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Known well because of a best selling book, published and widely distributed in the 1990’s, “Blacks in the Bible,” Dr. William is also a very accomplished research, and actual scientist. His specialty is Renewable Energy and the regulations that are already incorporated into regulations – making it relatively easy to become a provider or a user of a booming technology (if you have the inmormation and the will to use it). Whether Solar, Wind, Thermal Dr. Emanuel is qualified to give straight easy to follow answers.
He is a late, but welcome addition to the 7th Annual Nat Turner Commemoration and Celebration, August 19-21, 2017.
After a tour of the Nat Turner War Trail, Nat Turner Guest will return to KKVV to feast on delicious, cultural music, network, sport and play: the addition of a dynamic presentation by Dr. Emanuel is inserted.
Contrary to our usual practice, we will ask all on the land to attend to be introduced or further educated about renewable energy. Admission is free. The good doctor will also have his books and some select mixture of herbs for sale. Call 434-378-2140.

How Can You Help to Evolve KKVV Into a “Place of Destination for Black people?

AS THE KING, in the Kingdom called The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village (KKVV), one of my duties is to evaluate and “Estimate” where interested Black men and women may fit into the Vision:“Wherefores,” Dynamics and other Requirements” to live successful, satisfying, meaningful, enjoyable lives,” as KKVV evolve 123 acres of Farmland (to grow and store wholesome foods/herbs), Educational and Recreational Areas (especially for children), Woodland (to bring Blackmen thu Rites of Passages into Black Manhood) as we evolve to become “A place of Destination for Black people during crises” or to vacation). Nat Turner Trail Tours are staged from here.
During the month of the “Final Judgment [December]” of the Present Solar Cycle Journey I am available to help interested parties to take assessments (questioned) and be guided to things that you can do in KKVV. We use telephone and personal appearances. And on the Last Day of Kwanzaa we are having our traditional Imani Open House: Celebrations in good music, food, business and education is a dynamic Black historic setting. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.
Google The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village or The Nat Turner Library for our address and directions. 434-378-2140


The Original Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most important of the some 500 titles UBUS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS have published. Daughter Nadirah collaborated with me in producing the latest: a soon-to-be “Best Seller.” I have stated many time during several hundred tours we have conducted and explained the significance of sites on The Nat Turner Trail: “The Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most remarkable documents in human history.”
Every tours gives its on rewards back to me just as each book i publish gives me a sense of accomplishment. But i must say, the collaboration with Daughter Nadirah U. Khalifah, on this book, has taken my mind to the place reserved ONLY for parents who live long enough to see and experience greatness manifesting in their own children.
Fortunately “Greatness” is never measured by the amount of money one is able to acquire; nor is it about status in the dastardly, false notion of white supremacy based system of oppression,” known in other words as The United States of America,” or simply “The System.”
No, the Greatness we speak of is that of the character of Black Youth who do not succumb to the temptations that fell too, very many of their friends and playmates. It is played out and seen in what they produce living through it all: the children, mastery of productive work and responsibility, carrying on the culture and goodness of the best graces their parents prayed and hoped for…


THURSDAY (11/17/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR= As above so below. GEB is the name of the delineated Law of Maat that gives us the ability to balance the other laws in relating to each other. The balancing comes as a neutral result of our use/practice in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds to live successful, satisfying, wholesome enjoyable lives during our Life Experiences. Since practice makes perfect the ultimate result of the usage is mastery of the delineated Universal Melanin Law.
I have already written quite extensively about GEB, I may share an excerpt about this delineated Law of Maat from the comprehensive book that I have in progress about The Creation.
Yesterday, 11/16/2016=9=The Completion digit, WE completed the first of our monthly offers to Black America in particular, and to anyone whom understand the importance of empowering Black people in general. I am encouraged and thankful to all who were able to and DID donate to “Support our effort to preserve and propagate the authentic Legacy and History about Nat Turner.”
I am also thankful for others who would’ve liked to but didn’t have money to spare: your energy and sincere desires was also quite helpful. Both individuals feeling/vibrations to me: said loud and clearly that you have evolved to a CERTAIN degree of Understanding about the importance of Nat Turner; and what we are doing in KKVV to document the Legacy of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831. The amount of donations added up to a sum of $540.00 before GO FUND ME TOOK THEIR CUT.
The invitation is still open for you to come here to affirm your feelings and why you decided to make a donation. The Nat Turner film is precipitating a steady stream of Guests to The Birth Land of Nat Turner. We are giving guided tours and learning from, even as we share what we have learned. I remind one and all that the 100 acres of Nat Turner Land is still in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing. We still have a few months to secure the Land.
Everyone who donated last month will receive their “Premium” in a few days. The premium is a copy of the picture on this page. I was unable to send it when I wanted to because of a delay in printing. And also because I do not have the addresses of all of the donors: Please send me a street address to where I can mail you this remarkable document. As we have stated many times, “The Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most remarkable documents in Human history.”
Until we can spare the budget to print in numbers to match the anticipated heavy demand, it will only be available at the Nat Turner Library; and is given as a premium to donors who donate a minimum of $15.00. This commitment will hold through the 2016 Kwanzaa Season. The exception to this declaration will be if donations are such that we are empowered to print up the 5,000 we intend to print in January in advance of Black History Month….REMEMBER TO leave a street address where we can send a copy of this book.Thank You.

