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December 12, 2015
NEWPORT NEWS, VA —It is called by many names, but the most popular is “giving back to the community from whence you came.” Whatever it is called, it means celebrities and other successful people who were first supported by their own community returning to give away some of whom they became and products they may have used the support to so-called “make it.”
Saturday afternoon, December 19, 2015 in Newport News, Virginia, Major Black Publisher, H. Khalif Khalifah, Founding President of The Southeast Community Day Parade and Festival,” and business owner of “UBUS BOOKS & THINGS” in Hampton, Virginia is returning to reportedly, “The oldest Black Community in America,” Newsome Park, to give away 500 Children Books & Things.
The giveaways will be at a Holiday, Pre-Kwanzaa Event in the new Moorish Science Cultural Center at 39th Street and Marshall Avenue. The event is sponsored by the only Black Bookstore in the City of Newport News or Hampton, Virginia. This is recently opened “Stone of the Sun Bookstore” 611 25th Street Newport News, Virginia 23607.
High quality Books and Things will be given to children between the ages of “new born” to 15 years old. A limit of two per child applies. The Holiday event will be from 10am to 6pm. Free Vendor setup available in the spacious building. Vendors will sell hand crafted products. The giveaway will be after a free Publishers Workshop by Khalifah at 2 pm. Native Newport News Author, Terrence Mckiney Moor, will introduce Khalifah.
There will also be a program to introduce the New Bookstore and Cultural Center, beginning at 3pm. Guest Speakers will feature the Leader of the Moorish Science Leader of Virginia.
Publisher H. Khalif Khalifah came to Newport News in 1978 to marry Carver H. S. Graduate, Class of 1967, Sister Reathella Bowser. The Bowser family lived in Newsome Park. Not within, but in a private house near the Newsome Park Housing Project. Historian he also happens to be, Khalifah said: “I recognized immediately the historic importance of Newsome Park.”
“The Newsome Park Community is reportedly, the first autonomous settlement of Chattel Slaves who moved away from the slave plantation between 1555 and 1619.
“When Newsome Park was demolished to make way for interstate 664, Reda and I bought a house as near to the former Bowser Homestead as possible. We lived and raised three daughters in a house at 3810 Orcutt Ave. We lived there for 19 years.”
Sister Reda died of Breast Cancer, December 18, 1997. Widower Khalifah raised the children in Southampton County, Virginia. He still lives in what was built to be Sister Reda Faard Khalifah’s “Dream House.” The Free Books will be given away in her name to commemorate the 18th year since her death.
For more information, call 434-378-2140. Email publish@khabooks.com


FRIDAY (green), 11/6/2015=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is A name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominates our ability to be Imaginative and Creative in the Acquisition and Use of Power; as well as everything else that we do.
The following article is a sharing of some of the fruition from, basically, my Spiritual Work during the present Solar Cycle Journey. We are in the Harvest portion of the 360 degree Journey: so the sharing is what is coming to me to the in the measure that is commensurate to my degree of Understanding of the Knowledge; some of which I may share here and elsewhere.
We are pleased to announce the release of three dynamic, new books over the past 30 days. A fourth will be released before the end of November. No. All of the work was not done to prepare them for publication this month (smile), the books are actually part of the “harvest” we are reaping from the planting of spiritual seeds at the beginning of the Present SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY.
My produce emerged from Spiritual work in the Unseen. Yep! a lot like Humans, we came from the Unseen and that is our only sure destination – back into the Unseen. The time between is where we practice Universal Melanin Law to become the divines being we were Created to be [Black people, that is. I am too unlearned to say definitively about other races and people).
But I do understand and agree with much of what i have heard said about, white people, for the most . But this treatise is not to expound on what i have heard: it is to share with my many readers what I am what I am harvesting my planting. The Planting in the spring season is making my harvest a “Rewarding, Enjoyable Experience.” So I Share…
As i hope you know, the present Solar Cycle Journey began this past Spring Equinox. Both Physical and Spiritual Seeds were planted by this Khalifah on the Birth Land of Nat Turner, in the Nat Turner Library Building, in KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia). Khalifah means a Representative of The Divine Creator.
Kujichagulia means Self-Determination, or the injunction to “Do For Self!” So the KKVV is a place where Representatives of The Creator are practicing Self-Determination. If you want to see what this looks like, come to KKVV. Much of what we do is very visible. Other things, programs and events are Spiritual and Unseen but they can definitely be felt.
We have laid a solid, land based Foundation, on this Land, Cyber and Spiritual Space. We are now showcasing old and new Nat Turner Library Items for a wider support by BLACK PEOPLE, MELANIN SATURATED PEOPLE.
With the help of a Faithful Few, we laid a foundation on 123 acres of the land where Nat Turner was born; where he slaved, where he served as a Community Organizer; and where he came to realize he needed additional power to fulfill his purpose in life.
To obtain additional power, Nat Turner organized and led the Black Liberation Army of 1831. Never let anyone say or imply that the aim of the BLA was to achieve anything other that: to make a mighty contribution to Free every Black Man, Woman and Child from the experimental, False Notion of White Supremacy called the United States of America.
Now we need additional Resources/Power to upgrade and evolve KKVV. Among other things our service is to preserve the Legacy of Nat Turner. We hope that you Buy a product. If you don’t need one, ok don’t buy one for yourself: Buy for somebody else or make a donation.

P.A.C. Meeting in Brooklyn: A Diasporian Official Connection to the African Union

Author Ibn Khalifah Muhammad (Frequently Asked Questions About The Nation of Islam) is at The PAC conference at Medgar Evers College. He has a good sampling of the Family Business. One book he is selling, is available only online, at the present time. The books happens to be one of the 25 most important books UBUS Communications have published to date; and some 600 and counting is some of what we have done Publishing wise over 40 years.
The Title of the book is “The Trials and Tribulations of J. J. Rawlings: Echoes of the 31st December Revolution.” It was written by Great Journalist, Professor, Member of Parliament, Publisher, Former Director of the Kwame NKrumah founded, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Dr. Kojo Yahkah.
Ibn is at Medgar Evers to attend and participate in a very, very important gathering for Africans in Diaspora, the PAC enjoys a direct linkage to the African Union. This Conference is to further cement the official status we were accorded by the Leadership of the African Union. More will be written about the purpose for the 2-day conference; but anyone who can get to Brooklyn, N. Y. you can see and hear for yourself.
To get a copy of Dr. Yankah’s book, please call 434-378-2140.