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FRIDAY (green), 6/16/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional Control, Self-Protection.

Professor Griff FIRST Black Youth Leader to Visit KKVV, July 1 & 2, 2017
The answer to the question is we hope so. It has been correctly said: “Until Black Youth act positively,” historically, “No Significant Progress is ever made in Black America.” The newly forming, YOUTHFUL, Staff at KKVV are convinced other Black Youth will follow the appearance of the “Legendary” Professor Griff. He will be the Guest Speaker at the First of monthly gatherings in KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia).
The Great Reggie Ruffmic Logan was a Guest at the 2nd Psychic Fair in 2014. He brought an abundance of positive dynamic energy. And we look forward to his return.
But Professor Griff will be the Special Guest of KKVV to help to raise funds to Secure, Maintain & Evolve the Vision for “A Place of Destination for Black people” to the sacred land of Nat Turner.
This will be two day of activity, featuring a dynamic African Marketplace, Music, Drumming and Wholesome food; Nat Turner Trail tours, etc., all in a festive atmosphere. Call 434-378-2140 for additional information.

[Edited] FRIDAY (green), 11/13/2015=5=HeruKhuti. HeruKhuti is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” control of our emotions. It predominates our ability to protect our self: it is the Neter, the law that we use to control our emotions. Meanwhile, control of our emotions gives us the strongest attribute to protect our self. And protection of our self is our own responsibility; it is the first order of business because what good is any other business if we do not survive threats to our Human body; our physical body in our Life Experience.
There has been plenty of speculation about what happens to the created being housed in the Human body after we die. But nobody has yet returned to confirm any of the speculation. With that said, it behooves us to secure and maintain our Human body to the highest level possible. Keeping it healthy gives us the best chance to use it to achieve the purpose for making it in the first place. What is that purpose you may be wondering?
This is not a great mystery when you understand the Nature of our Divine Creator. That Nature is to Create. Since He is The Divine Creator, again, it behooves us to be, as Ancestor Sister Reda Faard was wont to say, “Both please Him and be pleasing to Him.” We expect Sister Reda is experiencing this saying, Some Place Nice, in The Creation, right now!
There should not be doubt in the hearts and minds of any beings that we were created by The Creator via Melanin Science. Science is constituted with a body of delineated “Laws of Maat” (attributes) the One Universal Law. This can be proved in no limit of time. The Law was embedded within our being at the time of our creation.
Master the Law and we master way to please The Divine Creator. That is, replicate The Creator’s nature is to create! Creature replicate the Nature when we make Persons, Places and Things out of what is already created.