SUNDAY (yellow), 10/23/2016=6=Heru; Re-Introducing KKVV Rites of Passage Into Black Manhood

[https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws] SUNDAY (yellow), 10/23/2016=6=Heru. Will Power, Self-Determination. In Ancient Kemit mythology, spirituality and philosophy Heru is the avenging prince that goes through various practices to prepare to battle and defeat the evil kind of man that murdered his benevolent father, the king. He then takes the throne and rules righteously as per his father.
The practices of Heru to prepare then do the Right thing at the right time in the right frame/disposition of mind,” allows him to master the Law of Creation. As his ancestors, our ancestors, had delineated The One Law into component parts they called Laws of Maat (as interpreted and translated from the Hieroglyphics by latter day Neterian scholars: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset, GEB, with the Eleventh Being The Creator).
To prepare to meet the challenges, Heru was compelled to practice the laws to eventually become mastery them all. Enacting both academic and physical exercises is fundamentally what candidates in the KKVV Rites of Passage into Black Manhood go through to become a Master Blackman. All who have not gone through Rites of Passage Systems into Black Manhood becomes the man that the United States of America wants them to be by default!
In the Fall part of the 2016 Solar Cycle Journey we are registering Black Men for candidacy for the KKVV 4-day Weekend Rites of Passage. We will not set a date until we reach a certain number of confirmed candidates. Confirmation of each candidate will be required.
The Confirmation includes but is not limited to a interview to determine his date of birth, vocation, financial status and marital/fatherhood status. We know that the most vulnerable who have a sincere desire to go through our Rites of Passage will find the greatest difficulty meeting the financial piece. Knowing this, no one that meets the other requirements will be declined for entry into our Rites of Passage into Black Manhood Systems.
If for whatever reason you are not going to be a Candidate, please help to create a source of funding for us to use for ones who need financial help. For, Candidates that qualify otherwise will not be declined, nor told they were assisted financially. However all will be required to contribute to the KKVV Rites of Passage Into Black Manhood Fund. We do have the means to make it possible for sincere applicants to earn some money: so act accordingly and call 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm daily. You may also use Paypal address khalifah@khabooks.com


WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/27/2016=22=4=MAAT; Equal Justice for all. Maat is the Universal Melanin Law that gives us the ability to conceive of a utopian society on earth where there is justice for all. We have sound reasons to think that this may well be a unique ability of The Original Man and Woman of African descent. Except for one aspect of the malady called PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder), a critical mass of Black people would be taking advantage of opportunities today to “Do For Self.”
The PTSD malady is Self Hatred. Self hatred handicaps our ability to abide in the correct teachings of our Learned Ancestors. The foundation of Learned Ancestors was the declaration that we MUST build, maintain and enjoy Independent Black Institutions. Moreover, The Ancestors whom were both Visionaries as well as Builders represented and lived the philosophy: The Messenger, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Mr. Marcus Garvey’s signature work was actualization of the teachings Founded, Independent Black Institutions.
Contemporary Blackmen who abide in and have our “wits” about us are practicing the same methodologies to Vision and Build Independent Black Institutions today.Opportunities to build or support such building/teaching have not been this plentiful in many generations: Two such formations have important events on their calendars this weekend:
My birthday dinner will be Friday, April 29, 2016 in the Nat Turner Library Building. Ujamaa Schule will be, as usual, at Howard University the following day, Saturday, May 1, 2016. Ujamma will have a significant UNUSUAL aspect to it. This will be the first time in 3 decades Dr. Frances C. Welsing will not be the Guest Speaker. In her stead will be The Prince of Pan Africanism, Dr. Umar Johnson.
As per previous events at KKVV, the main attraction is the Royal Dynamic Presence of Nat Turner; and of course, “UBUS BOOKS & THINGS.” However, Extraordinary Poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar Banks will read selections from his works; And From Richmond, Virginia Priestess Monica M. Espaza is bringing a contingency to The Birth Land of Nat Turner to plant some Royal Rosemary Herbs & Things in the Kamau Organic Garden Food Boxes.
We strongly suggest that if you are able in any way to attend the above Institutional events, DO SO! Both are in twilight years of total dedication and service to make mighty contributions to “The Total Uplift, the Total Freedom of Black people. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/13/2016=8=Sebek; a name for the law that governs our ability UNITE!

