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Khalifah At William & Mary College This Evening: Teaching Nat Turner History

FRIDAY (green), 2/3/2017=6=Heru. Heru is the Avenging Prince in Kemit Mythology, History and Philosophy.
[Some of my remarks at William & Mary College this evening]; come out if you are in the area: Williamsburg, VA.
“…I tell you these things at the out to settle the most important questions about Nat Turner. In review: 1) Why did he organize an army of Captive Black men and women? He personally led the army in battles against slave owning tyrants; they killed the chattel slavery owning tyrants; took back useful, stolen possessions & necessary ones of slave owners.
We know about some of the possessions they recaptured from the Criminals; and we know about some things about the methodologies they used to recapture their own stuff.
Meanwhile, the question about the purpose; and why the BLA, appear to have been so brutal in battle? This will only be asked by a slave owner; or the ignorant human who simply does not know. One remarked to my beloved, Ancestor Wife, Sister Reda Faard Khalifah, in a debate one day: Her words beat this one down to the point where he blurted out, in some good company, “I don’t know and I don’t wanna know…”‘

THURSDAY (purple), 6/30/2016=9=Auset. Auset is the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to love Totally

THURSDAY (purple), 6/30/2016=9=Auset. Auset is the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to love; and to love divinely. When our love is divine it harmonizes with and is incorporated into the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be in. Love is affectionately referred to mystically as the glue that holds the Universal All together. We have written quite adequately and clearly on Auset so we’ll not propound what I have already written.
However, I must say, Auset is also the Melanin Law that governs change. At the far end of change is disaster.
Relating these attributes to Love, it is not difficult to imagine that however much we love a Person, Place or Thing, if relationships with Persons, Places and Thing are not able to adapt to necessary change to each other, even a Great Love will end in disaster.
This is why Sebek is determined to bring together only Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things: if they are not right they will not be anointed with the sweet love (Melanin Mating on my mind) of Auset. It will then be just be a matter of time before disaster comes to bear on the lovers.

WEDNESDAY (brown/beige), 3/16/2016=GEB. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our balancing

WEDNESDAY (brown/beige), 3/16/2016=GEB. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to balance our words, acts and deeds in the execution of our power. The execution is spoken, acted and intended to work harmoniously with Persons, Places and Things that are in the Life Experience within our destiny.
The intention is to be balance our practice of the Laws of Maat. It is when we practice each law harmoniously balanced to each other that the most beautiful Spirituality (Unseen quality), Physicality (Seen Quality) is achieved. In other words, Spiritually/Mystically speaking, Persons, Places & Things visualized, hoped for and expected in our lives are harmoniously attuned to the Physicality of our words, acts and deeds.
Harmoniously balanced both are at their maximum Force & Power. However, the aim as Humans is not to live in balance. Rather, as we asserted in the book: “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: Destruction of White Supremacy…”, when we use Power (balanced or not), it makes for an imbalance in the disposition of humans to one degree or another. And that is “Why We Struggle That is Why We Fight” – the essence of the legacy left to us, by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit about the wherewithal about the annual Solar Cycle Journey.
The Aim as a Human is to enact our Words, Acts & Deeds then return to Balance. The Aim as Human Beings is Mastery of the Processes. Participants in The Solar Cycle Journey Consciously practice the Universal Melanin Laws to enhance the chance to have Successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Journeys. Practice Makes Perfect and is the only known way to Master anything.


December 12, 2015
NEWPORT NEWS, VA —It is called by many names, but the most popular is “giving back to the community from whence you came.” Whatever it is called, it means celebrities and other successful people who were first supported by their own community returning to give away some of whom they became and products they may have used the support to so-called “make it.”
Saturday afternoon, December 19, 2015 in Newport News, Virginia, Major Black Publisher, H. Khalif Khalifah, Founding President of The Southeast Community Day Parade and Festival,” and business owner of “UBUS BOOKS & THINGS” in Hampton, Virginia is returning to reportedly, “The oldest Black Community in America,” Newsome Park, to give away 500 Children Books & Things.
The giveaways will be at a Holiday, Pre-Kwanzaa Event in the new Moorish Science Cultural Center at 39th Street and Marshall Avenue. The event is sponsored by the only Black Bookstore in the City of Newport News or Hampton, Virginia. This is recently opened “Stone of the Sun Bookstore” 611 25th Street Newport News, Virginia 23607.
High quality Books and Things will be given to children between the ages of “new born” to 15 years old. A limit of two per child applies. The Holiday event will be from 10am to 6pm. Free Vendor setup available in the spacious building. Vendors will sell hand crafted products. The giveaway will be after a free Publishers Workshop by Khalifah at 2 pm. Native Newport News Author, Terrence Mckiney Moor, will introduce Khalifah.
There will also be a program to introduce the New Bookstore and Cultural Center, beginning at 3pm. Guest Speakers will feature the Leader of the Moorish Science Leader of Virginia.
Publisher H. Khalif Khalifah came to Newport News in 1978 to marry Carver H. S. Graduate, Class of 1967, Sister Reathella Bowser. The Bowser family lived in Newsome Park. Not within, but in a private house near the Newsome Park Housing Project. Historian he also happens to be, Khalifah said: “I recognized immediately the historic importance of Newsome Park.”
“The Newsome Park Community is reportedly, the first autonomous settlement of Chattel Slaves who moved away from the slave plantation between 1555 and 1619.
“When Newsome Park was demolished to make way for interstate 664, Reda and I bought a house as near to the former Bowser Homestead as possible. We lived and raised three daughters in a house at 3810 Orcutt Ave. We lived there for 19 years.”
Sister Reda died of Breast Cancer, December 18, 1997. Widower Khalifah raised the children in Southampton County, Virginia. He still lives in what was built to be Sister Reda Faard Khalifah’s “Dream House.” The Free Books will be given away in her name to commemorate the 18th year since her death.
For more information, call 434-378-2140. Email publish@khabooks.com


