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WEDNESDAY (brown), 8/16/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative, Imaginative. The Composite of HetHeru is Sekher, the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs power. To enhance the use of power be Creative and Creative.
The “Original Confessions of NAT TURNER,” and selected books, will be sold during and after the 76th MARCUS GARVEY PARADE, AUGUST 17, 2017 in Harlem, N. Y.
The Marcus Garvey Parade is, perhaps, Black America’s longest running Black Nationalist parade in history. Of course the first UNIA parades were organized and led by the Great Mr. Garvey, beginning in the 1920’s. After he was criminally accused and deported, there was a gap in most all of the UNIA programs. But in 1940 a young, energetic, loyal, fervent Garveyite named Carlos A. Cooks stepped up and stepped into the bold, unafraid leadership dynamism of the Great man.
Mr. Cooks revived Garveyism with the founding of “The Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement (ANPM).” He ignited a generation of Black Nationalist under three main dynamisms of Garveyism: 1) He reconstituted the Afrikan Legion 2) He reignited the Buy Black Campaign – Don’t buy where you can’t work and 3) 4. He continued The Annual Marcus Garvey Parade through Harlem.
After the suspicious death of Mr. Cooks, there has been a secession of Administrators of ANPM. The successors included the organizer of The125th Street Vendors Association, Mr. Morris Powell. This was a natural outgrowth of the Buy Black Campaign of Carlos Cooks. Thutmosis, as he was also called, transitioned while living in exiled in South Africa in the year 2016.
The current ANPM Administrator is a youthful veteran of the organization. She has served in a variety of positions, under a variety of other leaders. Her Name is Yaa Ashantewaa. She has been the Leader, or Co-Leader since 2009. When her Co-Leader husband transitioned, she became the Administrator. Sister Yaa has identified Economics as her main focus. She made some key alliances to support essential to continue ANPM programs in the year 2017 and beyond.
She is busy these days promoting and preparing for the 76th Annual Marcus Garvey Day Parade. The traditional rally after the parade will feature a display of UBUS Communication Systems Books. One of the best sellers is The Confessions of Nat Turner.
The Parade will assemble on Thursday, August 17 at 5:00 pm at Marcus Garvey Park @ west 124th Street & 5th Ave., Harlem NY; proceed to Adam Powell Jr. Blvd, up to 126th to the Our Mecca In Harlem School at 2122 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. at 126th Street, Harlem, New York.
A Selection of books will be available for purchase at the End of the Parade; at a Town Hall Meeting at Our Mecca in Harlem School. The Meeting will be from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. For more information about the Marcus Garvey Parade; the Town Hall Meeting or to purchase a copies of The Confessions of Nat Turner or other UBUS Books, call 347 876 0122 or 434-378-2140.