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THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat”

THURSDAY (purple), 7/27/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is A name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that gives us the powerful ability to bring Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. We conscious Sebekians must be ever mindful to consult with our composite delineated conjunctive law to be as careful as possible to: 1) Only bring Persons, Places and Things into unification that is righteous or righteously inclined 2) We must be super careful to be mindful of #37 of the 42 Principles of Maat – “I have not placed myself on a pedestal.”
WEDNESDAY (purple), 7/26/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. The delineated “Law of Maat” enhances our execution and use of power. The implication is that it will increase our ability to be more creative and imaginative in the application of power.
Be mindful and try it today. And remember, we are into our 43rd year of building a Virtual Power Base: so if you have ever been notified about the projection, frontally or like the Sankofa bird, to The Power Hour of 8am, keep the thoughts coming. It is working and you can see what it has brought into manifestation when you visit KKVV, the evolving “Place of Destination” for Black people at 26070 Barham Hills Road – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. 434-378-2140.
NAT TURNER WEEKEND DAY COMMEMORATION & CELEBRATION reservations ARE TRICKLING IN…we expect the “Trickle” to turn into a gush when we get Techi (August): so you are firmly advised to Reserve seats for Nat Turner War Trail tours as well as a seat during one of or all of the 3-Days event.
TO RESERVE A SPACE: go to paypal address Khalifah@khabooks.com payment to your “Family” at KKVV. You can also mail payments to: P. O. Box 1 – SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY – Drewryville, VA 23844. CHOICES for reservations ARE: Full payment for access on either day is $70.00. Camping out on Nat Turners Birth Land will be $25.00, this includes a KKVV Breakfast in Sister Reda’s Country Kitchen. For a wholesome Country breakfast, of course.
CHOICE #2: Pay an amount of $175.00 by August 1 for full access for each of the three days while seats last. The camping out on the land is not included. Access into KKVV is FREE (this is contrary to an earlier note). You’d just have to pay for everything, or sell KKVV products to earn your stay and contribute to the fundraising campaign. Call 434-378-2140 for more information: KNOW, KKVV is a friendly Children Place.


The Psychic Fair is returning to KKVV; the major event will be held November 18, 2016. 2016 is the 185th year since the Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831.
The Psychic Fair is a loose collection of many of the best known and accomplished Mystics on the planet. The Organizer and caller of the event is Sister Maat Em Maakheru. She is the author of the book, “What’s In Your Womb.” Sister Maat is also a wife and mother of two and inspiration and role model for many. Like typically accomplished Mystics, Sister Maat successfully balances mysticism to the necessity of also generating energy to bring into manifestation entities that are needed to live in the world.
The Psyche Fair returns to the birth land of Nat Turner, in the library building founded in his honor by H. Khalif Khalifah. It is little known and even less talked about but according to Khalifah “Nat Turner was one of the most accomplished Mystics who ever walked the face of the earth.
“He was also the most successful Community Organizer and Freedom Fighting Revolutionary in the history of Black people in the United States of America.” Khalifah continued.
The schedule of events over the weekend includes tours of The Nat Turner Trail; and a tour of The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia (KKVV). The Nat Turner Trail Tour is a fee based riding tour so seating’s available is limited. The Tour of KKVV is a walking event and is free of formal charges.
Renowned, Legendary Health Advocate and Practitioner, Dr. Jewel Pookum will be The Special Guest Speaker for the Psychic Fair. She will be visiting KKVV for the first time.
As a retired physician, with over 20 years of experience, and a specialist in women’s health and wholistic™ wellness, Dr. Pookum’s skill, and understanding of a well spring of knowledge gives her the wisdom that creates a high demand for her lectures; she is consistently requested for lectures across the United States, as well as, Canada and Europe.
In 2009, Dr. Jewel created The J.E.W.E.L Network with a mission to broadcast the sciences of life and living in a clear and accurate format. She, also, educates on the importance of nurturing the brain to support the health of the body. Through Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program, which uses ancient sacred geometry to increase brain power and neuron activity through a focusing exercise; ultimately balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain empowering participants to create the life they desire.
There is fee to attend Dr. Pookum’s main lecture for the event.
Call 202 604 8321 or 434-378-2140.
Preparation of Vegetarian and Vegan food will be organized by “The Gifted Hands,” fertile mind of Journalist Nadirah U. Khalifah. Nadirah is the daughter of deceased wholistic health advocate, Sister Reda Faard and H. K. Khalifah. She is also a Student of Priest, Master Chef & Visionary Keidi Awadu.
For more information about The Psychic Fair, call 434-378-2140.