Ta-Nehisi Coates is Winner of the 2015 National Book Award. He is the son of Paul Coates Sr., the Publisher of Dr. ben Jochannan and The former Leader of the Baltimore Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Paul Coates is also the Founder of Black Classics Press in Baltimore, Md. The Press was instrumental in actually changing the ways Black People acquire and get correct Knowledge and Information about Self and Kind in the United States of America.
Paul Coates Sr. as did Nat Turner, Barack Obama, Assata Shakur, H. Khalif Khalifah, Kwame Ture, Shahrazad Ali, H. Rap Brown, Huey P. Newton, Preston Wilcox, Reda Faard Khalifah, Haki Madhubuti, Jawanza Kunjufa and many others. They forsook a path into upper management in Corporate America or into the government to work as Community Organizers. That is, in the parts of their lives when the foundation had been laid for professions and careers.
As Community Organizers for a few years they/we all came to understand that the power generated, organizing the Black Community, not sufficiently necessary to significantly impact on the lives of the people who live in the Community. Many living in the Black community live in poverty and don’t have the skill sets, or mentality to get out; Community Organizers, as I first heard Brother Preston Wilcox say, “live here by Choice!”
To acquire necessary additional power, Community Organizers must adjust their relating to the community. Nat Turner went Left and organized the Black Liberation Army of 1831. His actions expropriated necessary power to impact the Black Community. Barack H. Obama went Right into politics. Obama used a great deal of his knowledge of Community Organizing the Black Community to become POTUS (president of the United States). Other Community Organizers took various other paths to generate necessary power.
The mass majority of talented Black Community Organizers in particular and smart individuals in general go into corporate America. Their intention is to acquire necessary power to, “give back” to the Community as Dr. Carter G. Woodson advised Black College graduates in his seminal book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro.” The book was first published in 1933.
Paul Coates Founded Black Classics Press and stayed close enough to continue to directly serve Black community. But most importantly, he raised his family in the culture and life that he lived. That he successfully raised his family cannot be seen more clearly than in the person of National Book Award Winner Ta-Nehisi Coates. His book. “The World and Me” is written from the perspective of living in the Black Community.
The National Book Award is the Top White Literary Prize in the United States of America.

SATURDAY (black), 6/6/2015=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our Wisdom: A Treatise on Mastery

…It is Wisdom that allows for our ability to Master all of the Laws of the Maat. Near the Beginning, a game plan was conceived by the Original Man that every Human Being could practice to Master the Laws of our own Being; Being created in the Image of our Father. As such, the Laws that Our Father used to create is also constituted within that which He did Create. Since the nature of us all is to evolve, we are not Masters of all of the degrees of the Laws within us.

Wisdom not only gives us the ability to Master the Law, Wisdom also conceived of the Master Plan by which all beings will achieve the feat. The Plan was to put us all in individual Destiny’s. Within our Destiny’s we encounter challenges and issues that we must deal with one way or the other to continue our Life Experience.

To overcome Challenges and Issues in life we must practice the Laws that predominate the challenge or issue. Meanwhile, the only known way to Master anything is to practice. When we apply the Law to overcome challenge we exercise/practice the parts of our being that will result in Master to certain degrees. Degrees are but estimations of Righteousness that is applied to overcome the challenges & issues.

Of course, eventually our Human suit will face a challenge that is beyond it ability to overcome, regardless to what degree of Mastery we have achieved. That is, unless you have achieved Mastery over every one of the 360 degrees of Creation.

When we have mastered the entire 360 degrees; and what happens next is beyond the scope of what we are saying this morning. But in short, with Mastery of the 360 degrees you become a god or goddess. Your job then will be to do what gods and goddesses do.