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TUESDAY (red), 12/20/2106=HeruKhuti; Final Judgment Day Ritual or Individualistic

TUESDAY (RED), 12/20/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Master of Emotion; Self-Protection. The second requirement for successful Self-Preservation; Self-Protection, Self Defense & etc. is that we Control your emotions in the face of danger, or whatever. The First requirement is that of recognition that we are in danger. When we master HeruKhuti the First requirement is done automatically. And mercifully, before we evolve to master HeruKhuti, Instinctively we sense the danger. If we followed our first instincts we would also successfully avoid perils when we get into danger zones in our relating to Persons, Places or Things.
We are still in the afterglow of an event, for those who participate, in a ritual to face The Final Judgment. The Event is symbolized by the balancing of our Words, Acts and Deeds during the Present Solar Cycle Journey, to that of a Feather. For some, this occurred during one of the Seven Days of Kwanzaa.
re you callFor us who does or do not participate in the ritual, we will face The Final Judgment “Right on.” But Individuals, those striving in the spirit of Mysticism: Instincts are our guide rails, as per the ways of Nat Turner, and like me try to be. The Science in Final Judgment Knowledge tells me that Biggest Day during the Present Solar Cycle Journey will be on the day that our Mystic Number occurs during Kwanzaaor on the afterglow.As usual any reader who would like discuss what i write can call 434378-2140 11am to 3pm. Decide whether you want to ask a question or make a brieft comment befo.

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2 thoughts on “TUESDAY (red), 12/20/2106=HeruKhuti; Final Judgment Day Ritual or Individualistic”

  1. Greetings Brother Khalifah,

    I am overjoyed to come across your current website. I am currently working on my research and since I first met you all of those years back in Hampton, Virginia and published my first book under you, I have not been able to bring another publication through for many reasons and obstacles. However, now I am still hopeful in one respect that I can continue. Since that time though, now, I have to try and understand whay ‘e-books’ are about; I have no clue. I look forward to learning from visiting your site. I think about you all of the time and I am so grateful because you gave to me my first break through.

    Sincerely, K Dawn-Daniel-Ephraim

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