Sebek is my own Mystic Number. On the Paut Neteru, the Tree of Life that our Ancient Ancestors conceived to assist in the mastery of the Universal Melanin Laws of the Creation. Sebek is a name for the law that governs our ability to put entities already created into united organisms that maybe considered a whole. Sebek is the law that This we used to put letters together to make words, words together to make sentences, sentences together to make paragraphs, paragraphs together to make pages and pages together to make a whole book.

Moreover, we have been instrumental in engaging the above process some 600 times to make 600 different publications. Today, at this level of elevation in my Eldership we are actively bringing Persons, Places and Things together to Research, Document, Preserve and Propagate the work, legacy and history surrounding the revolt of Nat Turner and the Liberation Army of 1831.

The preservation of the Legacy of Nat Turner is taking place even as we continue to build the independent Black Institutions necessary to finally secure our Reparations; and begin the healing processes to make our people whole again. With the wholeness, the unity, we will have generated enough power to Free Black People. However, we mustn’t miss “the forest for the trees.” When a human is seen looking towards a wooded area, the question is asked ‘what do you see?’ the human will likely say ‘I don’t see anything but trees.’

But when a Human Being, a Mystic or whatever his or her degrees of mastery are titled, is asked what he or she sees, they will say a forest. This analogy is quite simple but illustrate what African people mustn’t do while we are putting together the entities to generate necessary power to Free Black People. The degrees of mastery are attained through Righteous practice of the laws necessary to successfully build Independent Black Institutions.
Today, 2016, sixteen years into the present century, Black people are still challenged by the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression. But the good news is we have survived the devastation of a MAAFA called the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Even better news is the practice we engage to overcome the challenges to survive stands us as one, dynamic, freedom bound Black people. All necessary now is to put it all together for the power to bash away and banish the evil that is still haunting us to smithereens.
May be continued…

THURSDAY (purple), 3/17/2016=2=Tehudi. Wisdom is the name for the Universal Melanin Law

THURSDAY (purple), 3/17/2016=2=Tehudi. Wisdom is the name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to be wise in making decisions. In decisions there are usually multiple choices. But all choices reduce to the denominator of Wrong or Right. All others are nuances of one or the other. With a certain degree of mastery of the law that predominates of ability to be wise, we are enabled to take decisions that are Right rather than Wrong.
Taking decisions that are Right means you decide whatever is in a question [about decisions] is in your own best interest. The nuances are gradations from making decisions based on what is in your own best interest when it clearly is not 100%. Or when the taken decision is in the best interest of some other Person, Place or Thing.

The other side of the question is making wrong decisions. When a decision is taken that is obviously not in your own best interest such can only be because of two basic reasons: Ignorance of the consequences or Fear of the consequences for the decision. And of course there are also nuances and gradations for these decisions too. I. E. (in example), One may be ignorant of the fact there are multiple choices he or she could take. Or the Fear based on actuality and threats of consequences of bodily harm to you or a loved one.

KKVV Rights of Passage into Black Manhood is tailored to give Participants psychic foundations to make Wise Decisions. It is important for “Humans Sake!” But the human sake is compounded upon the psyche of the Blackman and Woman because of false White Supremacy based oppression. It is a well known fact that Black people could not have been subjected to the false notion of White Supremacy were it not for the murder and brutality by, first the Semitic Arab (white admixture) then later European White people.

[relating how the oppressors were able to decimate and brutalize Black people is not necessary to make my point. Any reader who’d like to hear another account before absorption into a remedy based solution, should consult two books: Message to the Blackman & Destruction of Black Civilization] In the aftermath of the devastation of the Black Homeland, the evil rulers of white supremacy based systems brutally interdicted the natural ways and means that knowledge of self kind are acquired by Humans.

The most natural, of course, is first individually through the “Mother of Civilization,” the Blackwoman; then through collective social sets. The social set for the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power” are initiations into Understanding Knowledge about self and kind. The degree of Understanding of the Knowledge give individuals the equivalent degree of Wisdom to make Right Decisions as per above. This includes the multitude of nuances.

And so the KKVV Camp Rite of Passage is helping the Blackman to Understand Knowledge about self and kind. We are unique in the sense that we are completely independent. But the Camp is more or less a matrix that are available to be used by other groups and individuals who can make use of such. The uses other Rites of Passage programs have made of KKVV space, are prime examples of the fact that only Black people have the capability to heal ourselves and our people. And only an independent Black Institution will do the job. Futhermore, only with the payment of our due Reparations will we have the level of resources to apply a comprehensive solution.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: The Manup Global Rites of Passage enjoyed a thriving, budding system for seven years. The Leaders of Manup Global brought bus and van loads of Blackmen out of NYC and Philadelphia most times twice a year. However it was not independently based/funded. Not being independent it was I was dependent on the education system of the USA. So it was subjected to the recent systematic closing of public schools.

