FRIDAY (green), 8/4/2017=4=Maat=Equal Justice for all; THOUGHTS ON DEGREES OF MASTERY

FRIDAY (green), 8/4/2017=4=Maat=Equal Justice for all; a Human vision of the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be within. Maat is the standard that allows for measurement of degrees of righteousness we use to practice the delineated “Laws of Maat.” When we say this, that or other is a 33rd Degree Muslim, or whatever, this is what is, or should be referred to: The level of righteousness The Law is practiced to overcome challenges and Issues we encounter in our destiny.
FRIDAY (green), 7/14/2017=4=Maat. Maat is the delineated “Law of Maat” that govern our ability to be Righteous or Righteously inclined in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds. Maat is the law that we measure the degrees of mastery we attain – especially in our use of Power.
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 6/25/2016=22=Maat. THOUGHTS ON DEGREES OF MASTERY: A Human A vision to practice replication of the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is a standard to measure our degree of mastery of a name for the delineated “Laws of Maat” that we use in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds.
We should strive to use/practice the delineated “Laws of Maat” to overcome challenges and issues in life with Justice for All. The amount of righteousness practiced to achieve desired results determines the number of degrees in our attainment of mastery.
The “Laws of Maat” are delineated from The Melanin Law of The Creation. Our Learned Ancestors of Ancient Kemit delineated the laws to make it easier to practice and master The Law.
The lowest degree of mastery is stupidity, or “Very low frequency” (as my Maven Sister FB Friend Mystic Rose might say). The highest end is to conceive of the Divine Order in every Person, Place or Thing and say “Be” to bring order to any desired situation or condition. This is the possibility and aim during Conscious observations and practices during the Solar Cycle Journey.
The estimation of how well we do in each Solar Cycle is measured at The Final Judgment; a time near or at the end of Kwanzaa, the annual harvest in December. This is what the proverbial feather in Ancient Kemit is about. That is, your character/heart must balance the weight of a feather on the scale of justice: A Final Judgment for the particular Solar Cycle Journey will be rendered. The Rendering will be in the awarding of certain degrees of Righteousness.
The degree of Righteousness may be indicated with adaptation of a new name or title; the title indicates the level of Mastery we have attained to from birth to that particular time in the Present Solar Cycle Journey. If 360 degrees of Mastery have not been attained, the title will indicate the challenges we are tasked to overcome through practice of The “Laws of Maat” in the next Solar Cycle.
The remainder within the particular Solar Cycle, after Final Judgment is rendered is a period called the Amen; it is used to prepare for our practice during the next Solar Cycle Journey. Those of us who are “Conscious Travelers on the Present Solar Journey” are busy practicing with Persons, Places & Things we prepared to relate to during the Present Solar Cycle Journey. We are now in the first Vernal Equinox, the planting season. [in fact we completed the Vernal Equinox so are now in the Summer Solstice].
Some of us are mating, or trying to; or engaging in less sexy kinds of planting. The most important of the less sexy kind of planting is planting into beds of good earth that we prepared during the Amen period.
Equally important during the planting season was our Spiritual planting. Spiritual planting was into the Virtual Beds we prepared in our minds; this is Spiritual Planting.
It is not accidental that several practitioners have introduced and offered their particular disciplines to KKVV in general and to me in particular during this time. And we are very thankful for the Spiritual gifts. We are evaluating them for possible inculcation with our regular traditional planting: that is, what we were already preparing, both Physically and Spiritually at time.
We want to remind everyone, KKVV is evolving to be “The Place of Destination for Black people during crises,” or for any good reason that you can conceive that will enhance your own elevation in life. It will actually be whatever you determine it is that your needs for such a place is.
We are in a perpetual state of interviewing Persons, Places and Things to determine how interviewees will be incorporated within the 123 acres of the Birth Land of Nat Turner. Call 434-378-2140, or email us at or visit, attend one or more of scheduled events at KKVV; or an event that your presence will make when you arrive individually, as family or for whatever good, sincere Reason…PEACE/HOTEP/AS SALAAM ALAIKUM!

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