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THURSDAY (PURPLE) 12/28/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional/Self Control

THURSDAY (PURPLE) 12/28/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Rmotional/Self Control. Self Control maybe the first principle to successfully protect ourselvelves.Keep this in mind as we count down to the Final Judgment in the present Solar Cycle Journey. In Kemit Spirituality, Mythology History & Philosophy The Final Judgment is taken during this period; during the ritual our character is measured and balanced by the weight of the proverbial feather of a bird; this may guide us in making a determination about how successful we evolved during the present Solar Cycle Journey. Please note: The Judge is none other than ourselves: Oshay?
THURSDAY 9(PURPLE) 11/2/2017=5 = HeruKhuti =self contirol control of emotions, Self protection
[edited]THURSDAY (purple), 1/12/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions; Self-Protection. HeruKhuti is estimated to be the 5th Neter on the Tree of Life. The Neters are the attributes of the Tree (branches, so to speak). Further, the Ancestors of Ancient Kemit gave the Neters, (according to translations and interpretations of some Neterian Scholars), names called “The Laws of Maat”Primarily for the benefit of Humans and Human Beings who have recently befriended me or become acquainted with my formerlydaily Spiritual exercise in the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power,” I will give a brief review of a portion of one of my daily routines in preparation for the days of the week. For more degreed or advanced Human Beings, you already understand that each day has a number; the numbers represent a particular Law of Maat. Today’s number 5 was named HeruKhuti and is the Attribute that represents our ability to control our emotions.
Meanwhile control over our emotions is the strongest means we possess to protect ourselves. If looked at as one of the Laws of Maat, HeruKhuti is the Law that allow us to govern our Emotions. Still further, each day is thought to give us a ruling Planet in our Solar System; the Planets possess particular dominant colors. This explains the opening paragraph in my posting today. There appears to be a consensus that when we experience The Final Judgment (consciously or not).


FRIDAY (green), 12/16/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR=Balance. GEB is the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the ability to balance Persons, Places & Things in our Life Experiences. The objective, as it is with the other components of The Universal Law of Creation is to Master it as we execute our Words, Acts & Deeds while taking care of our duties and our responsibilities during our Life Experience.
I have written quite extensively about GEB whose mastery gave us the expression, “As above so below.” The above refers to Ausar, The Divine/Master Human Being. And that is another way to describe GEB after each Law of balancing each Law of Maat to each other: so it you are of a mind to, you can go to www.black-e-books.com. If you’d like to have ask a question, have a discussion; or make a comment about my journalistic writing, call me at 434-378-2140, 10 am to 3 pm.
I will add this morning that as we close out preparation days in advance of the Final Judgment in the Present Solar Cycle Journey, symbolisms and “Rituals are going on all over the place.” However, the one we are mainly preparing for is the one that our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit devised to allow us to determined if we attained to Mastery of the Universe during the present Trip around the Earth.
THE RITUAL ARE HUMAN BEINGS & HUMANS BEFORE THE SCALE OF JUSTICE. (Conscious of our Spirituality to certain degrees as opposed to Humans who are not). The Ritual is the “Proverbial Feather.” On One side of the scale are the Righteousness reflected from our Words, Acts and Deeds during the Present Cycle Journey. These are balanced on the other side of the scale by the “Feather.”
Latter Day, Conscious Travelers may be wondering who is doing the Judgment at the Bar of Justice? Unfortunately, I understand some Humans, as well as Human Beings enact this carefully conceived ritual by our Ancestors as per religious practitioners. That is the Leader presents him or herself as the Standard Bearer, if not the actual judge. However, in actuality we are our own Judge. Our degree of mastery/practice of the law of GEB empowers us to do so…there is more…

SUNDAY (yellow), 12/11/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional Control; Final Judgment Writing