There are also lesser robust programs that make use of KKVV but they aer bereft of the physical component challenges that make a “man a man” and camaraderie socialization that create brotherhood. We do offer an abundance of book knowledge; as well as “Living History Tours of the Nat Turner Trail.” But not a camping of men.
I do have an understanding with the ManUp Global Leader that if we gather enough Participants for a ManUp Camp, he’ll come and conduct it. So on the eve of the next Solar Cycle Journey, we are planting the seeds to upgrade the KKVV offering of a thriving Rites of Passage Camp into Black Manhood. If you would like to be involved in developing the KKVV Rites of Passage, call 434-378-2140 or email me at publish@khabooks.com

WEDNESDAY (brown/beige), 3/16/2016=GEB. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our balancing

WEDNESDAY (brown/beige), 3/16/2016=GEB. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to balance our words, acts and deeds in the execution of our power. The execution is spoken, acted and intended to work harmoniously with Persons, Places and Things that are in the Life Experience within our destiny.
The intention is to be balance our practice of the Laws of Maat. It is when we practice each law harmoniously balanced to each other that the most beautiful Spirituality (Unseen quality), Physicality (Seen Quality) is achieved. In other words, Spiritually/Mystically speaking, Persons, Places & Things visualized, hoped for and expected in our lives are harmoniously attuned to the Physicality of our words, acts and deeds.
Harmoniously balanced both are at their maximum Force & Power. However, the aim as Humans is not to live in balance. Rather, as we asserted in the book: “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: Destruction of White Supremacy…”, when we use Power (balanced or not), it makes for an imbalance in the disposition of humans to one degree or another. And that is “Why We Struggle That is Why We Fight” – the essence of the legacy left to us, by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit about the wherewithal about the annual Solar Cycle Journey.
The Aim as a Human is to enact our Words, Acts & Deeds then return to Balance. The Aim as Human Beings is Mastery of the Processes. Participants in The Solar Cycle Journey Consciously practice the Universal Melanin Laws to enhance the chance to have Successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Journeys. Practice Makes Perfect and is the only known way to Master anything.

TUESDAY (red), 2/23/2016=7=HetHeru=Imagination, Creativity: CARING, SHARING & PREPARING FOR NEXT SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY

HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that gives us our ability to be creative and imaginative in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds. It is practicing the execution of oUr Words, Acts and Deeds that we relate to Persons, Places and Things (WAD’s) during our Life Experience.
The execution of our WAD’s is the ways and means that we use our Power (Sekher) to achieve our goals in life. Since the complimentary law to HetHeru is Sekher, (7+3) when we consider Sekher in our practice of HetHeru, our power is use in creative and imaginative ways.
The nature of our relating to Persons, Places and Thing is determined by our needs of the power that is within them to live productive, successful, satisfying, enjoyable lives. The more Righteous and harmonious the relating is the most enjoyable will the association, or whatever characteristic describes it happens to be with them.
Yet again, this is where the basic nature of the Original People takes a departure from the devils that think the best way to relate to Black Persons, Black inhabited Places and Black Things is NOT to harmonize with them, but to beat them up and force them to use their power in their best interest rather than in Our Own.
The entire Liberation Struggle of African people can be summed up using our Power in imaginative and creative ways to, first survive, than claim and generate necessary power to back up our demand that the criminal who stolen millions of our Persons, Places and Things return them. Much of what was stolen can never be returned. The incapability to return them represents the injuries that occurred during the commission of the crime.
Reparation is what Advocates in the Liberation Struggle Demand in A word. Reparation is from the word repair; and the primary reason we must have Reparations is to repair and heal our injured people. Everyone who has the ability to Understand the meaning and necessity of Reparations to a certain degree, derive the equivalent degree of Wisdom to know the other way legally allowed to get our Reparations is to back up the demand by practicing our Power in processes of Expropriation. Wisdom dictates that we act accordingly: Understand a little about Reparations, you receive the equalent Wisdom to use the knowledge. Vice versa, of course
Less anyone forget or have forgotten, we are caring and sharing our estimations regarding ways to prepare for our needs during the experience of my 6th Conscious solar Cycle Journey. Primary in the preparation is to secure the Physical and Spiritual seeds and seedlings necessary to reach certain goals during the next Seasons of the journey of our Earth around the Sun.
We are in, almost, full KKVV Fundraising mode to secure enough Human and other Resources to accelerate our GROW & STORE ABUNDANT FOOD & HERBS. The donations are coming in, in the way that we require: The Persons, Places & Things we are receiving from are Humans who are Sincere. No money is necessary in Sincerity. But when the sincere person takes out a Lifetime Membership for $10 (offer ends March 1) or make a $25 to the STORE & GROW ABUNDANT FOOD & HERB EFFORT, Look Out!