SUPERSTARS. That is, carriers of The Special Something that the Black masses feel they must come out to see and hear he or she “Speak Truth to Power.”

Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior

Facebook © 2017 News Feed
Osiris Akkebalahttps://www.facebook.com/osiris.akkebala.5?fref=nf
3 hrs •
Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior
Chief Elder Osiris
Not since Garvey, have we Black people had A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan influence in the world that Black Men like Nkrumah can be influenced in a positive way toward Afrika and the Black self.
In 2017, there need to be a call to Black people by serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans, to come to a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan conference, so to establish a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan agenda that will be the focus on Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, and such an agenda is to be made known to the East And West Power Nations, so that there can be no mistake of there being a difference in Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans and Black America Nationalist.
We Black Afrika Nationalist must be willing to make sure that the world know that even within the Black Race, there are various factions that do not subscribe to Black Afrika Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism and Vice Versus .
Now, being a Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan, it does not mean that Black Afrika Nationalism is in opposition to America White and Black America Nationalism, it just mean that there are Black Afrikans in America who understand our spiritual connection to Afrika, and being Black Afrikans in America not by choice, we have a patriotic duty to Afrika, just as the White America Nationalist feel like they have to America.
There is nothing belligerent about Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans desiring to focus our attention on reclaiming Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to cease with the tribal division of Black Afrikan people in favor of unity of oneness among Black people, being Black is the only natural sign of our true Divine identity.
White America must come to be aware of the difference in the Black Nationalist in America not by choice and the Black America Nationalist who also is in America not by choice, and that it is the Black Afrika Nationalist who is responsible to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, to collect their Reparation, and to take our Enslaved Ancestors Back Home to Afrika, with the children of those Enslaved Afrikans, having a Right to become the next established State in Afrika, that is the direction that the trajectory of the Black Afrika Nationalist behavior must be in motion toward, today.
Such is the reason why there must be a coming together of Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans, so that the agreeing of mind can be established, and can not be compromised, and Reparation belonging to our Enslaved Ancestors, represent our Freedom from America, and to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Is A Noble Cause To Fight For..
Therefore, anybody with respect for those Afrikans who were Enslaved by America and her surrogates, should know and be able to understand that the Black Afrikans In America not by choice, is in demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, proud of our Afrika Nationalism, and we do so without hesitation.
America must pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, which they have already earned, and the serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan must not cease from demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation until justice is done to them, thus, to their Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan children, we who are in America not by choice.
Such A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Gathering, is way over due, Black Woman and Man !!!
2017 must be the action year of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism without a doubt about what we must do to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation Freedom, away from America, with Afrika to be our destination !!!
The Doctrine Of Garvey Black Nationalism Pan Afrikanism Is The Only Sermon Black Afrikans Need To Hear And Submit Too, That Is If Black Afrikans Are Serious About Becoming Free Again, Black Afrikans Are Not Free Today, Black People!!!
Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved@2017

THURSDAY (purple), 6/22/2017=2=Tehudi/Sebek=Wisdom: Builders & Visionaries Needed

