THURSDAY (PURPLE) 12/28/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional/Self Control

THURSDAY (PURPLE) 12/28/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Rmotional/Self Control. Self Control maybe the first principle to successfully protect ourselvelves.Keep this in mind as we count down to the Final Judgment in the present Solar Cycle Journey. In Kemit Spirituality, Mythology History & Philosophy The Final Judgment is taken during this period; during the ritual our character is measured and balanced by the weight of the proverbial feather of a bird; this may guide us in making a determination about how successful we evolved during the present Solar Cycle Journey. Please note: The Judge is none other than ourselves: Oshay?
THURSDAY 9(PURPLE) 11/2/2017=5 = HeruKhuti =self contirol control of emotions, Self protection
[edited]THURSDAY (purple), 1/12/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions; Self-Protection. HeruKhuti is estimated to be the 5th Neter on the Tree of Life. The Neters are the attributes of the Tree (branches, so to speak). Further, the Ancestors of Ancient Kemit gave the Neters, (according to translations and interpretations of some Neterian Scholars), names called “The Laws of Maat”Primarily for the benefit of Humans and Human Beings who have recently befriended me or become acquainted with my formerlydaily Spiritual exercise in the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power,” I will give a brief review of a portion of one of my daily routines in preparation for the days of the week. For more degreed or advanced Human Beings, you already understand that each day has a number; the numbers represent a particular Law of Maat. Today’s number 5 was named HeruKhuti and is the Attribute that represents our ability to control our emotions.
Meanwhile control over our emotions is the strongest means we possess to protect ourselves. If looked at as one of the Laws of Maat, HeruKhuti is the Law that allow us to govern our Emotions. Still further, each day is thought to give us a ruling Planet in our Solar System; the Planets possess particular dominant colors. This explains the opening paragraph in my posting today. There appears to be a consensus that when we experience The Final Judgment (consciously or not).

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