Greetings Everyone!
My name is H. Khalif Khalifah. I am a Independent Journalist/publisher/writer living on some of the birthland of Nat Turner. I am appealing to you to help us to Document and carry the “Torch:” The true history and legacy about Nat Turner.
As the Senior Tour Guide for the Nat Turner Trail Tour, with your donation you will help to ensure the preservation and to enhance a precious part of the Noble history of Black people. Unless we act, and “Do For Self,” the History about Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 will continue to be distorted, frabricated, fade or go away altogether.
We mustn’t and i shall not leave it to chance that the historic record about this segment of Black history will be told correctly by anyone other than us; now, in this generation.
It is not easy for me to appeal to the people i have dedicated decades of service to donate money; and if it was not necessary, i would continue to GIVE instead of asking my Beloved people to. But it is necessary. We will only go into the perilous details about Why i feel it is necessary unless you have a need to know…and you contact me at 434-378-2140. I will say that the goal i set above of $2000.00 represents the monthly mortage for preserving the Nat Turner Land and Library Building in KKVV (The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia): So know, you will not have to donate much. I am prepared to continue, but to do so at this pivotal point presents development and vouchsafing dilemma at this point in history for our posterity.
After 27 years on The Land, there are some things about KKVV that must be updated to ensure that it continues to evolve to ultimately realize and become “A place of destiny for Black people during times of crisis in the United States of America.” Contrary to many great, essential programs that do essential work to serve and empower The National Black Community, KKVV is LAND BASED: please plan to come and experience the spirit that pervade this sacred land for yourself.
Please donate before, or if, you have a desire to call 434-378-2140 10am to 2pm daily. https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws
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SUNDAY (YELLOW), 2/14/2016=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. HetHeru is a name of the Universal Melanin Law that predominates our abilities to be Creative and Imaginative. It’s complimentary opposite is the law of Sekher. Sekher is the law that predominates our use of power; so when we use our imagination in a creative way to execute our power we maximize its use to achieve our objectives.
The power is maximized but is not necessarily mastered. Mastery is achieved through the practice of the usage of imagination in the use of power. Never forget, the only known way to master anything is to overcome challenges and Issues in our Life Experiences. Master as does everything we do can be measured by degrees. How much of a person, place of things are we able to accommodate within our lives. Degrees of mastery is estimated by the righteousness that is employed to overcome the challenges or issues…


I am thankful and humbled to be receiving many acknowledgments about my work regarding the Legacy of Ancestor Nat Turner. His history is so well documented that anything said or written about his can and should be used to “correct, document, preserve and tell it.
Nobody has contacted me or anyone that I know about the film they are making about Nat Turner. This could be out of respect because they know they must make a film that meets the approval of their white bosses (for production, certainly for wide distribution).
Respect is probably too kind of a word, but as successful colored/negro/black/African American filmmakers, they feel compelled to tell the side of Nat Turners history that reflect white feelings, for the most part, about Nat Turner and the BLA that he organized and led.
Whites feel Nat Turner was a villain. Meanwhile the only credible side about his history and legacy is that he was/is a Black Freedom Fighting Hero.
In fact this is the feeling of uncompromising, conscious Black people. To the extent possible, this is the history we have been working to preserve and tell over recent 25 years.
It is the way to tell our history that no Black filmmaker to date has shown to have what Minister Farrakhan calls “intestinal fortitude.”

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A Nat Turner movie that will be dope
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Iman Shabazz I need to know is the casting complete? Anyone know who to reach out to???
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Latif Tarik Iman Shabazz, I want to know who is doing the research and did they reach out to H. Halif Khalif Khalifah for his expertise, to name Virginia historians like me, lol.
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