THURSDAY (purple), 6/22/2017=2=Tehudi/Sebek=Wisdom in combining Persons, Places and Things to make what is considered a whole entity within the Universe.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 6/23/2016=2=Tehudi=Wisdom. The Wisdom to take the knowledge we have to the next, logical place in our minds; that is to use it to maximize the Blessings in our Life Experience.
At the top of the Blessings is to have Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences. That is to understand our knowledge about challenges and issues that happens in our destiny as Humans. Your degree of understanding the knowledge will give you the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice the essence of what is within the knowledge (the teachings)
Our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit left us a clear legacy of how they lived, or would have lived their lives, had they command of the technological advances Humans have blazed in science since their legacies were being made – and vouchsafed. We can touch, see and feel the fact that they had a great command and vision of how to live successful, wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying, Enjoyable Life Experiences.
The evidence we can see, touch and feel, etc., are the edifices that remain standing: From Omec Heads on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean to the Pyramids and other profundities in present day Egypt.
While it is certainly the physical structures that agitate the minds of all Humans to know our Ancestors achieved remarkable feats, us who have made it our business to go deeper into their Spirituality and Philosophy understand very well, it was the Balancing of equally profound spiritual practices that made it all work to the umpteenth degree. They also vouchsafed their practices in physical structure as well as their spiritual practices.
The Ancestors were not perfect; and nor are we in this day and age. But they obviously had the vision and desire to live in a state of being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible. Their vision is the state we call Maat.
A growing mass of Black people, in the United States of America, also have the vision and desire to live in a state of being as close to that of the Divine Order of the Creation as possible.
Ours is a State that we call Complete Freedom, Justice & Equality. While our Ancestor lost their own vision of Maat/Freedom, it is now found in us: Black people in North America (as far as I can see). Many of us are doing things that insure Black people will not lose our Freedom forever. Our Learned Ancestors left clear instructions for us to abide in about how to live within the state we call Freedom, Justice & Equality. Or, IMPORTANTLY, vouchsafe our visions of ways and means to successfully get the job done. THE SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY
Moreover, our Ancestors vouchsafed their legacies to us in plain sight. It is in the simple facts about a trip that Humans repeat every year of our lives. That is we journey on the Earth as it goes around the Sun year after year after year. Furthermore, to survive the 4 (four seasons & etc.) during the Solar Cycle Journey, there are definite practices that we are compelled to engage or we will perish; depending on the severity of our faults regarding the requirements we may perish immediately.
However, the practices compel us to engage Persons, Places & Things. These practices result in varying degrees of mastery of the laws of our own constitution. Practices does indeed “Make perfect!” When we consciously observe Persons, Places & Things in our lives, we “Make perfect” more readily.
In other words we are compelled, according to our Learned, Credible Ancestors, to practice the delineated “Laws of Maat.” The delineation is taken from the Universal Melanin Law of our constitution. When we successfully practice The Law, our stay in our Earth Suits (Humans) life becomes more Successful, Wholesome, Rewarding, Satisfying and Enjoyable Life Experiences.
Our Recently departed Ancestors successfully studied and understood certain degrees or the legacies of our Ancient Ancestors. Many also had wholesome degrees of understanding about the Loathsome Journey known as The Liberation Struggle of African people. We are speaking about Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Dr. Frances C. Welsing, Prof. John H. Clarke, Brother Preston Wilcox, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Atty Chokwe Lumumba, Brother Steve Cokeley, Dr. Khallid Muhammad, Queen Mother Moore, Brother Robert Harris, Sister Reda Faard Khalifah, Brother Mahmud Ramza, Mr. Simon Bly Jr., Dr. Tony Martin, Brother Lumumba Odinga, Brother Kwame Ture & etc.
The understanding gave them the Wisdom to conclude that Black people will NOT be Free until we control every bit of our own destiny. The Messenger made the same lesson so plain “Even a fool can understand it.” He said “Do For Self of suffer the consequences.”
KKVV means Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia. It is a vision of one of the nine in North America by Master Keidu Awadu. Khalifah Means Representative of The Creator; it means Self-Determination: KKVV is a place where you are bound to find individuals who are practicing Self-Determination. That is, doing for self.
The land is a 123 acre tract of some of the birth land of Nat Turner. In the past and present, some of the important things we have practiced from the advice of our Ancestors are: The fields are used to grow food and herbs, the woods are used to practice Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. And of course we produce and sell literature that is written by for or about Black people.

2016 PROSPECTS FOR FREEDOM: Through A Prism of The Thoughts & Practices Of Some Of Today’s Dynamic Scholars & Builders

In the year 2015 there was a rise of correct, dynamic, charismatic Blackmen and Women in the National Black Community. A reservoir surfaced within the collective leadership of the “Black Lives Matter Movement.” If the time for the leadership of the future is not in our presence, we can expect some extremely powerful, non compromising leaders to emerge from the BLMM.

But for now, in a time honored tradition, the most dedicated, committed and talented individuals tend to distinguish themselves in times of need. Such a time is unquestionably now in Black America. And a identifiable nuclei of such leaders are busy within the National Black Community.

The best known, most relevant to the liberation necessities of Black people are in their forties and early fifties. They are both scholars and institution builders. None came to prominence out of a vacuum: But they have commanded and synthesized the Independent thoughts and practices that some feel was Black America’s “Greatest Generation.”

It is because of this dynamic thought and practice, in a growing nuclei of Leaders that cause us to estimate “PROSPECTS FOR FREEDOM IN THE YEAR” 2016 is pretty good!

The long awaited correct thinking nuclei of Black individuals are awakened to the thoughts, and are practicing the successful Ways of Ancestors as well as that of uncompromising, contemporary Black Elders: “Black people will not be empowered to reclaim our Freedom, Justice & Equality until we build Independent Black Institutions.” And “Do For Self!”

The practice is building the Institutions and not just teaching the knowledge about the need for them. The thoughts empowers them to attain degrees to Master Ways to be successful. As masters, their degree of Understanding gives them the equivalent degree of Wisdom to use the essence that is within the Knowledge.

Arguably, The last “Special Generation” in Black America was during the 1960’s. This generation also synthesized The Thoughts and practices of past generations. They effectively shook the foundation of the false notion, White Supremacy based nation called the United States of America.

The “Special Generation” did the job. They beat up on and opened doors of opportunity into “the system.” Today’s dynamic nuclei of charismatic leaders sprinted through the doors, avoided the mis-education traps; and got a handle on cutting edge technology. They acquired skill sets to build mechanisms to “Do For Self!”

Synthesizing leadership thoughts and practices is inter generational. In example, Black Scholars and Builders in the 1960’s synthesized the thoughts and practices of Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, A Philip Randolph, W. E. B. Debois, Paul Robertson, Carter G. Woodson, George G. M. James, George Padmore & many other known and unknown individuals of the era.

Today’s correct nuclei of Black leaders synthesized the thought and practice of Minister Malcolm X, Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Franz Fanon, Dr. Amos Wilson, Prof. John Henric Clarke, Stokley Carmichel (Kwame Ture), Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Steve Cokely, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seal, Herman Ferguson, Queen Mother Moore, Robert Brock, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Attorney Chokwe Lumumba, Dr. ben Jochannan, Imari Baraka, Hoyt Fuller, Carlos A. Cooks, Robert Harris, Elombe Brath and many other known and unknown individuals of the era.