SUNDAY (yellow), 12/11/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional Control; Self Control; Self Protection. The Ancient Ancestors, who delineated The Law into what they named the Divine Attributes, thereof, “Laws of Maat,” told us that The Creator does not have a further part in protecting that which was Created: everything that Persons, Places and Things need to have successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Life Experiences. This most definitely includes the fact we must protect ourselves.
The Neter, Attribute, Law, Arisha or whatever other ways we name “The Laws of Maat” – the one Neterian Scholars translated and interpreted to be HeruKhuti is the most important to master to protect ourselves. That is control over our emotions.
In the preparation period of The Final Judgment in the Present Solar Cycle Journey, we experience a lot of Persons, Places & Things leaving, or repositioning relationships to us. Many are terribly, emotionally charged. Others we say “good riddance” as we are glad to be rid of what maybe called “riff raff.” The harder the leaving the more painful, distress or frustrating will the tug on our emotional make up as Humans.
Meanwhile, our Ancestors gave us what we could call a wonderful, ever moving classroom full of lessons; lessons that impose a need to practice the “Laws of Maat.” The application of HeruKhuti controls our emotions, or anger, joy, happiness and everything else that we encounter in the moving classroom.
We just gave an additional name to The Solar Cycle Journey of “Moving Classroom.” I hope you agree that “Moving Classroom is an apt description for the Solar Cycle Journey. The Solar Cycle Journey is the trip of the Earth and everything that is riding on it around the Earth. This cycle is one of the most, if not THE most, important of many cycles that occur and reoccur during our Life Experience. When we become conscious of The Cycle and strive to abide in righteous practice of The Law we anoint you the Title of Human Being. You then have attained to the 1st Degree of Mastery.
In the Moving Classroom; the earth traveling around the Sun at about 37,000 miles per hour, every lesson we need to keep moving while living Wholesome, Successful, Satisfying, Enjoyable lives are being learned. The only thing finite or limited is the Master illusion known as Time. That is the Time we are birthed from the Unseen to the time we die and return to the Unseen. This is Life: as we Understand what we Know about it gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to achieve the Essence of Life. That is to balance the Human to the requirements of our Being within it. A more common way to term our Being is our Spirit. What is the Essence of Life you may be wondering? This is a question I am willing to discuss privately…
The Lessons we learn during the Solar Cycle Journey are earned and learned in 0ur practice of “The Laws of Maat.” To live one more minute every day of our Life we must use/practice The Law. Since practice does, indeed, make perfect, as we practice the law to overcome the challenges or issues in our lives we are also mastering the “Laws of Maat” at the same time. The Degrees of mastery that we obtain in the practice is based on the degree of righteousness we use to overcome the challenge or issue.
And this Dear Reader is what the Final Judgment in the Solar Cycle Journey is all about. Another way to say the same thing is, The Final Judgment is to get our final grade in the Moving Classroom during the present Solar Cycle Journey. The aim is to master every lesson, challenge or issue by practicing the law 100% righteously each time it is used. The measurement gives us the degree of mastery we attain to in the present Solar Cycle Journey.
CERTAIN DEGREED HUMMAN BEING AIM TO MASTER THE LAW 100%. Since this is very unlikely to be achieve during one Solar Cycle Journey, the Final Judgment will render to us what we must practice to prepare to successfully reach 100% degrees of mastery. This advice can be applied during the next Solar Cycle Journey. That is all for now. You may read more by researching www.black-e-books.com or World Afropedia.com. Oh yeah, Final Judgment renders new names or titles based on degrees of Mastery. Some names are also given as challenges to live up to. What is your name: Call 434-378-2140.


THURSDAY (purple) 11/24/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is the delineated Maat Law of Unity. This is the law/neter/attribute of Person, Place or Things that allow for unification of elements to form what is considered to be a Whole Person, Place or Thing. Meanwhile, the only Whole is The Unity of the Universal All of Our Creation.
Sebek is the predominate attribute of The Khalifah that founded and is the Administrator of KKVV. That’s me! Since I am who I Am, I have written many words expressing my estimation of the meaning and practice of Sebek: so I will share (maybe today) a selection we have already written and endeavored to live that gives our estimation about the Power and mastery of Sebek.
I know relatively few of us are cognizant about The Final Judgment of the Present Solar Cycle Journey (SCJ); and fewer still can spare necessary time in preparation for the FINAL JUDGMENT (next month). However, whether you are aware or not you:
1) are on the journey with us, (the Earth around the Sun)

2) us who are Conscious of the SCJ serve to varying degrees for Black people in particular, but for all in general

3) The 2 new books that i wrote and published during this SCJ are timely publications, if you are “Consciously” on the trip with me, do yourself a favor and put some money/energy into my service by purchasing a copy, or simply make a donation into my GOFUNDME account

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