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May 20 2017 Sebek Saturday America Reaping Karma for Electing POTUS Donald Trump etc.

SATURDAY (black), 5/20/2017=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is the name of the delineated “Law of Maat” that brings Persons, Places and Things together to make what humans consider to be wholes. As such, it allow for practice to make entities in similitude to the Creation of the Universal All. Since “Practice makes perfect” it gives us great opportunities to attain degrees of mastery of the nature of The Creator. The Creators nature is to Create. But herein, also, is our most perilous, disastrous, dangerous wrongful way of thinking.
If we aren’t super careful we may forget, go into error or make egregious mistakes. When it is said that: “Power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely,” this is what is indicated.
When we forget we may mindlessly not remember that the delineated “Law of Maat” called Sebek is but one principle part of The One Universal Melanin Law (unblemished). When we forget we are subject to go into error; and when we error we are more likely to make the misstate and think we have mastered the process, or processes of life. The consequences will be reaped sooner or later. The consequences is what Human Beings call Karma.
We are witnessing a glaring, open example of such peril on the world stage in the present time. POTUS Donald Trump was not checked (for his lies alone); and dealt with accordingly anyplace along the way to be elected. His success is because he successfully tapped into the mindset (more correctly is mindless set), he appealed to a spiritually diminished people who were empowered by the experimental, false notion of White Supremacy based systems called The United States of America: The karma is being reaped as consequences of the white supremacy based systems (the systems of DOJ, FBI, Education, EPA & etc.).
Usually when White America & others, who have the same “Mindless set,” get into the karma POTUS is in, Black men or Black women come forth and save them. Some are trying, but most in the National Black Community who have a certain degree of UNDERSTANDING of KNOWledge about what is happening are busy; we’re using the equivalent degree of WISDOM, derived from the understanding, to act to empower ourselves. How so you may be wondering?
In short, we are wisely trying to abide in the instructions of our Learned Ancestors. They not only warned us about what was going to happen to the “False experiment;” they also instructed us about how to prepare, in the eventuality that the “Experiment in the false notion of white supremacy” to govern a people was not stopped, and correct measures taken to heal the abused subjects of the experiment. The healing begins with the payment of Reparations.
The election of POTUS Donald Trump tells us that a descive majority are not availing themselves of the opportunity to mitigate the karma from their past deeds: they are still digging a deeper hole into white Supremacy based oppression. Meanwhile, what it tells us with certain degrees of understanding about the instructions from our Ancestors is, to double down in striving to follow their instructions.
I understand the above statement puts me under scrutiny to show and prove what this Sebek is building at KKVV. Come and see: The “SOLAR INFORMATIONAL MEETING” next Saturday offers a chance. Also the Saturday Afterwards.; THE BLACK BOOK AWARDS: Call 434-378-2140 for more information. If you’d like to make a donation so we can better serve the ones who will be here, or make a deposit on a future visit, my Paypal address is at Khalifah@khabooks.com