All nuclei Leaders of today are NOT consummate and dynamic in Black empowerment thoughts and practices but they all have a commonality that is unmistakable: They have not lived a day when The Message of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wasn’t pervasive in the Black Communities in America. The spiritual doctrine of Mr. Muhammad is clear: The presence of God is among the people today and He is on the side of Black people and not that of our enemy oppressors.

The thought is there is divine presence that pervades Black America today. As such, we have a generation that was nurtured on the divine presence. The nurturing gives everyone the potential to exhibit divine power.

The divine Power has been awakened within them all. It is presently used on the positive pole by some. The same power is used on the negative pole by others.

The pole used depends on the degree of guidance and teaching the user (Black Youth) was successfully given in his or her formative years. Unfortunately the preponderance of Black youth does not have conscious Black guides and teachers in their formative years. But as Black history proves, every generation had enough Leaders, with the correct thought and practice to ensure the struggle for Freedom continued.

The ones with the correct thoughts and practices possess dynamism, even in the face of White Supremacy Oppression. This cannot be denied. These are the Black men and women who effectively use opportunities to succeed.

They are the conscious, dynamic Black scholars and builders of today. They studied and synthesized the liberation work of the 1960’s to become dynamic, eloquent, committed scholars and builders. They are empowering Black people today. However, their thought and practice is in the minority in the correct use of the hard fought legacy gains by the Ancestors.

For the most part, the mass majority use the power to become “captains” in white America. These are the corporate CEO’s, military generals, America’s national and international leaders. Indeed, one is the president of the United States of America.

One way I measure the worth of Humans is whether their work empowers Black people less than it is used to keep white people in power?

We are buoyed by the fact the nuclei of the users of the correct thoughts and practices are more plentiful than at any time in Black history. And the fact that the ones whose work today is worth more to maintain White Supremacy hegemony are now more subject to be awakened to the needs of Black people than at any other time in history.

In summary, let me say, I hope enough is given to see the contrast of two ways to identify use of the legacy power of the Special Generation and how it is being used today. Of course there is a third way the power is used.

The Third is by individuals who do not receive instruction in right guidance and teaching (rites of passage into Black Manhood or otherwise) in their formative years; today they are either dead, populate U. S. Prisons; or are functionaries in the White Supremacy based Oppression. They grow to become what America wants them to be – by default! For the most part, these are petty criminals and other PTSD diseased individuals who prey on and kill members of their own race.


I am sure some contemporary Black empowering Black Leaders will not be named, but we shall single out a few that I have a personal acquaintanceship with. The most prominent and best known is Dr. Umar Ifatunde. As per past generations, many who make mighty contributions may be known or unknown. Dr. Ifatunde is well known. He is good. He is Powerful and he is committed!

As per Scholars like Paul Robertson and Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) before him, Dr. Umar Ifatunde (Johnson when we met); he is a charismatic great speaker who also aspires to one day build an independent Black Institution.

The others on my list are good looking, dynamic speakers but most have, also, already had involvement in Institution building. Without exception, they targeted and have positively impacted one of two, or both, great needs in the Race; education and economics. One way or another, whatever they may be doing, they are Founders of independent education of business institutions.

We will not take the space or time to describe who the following individuals are, or what they are doing. We shall give their names. You can link to their websites. We single out the names: Malik Zulu Shabazz, Opio Lumumba Sokoni, Dr. Principal Baruti Kafele, Principal Christy Robinson, Dr. Chike Akua, Dr. Lisa Peyton, Kaleem Caire, Dr. Karaam Ellis, Aba Mansima, Trevor Jaha, Moi Yoi Collier, Kamal Ptah, LaJoi Wilson-Moor, Darnell Smith, Ibn Khalifah, Omar Tyree, Max Biggavells, Greg Hills Delphonics, Amani Dawson, Terrence McKinley, John L. Spruce, and Dr. Latif Tarik, Julian Shabazz; Their dispositions and actual work cause me to declare again: Prospects For Freedom In The Year 2016 Are Pretty Good.

END PART ONE: In Part Two, we shall recount some of the reasons why, in addition to the pervasive nature of the presence of the divine “Message of Elijah.” Many of us are convinced that this grouping of committed, talented, unafraid, Right thinking and Right acting leaders, are in fact, the “Generation of Promise.” They were born in the time period when the Caucasian Rulers of America tried to stamp out any possibility such learned men and women would ever commit themselves to the empowerment and rise of Black people.

But I hope as we have recounted above, they failed; and the few named that I have had and continue to know, are just the tip of the reservoir of hundreds of thousands of others: Indeed, Black Prospects for Freedom in the year 2016 is pretty good.

“…They are the conscious, dynamic Black scholars and builders of today. They studied and synthesized the liberation work of the 1960’s to become dynamic, eloquent, committed scholars and builders. They are empowering Black people today. However, their thought and practice is in the minority in the correct use of the hard fought legacy gains by the Ancestors.